Disclaimers 'n' crap: Haihai peeps! Here's the plan, if I get enough positive reaction from this, I'll turn it into a full fic. I don't own anything Higher Ground related. This is a Crystal Journeys story so the concept here is MINE. Enjoy.

I'm lying here,

Alone, in the dirt,

Covered in blood,

And not just my own.

Whose blood?

Elaine's blood,

Shelby's blood,

My blood.

Our latest battle has been won,

For everyone on our side

Except me.

My name is Scott Barringer.

I lead the special forces unit: Cliffhangers.

Where is my unit, you ask?

They're dead.

All of them,

Except me.

I survived.

I always survive.

I was sometimes called Mr. Indestructible

Back in the day.

Those days are gone.

The happier days.

They ended once before,

Now they've ended again

Here on this battlefield.

I remember…

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