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"Your rent is three weeks past due." The landlord caught Trynten Adams as she attempted to breeze up the condo apartment.

"I know this, thanks." The petite cheery colored red head sighed as she fumbled with her keys to get inside and escape the non-understanding woman that stood glaring at her. Her fire red hair and electric blue eyes had almost been the reason she had almost not even been allowed to move into this upscale building.

"You should have known being a teenage idol wouldn't last long. I want it by 9 am or get out." The Italian woman slammed her door, muttering more inaudible insults.

"9 am, right.." Trynten hit the wall out of frustration, frowning at the teenage idol comment. She was an actress, not a teenage idol. She was twenty years old, hardly close to a teenager. Her career had been long running and was in a dry spell. That had been the whole reason she had moved out here to LA in the first place. She just wasn't landing any roles, nor getting paid for it.

"Sucks, don't it??" A girl behind her asked, making her jump out of her skin. She looked at the out of place girl, then mentally scolded herself for judging her by her looks. She hated to be judged by her looks, why was she doing it to this girl?

"Yeah, I guess you heard huh?" Trynten asked, still fighting with the key.

"Yeah. Honey, you got one of two options in this town." The tall, five foot nine girl leaned on the door frame of the door across the hall.

"And that is?' Trynten asked, sitting down in the hall. Today had been hell. The worst day she had ever faced.

"You can either strip or race. That's all this town is good for." The girl called over her shoulder as she walked towards the elevator.

"Great. Which condo is yours?'" Trynten asked, wondering where the girl in black leather pants and a halter top that was accented with chains around her waist and black booted was going.

"I don't stay here. I just was checking out the place. Catch ya later." The girl kept walking as she talked.

"Wait. Please. Where's these races at?" Trynten asked, shaking her head.

"Downtown on fifth. But you gotta be there at nine to even take part. Someone like you, they might just chew you up and spit you out." The girl called as the elevator opened. She got on and was gone in an instant.

"Great." Trynten muttered, heading straight for her bed to throw herself on it in exhaustion. She drifted off to sleep, restlessly, her problems, for now, leaving her thoughts.


"Can we help you?" A think accented voice asked Trynten as she walked up awkwardly.

"No. Wait, yes. I'm looking for a girl. .." Trynten's sentence stopped.

"A girl huh? We don't have prostitutes here, sorry." The guy cracked smartly, making Trynten's face flush partly in anger and embarrassment.

"Who said I want a prostitute? You got some nerve." Trynten rolled her eyes.

"You're all incognito and shit with that hoodie and in all black. Hell if I know. I don't know many girl s walkin up to ask for a girl, to tell you the truth." The man laughed, making Trynten realize she just needed to go back to Oklahoma where she came from.

"It's not like that at all. Thanks for your time." Trynten smiled, realizing he was partly right and what she needed to do was just to go home. She had no place here and she knew it just as well as he did that she was out of place. She took off the hoodie, put her hands in her faded jeans pockets and headed back through the mass swarm of cars and people to her car.

"Aw, you did make it, Strawberry shortcake." The girl she had met earlier said, looking shocked to see her.

"yeah, well, I wanted to see what was up and I ain't a stripper so you know…" Trynten looked down. "And don't call me strawberry shortcake." She added, her head turning to wards some cars that backfired that looked to be lined up in a row of four.

"So you got a name?" The girl asked, jumping off of the hood of her car. The neon purple car seemed to illuminate her pure black hair.

"It's Trynten." Trynten mumbled, hating her name.

"Nice name but strawberry shortcake is better." The girl laughed, making Trynten roll her eyes.

"What's yours?" Trynten asked, meeting the girls' catlike eyes that were a combination of yellow and green.

"Lacie. But you can call me Lace like the rest of the people do." The girl drew out the pronunciation for her benefit. "So, you got a car worth racing? You know anything bout racin?" Lacie asked her as Trynten stood there, lost in what seemed to be thought.

"yeah, it's ok. I need to make some money. Can I race like as in now?" Trynten asked, so anxiously that it made Lacie laugh.

"You think you can just race like that?" Lacie tried to not belittle her with her laugh but this girl amused her.

"I need the money. Badly. And it can't be all that hard." Trynten answered honestly, her need for cash bigger than logic.

"I would wait to make sure your car compares." A small guy with a shaky voice advised after Lacie had led her over to her group of friends.

"I don't have time to wait, but thanks." Trynten answered, seeing a bearded man scoff at her.

"Better try the armatures over there then." The rough looking guy nodded.

"Ok, I will. Thanks for your help." Trynten nodded, giving a wave to the girl who had helped her and was off, heading towards the way she had been advised to go to.

