"Knight of the Chinked Armor"

by Mlle. Meg

(A/N: Sorry, I had to take this down and re-post it in order to get the bugs out. Groan. Anyways, this is for Project

Vicomte, and dedicated with love and adoration for Raoul de Chagny.)

My sweet knight

Boyish and determined

With hair like spun gold

And eyes that reveal a soul

Deeper than the ocean

Though no one else can see it

Except one who is also

More than meets the eye

On the surface

A true nobleman

Foot in your mouth

Gun in your hand

Determined lover

Dedicated to truth

Not afraid of a fight

No matter what the cost

Loyal to a woman

Who has no title

Except in your heart

You're still more boy than man

But you will grow

With the love you possess

Into a great man

All it takes is time

Give me my knight

With the chinked armor

Though they mar the shine

They show the character

Of the man inside

Waiting to step out

Into the open

His time will come