Unexpected Friendship



I didn't really plan this story to be a fanfic cuz it all started as a report I had to do in my

class. But I wanted to try it out so all I did was change the names n some things here n there. I

hope u like it since my frens really lik it but they said dat the plot is easy to predict since its

always the same. A boy n a girl hates each other so much they actually end up caring for each

other. Its lik the term, keep your love ones close but keep ur enemies closer.

As people grow up they begin to see changes of how they look and think however you never

meet Kagome before. Kagome is like a person between a kid and a full-grown woman. She could act and

be a pest like a kid (plus even looks like one too for her baby cheeks) Kagome could look like a

teenager outside however has faced many tragedies in her life compared to many kids. When she was

little, her parents had died in a car crash so she and her siblings were entrusted to her uncle

Sesshomaru. Her uncle wanted nothing more, than to be out of the family so he forbids Kagome and

her siblings to see their other relatives.

"Oh my gosh Kagome! Inuyasha looks so hot with his new haircut!" Sango told Kagome as they

past by him. Sango soon pulled Kagome's long black hair since she found Kagome uninterested of the

subject. (Inuyasha's hair is short lol)

Kagome gave out a short yell when she felt a sudden pain in her head. She soon found Sango

responsible and yelled, "What was that for!"

"Did you even listen to a word I said!?!"

"Yea, yea I heard, you were like (Kagome begins to imitate Sango only making it sound like a

love, sick girl) Oh my gosh! Inu yasha looks hot with his new haircut!" Kagome begins to run knowing

Sango would have hated her guts by now.

Kagome could hear Sango's voice telling her "Kagome! Get back here!" Kagome dodged every

person in the hallway of her school while giggling like crazy. She looked back only to find Sango a

few yards away from her. A sharp pain hit Kagome hard plus adding to the fact Kagome was on the


"Watch where you're going baka!" A voice yelled from above her. (Baka idiot, moron, jerk)

Kagome looked up only to find her best friend's long time crush Inuyasha, staring right at her.

"Gomen." Kagome said as she stood up and dusted herself off. (Gomen Sorry) As she did so, she

began to check Inuyasha out. "I wonder why Sango is so cuckoo all over him? I mean sure, he has

pretty amber eyes that girls are so crazy about. Plus even cool white hair even though I think he

looks like it was from my grandpa. Heck he even has a "hot" body, as people would say but I don't see

why he's so special. I know he isn't tall nor small-"

"Hey I know I'm good-looking but quit staring!" Inuyasha said interrupting Kagome's trail of


Kagome was furious! (Who wouldn't b I mean a guy thinks that you like him by just looking at

them. People have to see the things in front of them right?) She felt so mad so she wanted revenge by

eating back his words. "Just asking myself why people even bothering liking an ugly jerk like you,"

Kagome said as began to pick up her binder and textbook lying on the floor.

Inuyasha was shocked! No girl has ever insulted him and never called him ugly. (The real

Inuyasha would never care if a girl like him or not. All he cares is that in a fight he would always

win)"There's something wrong with this girl." He thought. "Maybe she ain't straight." Inuyasha soon

began observing her.

He found her sort of childish. Her long hair makes her look pretty and makes her eccentric

from all the girls. She looked as if she was disguising herself as a boy for having baggy clothes

instead of those freaken tight clothes girls wear. However she looked like a girl by the way she stood

and act.

Kagome could feel Inuyasha scanning her from head to toe. " Hey I aint the one checking me


Inuyasha looked at her and then grinned "It aint my fault you're a lesbian"

Sango was well forgotten, as she got closer to Kagome. Sango could practically see Kagome

getting madder and madder. She inched closer waiting for Kagome's move.

"I aint no lesbian you fucking dumbass!" Kagome yelled, as she was about to launch an attack

wanting so badly to whip that grin out of his face.

"Kagome, stop it!" Sango yelled as she got Kagome's hand, holding her back for Inuyasha. A guy

from behind Inuyasha told him something and soon left. Inuyasha and the guy went straight to lunch,

not wanting to make any more trouble than it's worth.

Kagome turned around to stare at Sango's brown eyes. Kagome glared at her and soon yelled "I


"Are you ok from that fall?" Sango asked more concern at her being injured rather then the


"Yea yea I am" Kagome replied as she too started to go to lunch. Sango had just had about enough of

Kagome so she let it all out.

Kagome felt another sharp pain and turned "WHAT'D I DO NOW!!!

"For even thinking of getting away from the shit that you called me"

Kagome sighed in defeat. "Fine gomen. Sheesh how many times am I gonna get hit"

"More if you keep acting that way," Sango laughed as both headed for the cafeteria.

I hope you people like my first fanfic Plz tell me how you think about it n maybe ill update it…I

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