"Not like you to be so accommodating." Vince told his friend as she watched Trynten walk away at a rather fast pace.

"Hush. She needed some help. I ran into her while checking to see if Patch was home.' Lacie nodded, examining nail as Letty and the rest of the crew looked at her.

"Patch needs to take a hike. Put his cheating ass in place." Letty muttered, shooting Dominic a look as if to warn him he wasn't too far from those same thoughts. Dominic, sitting inside his Mazda Rx-7 with the door open, just ignored the comment and concentrated on working on the car he was getting ready to race.

"A girl gots needs, right, Let?" Lacie grinned, making the two girls laugh.

"Yup and he' s rich so how can you go wrong with that?" She asked, a smile playing on her lips as she took off her sunglasses she had forgotten were resting on top of her head.

"She's crazy. She's just like Brian and I bet she never raced a day in her life." Jesse watched the fiery headed girl walk up to the group of recommended racers as he stood, his back turned to Dominic's' car for the moment.

"Jesse! Pay attention and focus, would ya?" Dominic grumbled, revving the engine.

"yeah, sorry." He grinned sheepishly as he turned back to the car.

"Damn, Dom, you been uptight lately. What is your deal?" Lacie asked, frowning as she walked up to his side.

"Don't got a deal, thanks for your concern." Dominic shrugged her off, his attention on the car, still. She was only his half-sister but she knew him well and she knew he was lying to her as of right now.

"Bullshit. Talk to me or I'll yell cops and there won't be any races." Lacie smiled, grinning at the seriousness of her threat.

"That's low, even for you." He stopped, his eyes now on her, though narrowed with annoyance.

"yeah, well, you know me." She smiled sweetly at him. She kneeled down beside him, concerned why he was acing the way he was.

"Your friend's bout to race, why don't you watch her and I'll talk to you later bout it all." Dominic sighed, hoping to be let off the hook.

"Don't forget cause I'll remember." She warned. She stood up, brushing off her knees to see Trynten take last place ,puling out about two seconds behind the other racers. Two seconds didn't seem like a lot but in a race, it could mean everything.

"Look, just because you like to use cars for toys and not race them, doesn't mean I want to follow suit. I gotta get this done, Lacie." Dominic informed her as the group kept their eye on the new girl.

"She betta haul ass if she wants that money." Letty strained to see what was going on.

"She can't win. You should know this." Leon laughed, his eyes on the new girl's car. Trynten pulled up beside the person in third place and stayed at an even pace beside the car. In an instant, her car spun out of control and flipped, then crashed into the nearby brick wall that separated the street form the highway.

"SHIT. Lacie, she flipped the car!" Letty's mouth dropped, not expecting to see that. "Dom! Go make sure she's okay!" Letty ordered, pointing to the strip the cars were using for a strip to race on.

"I can't. There'll be mass cops around here in minutes." Dominic shook his head as Leon and Vince agreed with him.

"Fine, I'll go." Letty yelled, irritated with him to the fullest degree. She was about sick of his selfishness and conceitedness.

"No, Let. I will since I can handle getting in trouble. You guys take off and I'll meet you at the house." Lacie waved her friend and fellow roommate on as she headed for her car. Brian pulled up behind her as she jumped out at the accident scene.

"Trynten, you okay, Girl?" Lacie asked, looking into the flipped over vehicle, hearing sirens in the distance.

"Let me help her." Brian pulled her out of the car, a single line of blood running down her left cheek. She limped away from the car, not able to really talk at the moment.

"Go on, Brian. If they catch you, Dom will have your ass. I got her." Lacie promised with a nod, helping her into her car. She ran to her side and sped off.

"NO! Wait! I can't leave my car! Take me back!" Trynten begged, holding her head that was pounding.

"Girl, it's a loss. Cut it and let it go. You might need the money and the car but you'd be in a hell of worse shape if the cops got a hold of you and booked you in the system." Lacie warned, herself a convicted felon.

"Oh Gawd, it can't get any worse." Trynten moaned, her eyes closed and not feeling like protesting anymore.

"Come on, it'll get better. Come to out party. In fact, tonight is one of the biggest parties of the year." Lacie invited.

"No thanks. I had enough of the race scene." Trynten admitted but with a grateful tone to her voice. "Would you mind dropping me off at home?" She asked, after Lacie had finally lost the cops and the two way had been cleared over the air. It had taken almost thirty minutes to get clearance.

"Sure, but you should come." Lacie shrugged, turning around to head to the condo she had first met Trynten. She turned down the street and saw the flashing lights. "You are stuck comin to the party. Sorry. Was your Id in the car, I take it?' She asked, making Trynten nod and groan in horror.

