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Second (Or Third) Place

Chapter 1

Lee Jordan was a mischief-loving kid right from the start, ever since he was born, really. He was pretty darn smart too. He always god good grades, even though he preferred to apply his brain to thinking up the world's most hilarious pranks.

He was a Muggleborn, though his great grandmother was a squib. So he did know about magic somewhat, and odd things always seemed to happen when he was around, but even so, his parents really didn't think that he would become a wizard. So, of course it was pretty surprising when a Ministry of Magic official came to deliver Lee's Hogwarts letter. The official's name was Nymphadora Tonks. She was a fairly young witch, just recently graduated from Hogwarts herself. Lee remembered that fateful day very well.

Knock, knock.

"Lee, could you please get the door, and if it's Nikki's mother, tell them to wait a little. After all, your game doesn't start until 3:00."

"But mum, coach said we all need batting practice, and that we should be at the field and hour early," Lee grumbled as he shook all the glitter dust he'd been experimenting with out of his hair. He reached the door and opened it.

"Hello, is this the Jordan residence?" a lady with bright blue hair asked.

"Yes, it is. Are you Nikki's new baby-sitter?" Lee replied.

"No, I'm not. I've come to inform you that you have been accepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry-" Tonks was cut off as Lee went into ecstasies of delight.

"Yes! I told mum, I told her I'd become a wizard! MUUUUUUUUUM!!!" He yelled up the stairs.

"What is all this commotion about Lee? Who are you? Please, do come in. You'll have to excuse Lee. He's very excited that his baseball team has made it to the play-offs."

"Mum, who cares about baseball right now?! I've been accepted at Hogwarts!" Lee bellowed.

"Oh, dearie me, is it true? I'm so proud of you Lee! You're the first in our family since your great-great uncle Marcus!" Mrs. Jordan exclaimed. Tonks chuckled.

"Yes, if you approve, he'll be attending Hogwarts starting September 1st. You're related to Marcus Jordan? Greatest beater Ravenclaw ever had, I heard. Could have played for Scotland if he hadn't gone off trying to tame Mandrakes. Lost too much blood from his ears and died a few years ago, I believe?"

"Yep. Great Grandma Angela told me all about him. He was her uncle. I'm going to be the greatest beater ever at Hogwarts! The greatest prankster too! Would you like to meet her? She wanted to be a witch, but she turned out to be a squib, unfortunately. She's up looking for pixies in the attic." Lee informed Tonks in an eager rush. He led her away to bombard her with questions about the wizarding world.

A considerable distance away, a set of twins where also preparing for their first year at Hogwarts too. Fred Weasley was an outspoken, mischievous, kid, planning on outshining all Hogwarts' legendary students. George Weasley was quieter, the follower, but one who loved chaos and troublemaking just as much as his twin. The pair had already succeeded on reaching a grand total of 1,243 pranks they had pulled off in their lives so far.

"Mum! Percy is badgering us to study for our end of the year tests when we haven't even started school yet!" Fred yelled.

"Mum! Fred and George have stolen my prefect badge!" Bill yelled.

"Mummy! Ron won't share the chocolate frogs, and he's already had more than half the box!" Ginny yelled.

"Mum! Fred and George have cast the Tidigattidigletidigale Charm and it's making everyone yell out complaints to you and I can't finish up my homework with all the noise, and I'd cast the countercharm, but then I'd receive a warning from the Ministry of Magic!" Charley yelled.

"Tattletalus, Undous!" Molly yelled.

"Well, the two greatest troublemakers at Hogwarts were probably Holly Ravenclaw (Rowena's niece) and her partner in crime Gregory Gryffindor (Godric's son). I suppose they felt they had a lot to live up to, with their relatives being the founders and all. They set nearly all the records. Minerva McGonagall broke a lot of them though. I was very shocked when I found out about her. She's one of the strictest teachers at Hogwarts. Then of course, would be James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew. They were quite a gang, I must tell you, and they were in their last few years when I was at Hogwarts. Broke only a few of Minerva's records though. Quite a lot of Holly's and Gregory's of course, since they were set more than a thousand years ago. There were countless others, I'm sure, but these people are legends." Tonks was giving Lee a narrative of who he would have to know about.

"Wow, is there a written record of all the, um records?"

"Hmmm, a record of the records, yes, at the back of Hogwarts, a History, there should be. For Quidditch records though, Madam Hooch can tell you all about that…"

September 1st was finally there. For Lee, the wait was almost unbearable. Tonks was quite nice, he thought. Teaching me all that stuff. He looked at the barrier he would have to walk through. Looked quite solid. A large family was passing by, and they had stopped right in front of the barrier.

"Bill and Charley, you two go first," a lady who looked like their mother commanded.

"Hello, people," Lee said as he walked up to the family.

"Why, hello, who are you may I inquire of you good sir?" One of the twins asked.

"Why, my name, sir, is Lee Jordan. May I inquire of yours, good sirs and good ladies?" Lee replied.

"Oh, smashing jolly to meet you, old chap! We are the family of Weasley. I am Fred, this is George, Ron, Ginny, Mum, and Dad," The other twin said. The little kids looked about 9 or 8 and were trying hard to restrain their laughter.

Of course, Fred, George and Lee, became very good friends immediately, and boarded the train together.