Thanks for the reviews! This is a poem I wrote for the beginning of this story. It's not very good but Its my fist poem I've ever written so...yeah...enjoy. It is written form Seto's point of view.

Dead is my heart, so people say

to have nothing and no one to get in my way

to have but work in absence of fun

always on the move but nowhere to run

that is what she tells me when I fight for him

when all hope fails and the lights are dim

when everything I love is but a duel away

what do I have at the end of the day?

I had him till he captured his soul

I have to get him back, lest my heart turn to coal

he is the one that I care for everyday

when nothing good ever comes my way

he betters my life and lights up the way

what do I have at the end of the day?

now you tell me what should I do

leave him to die and lose his soul?

let all the good times turn to dust?

I have to get him back, I must

he loves me in every way

what do I have at the end of the day?

I may have won but the fights not over

it will be hard but I wont run for cover

I've come too far to lose this duel

by the time I'm done with him he'll look like a fool

now to go in and rekindle the flame

to get back the one thing that's all ways the same

but first I must listen to her rant and rave

about how I'll never had friends and my heart's like a cave

she goes on and on about how bad I am

but never stops to give a damn

so I'll grab my things and do my deed

and all I'll say is I've got all that I need.

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