"They are there for me. Great, now I'm a fugitive on the run." Trynten mumbled in complete and utter sadness, making Lacie laugh and at the same time feel sorry for her.

"Lesson number one. Never say it can't get any worse. That's an open invitation to invite shit in to make hell look like heaven." She advised.

"I just need to get back to Oklahoma, forget all this …stuff and …" Trynten sighed, interrupted by Lacie.

"I promise after a few beers it will seem better. Take me up on my offer yet, shortcake?" Lacie asked, pulling into the Toretto house.

"Do I have a choice?" Trynten asked, hearing the beat of the music playing loudly. "I can't go in there. I don't belong in there." Trynten admitted.

"Well, it's been my experience people never 'belong' at first. It kinda just happens. Just cause you're a hick from Oklahoma don't mean anything," Lacie teased, earning a sticking of the tongue out from Trynten.

"Funny." She rolled her eyes, running her hands through her long red hair.

"I'll introduce you to the group and get you a drink. Have a seat." Lacie nodded towards the couch that was unoccupied.

"Cops been roudn here lookin for her. Make sure she ain't a cop." Dominic growled in the kitchen as his half sister got out a Corona.

"A cop? Ha! That's some funny ass shit, Dom. She's so damn innocent." Lacie held her stomach, still laughing, almost hysterically. She patted her brother on the shoulder. "you should go into comedy and leave the racin business to me." She shook her head and took off towards the living room, running smack into Brian.

"She doin okay?" He asked, his eyes full of concern.

"Yeah, once I get her drunk, she'll be even better." Lacie smiled wickedly, tossing him the drink she had gotten for herself. "Guys, this is Trynten, Trynten this is Jesse, Brian, Letty, Vince, and Leon." Lacie announced.

"As in Trynten Adams?" Jesse asked, his mind finally placing where he had seen her before. He knew by the reddened cheeks that he was right.

"I try to stay away from being noticed, but yeah. I'm a has been and it don't look to be getting any better as of yet." Trynten nodded, crossing her legs and leaning back.

"So, just cause you did one movie with a race scene, you thought you could race, am I right?" Dominic walked in, sitting down by Letty. Trynten's head popped up as though she had been slapped. She wasn't sure if it was form the fact he had seen her movie or that he was being so mean and conceited.

"NO, I just needed money, Okay? Look, I'm sorry, this was a bad idea, Lace." Trynten got up, her words spoken fast.

"Don't mind him. He doesn't do well with newcomers." Letty scowled at her boyfriend.

"NO, it's perfectly understandable. I don't need to be here, I need to get home to pack and try to get a flight outta here." Trynten said, heading for the door.

"if you leave now, they'll have you picked up in less than thirty minutes." Brian warned as Lacie drug her brother into the other room.

"WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR PROBLEM, Dom?" Lacie asked, blocking the doorway and waiting for an answer.

"I don't got a problem. Lay off." he warned in that tone of I'm so pissed off I will kill you tone.

"OH, right. Maybe you didn't notice the corncob that seems to be stuck up your ass." Lacie growled, seriously sick of his attitude.

"It's my fault." Letty licked her lips as she leaned on the door frame.

"This doesn't involve you." Dominic pointed to his girlfriend.

"I think it does." She shot back, her eyes narrowed.

"I have to agree. I'll leave you two alone to talk." Lacie headed for the door.

"He doesn't like it when the tables are turned on him." Letty told Lacie as she leaned down to get herself a drink.

"Imagine that. I would just have to say shouldn't do anything to make the tables to be able to be turned. But, that' s just my thoughts." Lacie said, shooting Dominic a hateful look. She often took her best friend's side over her own brother's when it came to the cheating issue.

"Stay outta this." Dominic growled at his sister. She left the room, ignoring his commands. She held up her hands before exiting and was pleased to see Trynten was still there, and on a second corona.

"They being nice to you?' Lacie asked, playfully flicking Brian on the mess of blonde hair he had and making him grin.

"Yeah, you sure I shouldn't leave? I don't want to make that guy mad.' Trynten said, sounding timid.

"He's my half brother. Don't worry, he's just a grump almost all the time." Lacie said in an apologetic tone.

"So, a real movie star. Too cool." Jesse lit up a cigarette as the group dismantled to talk host their party.

"Nah, not anymore." Trynten smiled sadly as she played with a thread on the knee of her jeans.

"Still, its' cool." Jesse laughed as the doorbell rang and was answered by a regular party goer, only to find the police at the door yet again.

"I gotta go to the bathroom." Trynten excused herself and got up hurriedly, her heart pounding. She knew Lacie was right, if she was taken to jail, it would be a nightmare one in itself.