Take 9…..

A tidbit of mischief and a night of racing.

"Yo, Red, you wanna give that car to someone that can drive it?" A guy hollered out at Trynten, making her ship around, her hair spinning dramatically in the hot California wind. She could only smirk, knowing he was about to get dropped, ego wise.

"Ha, I would if I thought you could drive it, even half assed." Trynten smiled at him sweetly, thought very mockingly. He shook his head, looked at his friends and grinned even bigger.

"She looks outta your league, bro." A friend chided, making the guy look more determined.

"She can't race. She's only a piece of ass with a nice car. Probably earned it from scoring an old rich dude." Another guy scoffed. Trynten looked at them all, her eyes focused on them for a drawn out second.

"Come on, Red, you're wastin our time. You gonna race or what? You just come to race wars to look pretty? Is that it?" The guy asked, starting to get in his car.

"She'll race your sorry asses and you won't be able to run that pretty boy mouth of yours when she wins." Letty popped up from behind the hood. Trynten as well as the boys looked shocked. Trynten turned to face Letty with a worried look as the boys hoped and hollered, laughing.

"I can't drive and you know this." Trynten whispered furiously, her cheeks burning from the dread of the embarrassment.

"Can't never could." Letty breezed by her, shutting the hood and ignoring Trynten's long stare, obviously meant to get at her. Letty was the queen at ignoring those looks, they had been a trademark of Mia's as well.

"Letty! You are NOT serious!" Trynten turned pale at the smile Letty had on her lips, indicating she was very serious.

"Let's go, Red." The guy taunted, revving his engine.

"Hey, you wanted to know how us racers did it, now if you get that part, you can say you learned the know how fair and square." Letty shrugged, hopping over the door to the passenger seat, leaving Trynten huffing as she threw herself in the car with attitude.

"I didn't mean this way!" She grumbled, throwing the seat belt harness over her. Letty tried hard not to laugh at this tantrum she was displaying.

"Just like a movie star to throw out some attitude at having to work." Letty sighed, examining her nails.

"Whatever. I just don't want to get my reputation laughed at and get beat by this ass of a guy." Trynten reluctantly started up the car.

"Reputation? You don't have one out here, Red." Letty mocked her friend, making her look at her with a glare. "Yet. You concentrate on what I tell you and you might pull it off." She shrugged, flicking Trynten's sunglasses off her head and over her nose.

"I can't believe you told them I would race. You coulda done it." Trynten said, pulling the car around to the line.

"Just like a diva to want someone to drive her around." Letty sighed, settling back for the comical race that was about to take place.

"So, what you gonna wager?" The guy looked over at a less than confident looking Trynten with a smirk.

"How about we win, you girls give us them tight assed bodies?" A drunk friend leaned over and suggested.

"Just like all you guys at Wars to pick ass over cash. I'm talking real racing here, 500 g's, real." Letty held up her stash of cash, watching Trynten's mouth drop open. She started to say something but Letty had a hand to her mouth and motioned for her to not say a word before she even got a squeak out.

"I don't know. That seems to easy in that car with your pretty girl right there." Thy challenger rubbed the stubble of a beard he had on his face.

"Take her for what all she's worth." The guy in the backseat grinned, making eyes at Trynten. She rolled her eyes and flipped him off. "Oh, there's the spunk I like to see in a redhead." He called back, licking his tongue in the air.

"Yo, I'll let 'pretty girl' show you her racing skills before you decide what you think you can take and tell your grade school homeboy over there to keep his tongue focused on his own dick, would ya?" Letty asked, her easygoing manner still evident as she sighed with a sigh of boredom.

"You are Toretto's chick, huh?" The challenger asked, his mind finally placing her and why she looked familiar.

"You gonna race or what?" She asked, her annoyance starting to grow. "I got other fools that want to play catch the driver so I need to get this going. That is, unless you are just too scared now." Letty shrugged, starting to get out of the car.

"No, nope, no way. We're doing this." The guy in the back said, the challenger revving the engine.

"5 g's, yes or no?" Letty asked, wanting confirmation. He nodded.

"I'll let pretty girl do the counting. On her go." He added, his eyes on the strip of tar that lay in front of them.

"Get mark, get set, GO!" Trynten yelled, her tires and his as well squealed out.

"Slow down, Chica." Letty said, not the least bit concerned of the opponent's car taking the lead.

"WHAT? Are you nuts? That's five grand we're about to lose!" Trynten floored the petal, coming up on the car's tail.

"T, you wanna lose, you do it yo way. You will pay me back the money then. You do it my way and I'll cover whatever happens. Now, last time I checked, you didn't have five grand so who's in control here? I'll let you decide. Let me know when you come to a discoing." Letty said, knowing it would be a quick one.

"Fine." Trynten muttered, falling back as the car in front of them made the turn around to head to the home stretch.

"Floor it NOW!" Letty screamed as soon as they went in for the turn.

"It'll kill us!" Trynten screamed as she did as she was told but fearfully and loudly. The car slid around the target and was weaving in and out.

"Get a grip and control the car…" Letty ordered fiercely enough to make Trynten think she was going to die if she didn't. She no longer got the car uunder control and Letty hit the nos button, shooting them past the car just as it was an inch away from the line that they had started from. The shit-eating grin that had been plastered on the challenger's face was now replaced by a very dark and confused look.

"HA! That was a rush!" Trynten breathed excitedly, her cheeks flushed now more than ever. Her blue eyes were sparkly as she pulled back around to go meet the guys.

