Spirited Away 2: The goddess of light!

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"Will we meet again?"

"Sure we will."



A girl of the age of about 16 sat straight up in her bed, her eyes open wide. It was that dream again. Of the promise Kohaku had made to her 6 long years ago. She sighed. Chihiro didn't know why she cared anymore. It was quite obvious that Kohaku wasn't coming for her… She was enraged but at the same time depressed that he had forgotten the promise he made to her. So she thought he did anyway.

Sighing again as she lied back down, she stared at the ceiling, the moon pouring into the window, casting shadows along the wall. Tossing and turning, Chihiro sighed with annoyance. She couldn't get to sleep. Not even if she tried. She couldn't stop thinking about the promise he made to her… 'He broke his promise…' Chihiro thought sadly to herself.

Silently Chihiro got up from her bed and went over to her closet. She was going to go take a walk to get her mind off things. As she got her clothes, she put them on, trying not to make a sound. Then again it wouldn't have made a difference as she heard something shatter downstairs… It sounded like glass…

Walking slowly over to her door, she slowly turned the cold doorknob with her trembling hand. It was obvious she was scared. Wouldn't you be, if you suddenly heard something shatter? I mean, c'mon it was 2:00 in the morning for goodness sake.

Creaking the door open a bit, Chihiro peered outside. She saw that her parent's bedroom door was wide open and she also heard yelling coming from downstairs. Then there was a gunshot. Chihiro gasped and without thinking she ran to the top of the staircase, ready to go see what was going on, but stopped dead in her tracks as she saw her fathers dead, bloody body at the bottom of the staircase. She felt like she was going to hurl, tears slowly pouring from her chocolate brown eyes.

She walked down the stairs, stepping over her father's body. Her bare foot brushed against her fathers skin. Chihiro shivered. It was ice cold. She choked a sob as she stared at her fathers body, tears still streaming down her face, though she quickly looked to the dining room door, when hearing her mothers screams of pain, and what sounded like a man… Moaning? Chihiro shuddered in disgust, walking carefully over to the door, and saw it was opened just a crack. Enough for her to see what was going on inside…She looked through the crack, and then suddenly wished she hadn't.

Her mother was being pinned down by two fully grown men who were only half dressed, while another was mounted on top of her, doing god knows what to her. Chihiro didn't want to know… She wanted to help her mother… But what could she do? She wasn't a good fighter, and against three grown men… Well let's just say, she'd be signing herself up for her own death…

Standing up straight she creped into the kitchen but stopped in her tracks when she saw more of the idiot men sitting there going through things… Chihiro turned quickly and ran towards the stairs. Someone heard her and the men began to run out of the kitchen to follow her. She glanced behind her; a few had guns with them and the others daggers.

Chihiro gulped and nearly tripped over her father's dead, pale bloodied body. She jumped over it and ran up the stairs as fast as she possibly could, heading towards her parents bedroom. She quickly got in there before shutting and locking the door behind her. Not bothering to put things in front of the door, she ran to the phone and picked it up. Thank god they still worked. Quickly dialing the number to the police department she waited impatiently for someone to pick up. Finally when someone did, Chihiro could hear the door breaking slightly under the pressure of being shoved into, by all of the men.

Her voice shaking she said, "P-please hurry and g-get he- ere," Chihiro then looked back at the door as they stopped banging against it. She stared intently at the door, but blinked as the line suddenly went blank.

"Hello?" Chihiro said into the phone but hung it up knowing that they must have done something to tamper with the phones. Taking a shaky breath she got up and pressed her ear against the door being as silent as possible.

She couldn't hear anything… It was completely silent…

Chihiro stepped back from the door slightly, and screamed as she suddenly bumped into someone. She quickly turned around, and stared at the five of six men in the room with her… How could they have gotten in…? Feeling an icy cold breeze pass her, she shivered and her gaze ventured over to the open window. She almost smacked herself. She was so stupid. She left the god damned window open…

"Well, well, well… What have we here…" A gruff masculine voice said. Chihiro looked back at the men in the room, her gaze on the one she saw rapping her mother… A tear slipped from her left eye as she thought about it. She was angry, but scared shitless just the same. She couldn't take all of these guys on by herself.

Chihiro only glared at the man, who chuckled, "Aw, what's wrong kitten…?"

Chihiro slowly, backed up toward the door, and when she bumped against it, she took a deep breath, her glare still on the man… Grasping the doorknob behind her back, she quickly turned it, the door unlocking, and flung the door open only to yelp and back up again… Two other men entered the room, carrying bags of her parents, and her things in big brown bags.

Now she was in trouble. Cornered. The only way out was the… Window! Chihiro looked to the open window which was not being blocked, and slightly smiled. She could get out of here, and then… Well she didn't know what she was going to do…Her smile faded and she sighed.

Looking around she noticed most of the men looking her slim figure up and down, there gaze resting either on her bottom, or chest. She growled in spite of herself. She didn't care what happened to her after she got out of this place… She'd figure something out…

Without any sign of her moving, Chihiro dove out the window, hearing the shouts of the men who had gathered around the window. She landed painfully on her side, and got up quickly before running, ignoring the pain in her side where it was slightly bleeding. Chihiro squeaked as she tripped and she rolled down the large hill avoiding any trees she could, her body getting covered with mud and dirt, as well as fresh cuts and bruises. As she finally stopped rolling she just lied there perfectly still, looking up at the sky. Branches and such in her almost waist length brown hair, that was down instead of her wearing it in a pony tail like she usually did…

Chihiro continued to stare up at the sky but snappedout of it when she heard faint shouts. They were coming after her… Getting painfully to her feet she limped farther into the forest she was in. She knew it pretty well, since she would always take walks in it… Hoping to find the tall red building that led to the spirit world. Though it didn't matter how much she looked, she could never find it…

Hearing a few gunshots she started to get worried. She quickened her pace and was into a small jog before she tripped over something and landed on her stomach, her knees and hands skinned, bleeding freely now… Looking behind her she saw a weird statue… The same one, she noticed, that she once saw when entering the spirit world for the first time… It was right in front of… She quickly looked in front of her and a small smile spread over her lips… It was the tall red building… The entrance to the spirit world.

Slowly getting to her feet she whimpered slightly in pain. Limping over to the entrance of the tunnel wasn't as easy as she thought it would have been… She sighed… It was still dark out. That meant the river wouldn't be dried up… and she wouldn't be able to get across till sunrise. She didn't think twice about it when she heard a gunshot nearby and scampered into the tunnel as fast as her hurt body could. She reached the end of the tunnel and looked out at the huge river, standing on some of the field that wasn't covered in water… Though the 'river' looked more like an ocean…

Not having enough strength to stand anymore she managed to fall to her knees on a patch of green grass, before falling forward, laying on the small grassy field that was left from all the water. She welcomed the darkness that soon came afterward, it seemed to be the only release from the pain she felt in her entire body right now, her body weakened from blood loss and most likely broken limbs….

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