"I should make you say sorry for not trusting me but ill let you have your fun before I say anything. Go get the money." Letty waved her off towards the guys, making Trynten laugh at her.

"How was that, boys?" Trynten asked, her eyebrow raised, loving the shocked looks on their frozen faces.

"That wasn't fair. You had nos." The guy argued, getting in Trynten's face.

"Oh, and looking at her like a piece of meat was, huh?" Letty stepped between the two, her nose and face not far from his. He backed up a bit, taking in her leather corset and pants and her intimidating glare. "You didn't want to talk terms, remember? You were too into what you could do to get a chick into bed. Must have a sad life." Letty clicked her teeth in pity for the guy. He reached up and hauled off to hit her, but she anticipated it, grabbed the fist that was coming to her face and twisted it around, bringing him to his knees. "Now, tell me just how pathetic you are, and I might just let you live." Letty whispered in his ear, a smile playing on her lips as he began to sweat.

"She's coming after you all next." Trynten looked at the guys who were watching with awe. That was all it took and they were up and running. She reached in the boy's pockets at Letty's nod and pulled out the money. " Guess this is what you were gonna give us, after all. Thanks." She smiled at the guy and Letty let him go. The two took off walking back to the car. "You amaze me, Letty." Trynten laughed, shaking her head and bursting up in laughter.

"You just need to learn the script out here in the real world of racing and you can do the same shit." Letty shook her head, being truly modest. This was everyday life to her, nothing new, and nothing that she saw as cool or to be in awe of.

"Listen here, Bitch…" A voice came up behind the girls, knocking Trynten to the ground and hitting Letty on the face as she turned around, caught off guard. She felt herself get kicked in the mouth, and tried to get up. Blood was pouring from her mouth. She spit, looking for Trynten, who was nowhere to be found.

"What'd you do with her?" Letty spit more blood as she was being held down by the neck with a boot of her attacker.

"Don't know, don't care. Maybe my boys took her to turn her out." The guy smirked, breathing hard. "Who's the one with the last laugh now, bitch?" He asked, laughing as Letty just laid there, her mouth and head throbbing. She was fighting to not pass out and squinting from the bright sun. She looked up to see a clinched fist and then the sun was covered by a shadow.

Little did she know, who's shadow it was. Only one shadow could be so buff as to make it seem dark and he stood towering over her, his hand on the guy's neck. He took him off with such ease he looked like he was a crane lifting a car.

"Why don't you pick on someone your own size?" The guy asked, his voice deep and his expression a dark grimace. He didn't wait for an answer and went to knocking the guy out. Pretty soon, there was a crowd of people and a select few were pulling him off. He pointed to the guy. "You'd be good to learn to fight your kind, instead of cheap shot a girl." Dominic roared as the pile of people that were pulling him off the blood soaked guy was growing. The guy was barely conscious but Dominic was still going strong. He pretended he was going to walk away and made a sharp turn followed by a lunge as soon as he had shrugged off all hands that had been pulling him off.

"Leon! Get him!" Trynten cried.

"Nah, girl, not this time. Ol' boy is getting what he deserves." Leon sat on the hood of his car while he watched Dominic go at it. Soon security guards were on the scene and Dominic was being put into one car while the badly beaten guy was put into another one.

"Look, Dom, man, you may be king in La, and rule the races here but we can't tolerate fighting." The security guard leveled with his friend.

"Then tell him to keep his hands to himself and off females. He knocked two of my crew members out, both females at that and while they had their backs turned." Dominic said, his voice growing louder and louder in anger.

"He hit two girls, huh?" The security guard shook his head, radioing over to the other car. An ambulance pulled up and EMT's rushed to Letty's side, her mouth still gushing blood. They wanted to take her to the hospital immediately and Leon jumped off the car, looking unsure about leaving Trynten.

"Go, I'm fine. Do not let her smack one of those medical people." Trynten smiled, pushing him towards the ambulance, though he protested. "Go, call us as soon as you know something." Trynten shaded her eyes, watching Letty try tirelessly to get up and off the stretcher. Even Trynten knew the publicity she was getting was not what she wanted, especially since she was in a weakened state. Trynten waited to give police her statement and then walked back with Dominic as the sunset in the windy California desert, her shoes in her hands, enjoying being able to feel the sand and not be so stuffy.

"You okay?" Dominic asked after a while, finally breaking the awkward silence between the two.

"Yeah." Trynten nodded and coughed uncomfortably. Then a smile played over her full lips.

"What you smiling about? You got the shit kicked outta ya." Dominic said, shaking his head, but with a small smile.

"Yeah, but it was worth it being on your crew." Trynten smiled. That statement made Dominic stop in his tracks and look at her.

"What makes you think you are on MY team?" He asked, pointing to himself like he was a god. He started walking again and she caught up to him.

"You are the one that said I was on your crew." Trynten chirped innocently.

"You get in one race and win and then get your ass beat and you think you can play on MY team? Are you feeling all right?" Dominic looked down at the petite girl now.

"Just peachy. Tell me you didn't say it and I'll let it go." Trynten smiled, meeting his eyes.

"What was I gonna say? That actress, and my crew member?" He asked, grinning, then realized she didn't find it as funny as he did. She started to walk away but he was too quick to grab her hand.

"I was only kidding. I wanted to see what you would say." Trynten said, not looking up at him with the glistening tears that were about to escape her almond shaped blue eyes.

"I said it and I wasn't kidding." Dominic admitted, spinning her around to face him. He looked her in the eyes, as though apologetic. He wanted to so bad to hold her in his arms and to kiss her bruised, yet pale face.

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