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It's almost Christmas and I'm here with another tale for the holiday :) If you like stories Christmassy stories the one I wrote last year might just interest you as it did all the others that read it, it's called The Ultimate Christmas Gift

Last year the Christmas fic was for Touya and this year it's for Jin. Except this year I got the idea to write this from a friend, Kinomi :) I promised you a nice long story, but due to time restraints I cannot sit and do that so I hope this nice holiday fic makes up for at least part of what I could not do.

So yes, this tale is dedicated to you Kinomi!

This story is five chapters long and pretty realistic. Sometimes when the ones you care for cannot be with you memories float through your mind, so that is what happens much through this fic, but not through the entire thing (after all, what kind of holiday fic would if be if they didn't meet up?). Thought I'd share that this way I'd evade getting any readers confused.

How else is it realistic? You'll just have to find out yourself, or perhaps I'll share a few things with you as the other chapters are put up, as I wouldn't want to spoil anything :D

Chapter 1

A young looking girl with long light pink hair, nearly as long as her, and sea green eyes walked through a snow park. She wore white pants that had green at her waist and at the bottom where it clung to her ankles, white slipper like shoes (which also had green around the top of it) and a white winter jackets. Her hair was in a low ponytail and was split into sections by three green hair bands; the last one was at her waist.

It was a beautiful afternoon, four o'clock to be precise, and small snowflakes fell to the ground in their delicate and wondrous dance. To make the day even more special it was Christmas.

The pink hair girl put her hands in her jacket pocket in an attempt to keep them warm. She sighed, her breath turning white in the cold air. "Well Kinomi, you can't say you didn't enjoy today," she said to herself softly.

The day had been full of jovial spirits, all but one however. She had been looking forward to seeing the wind master of the Shinobi, but a turn of events had not allowed either of the two members she was friendly with to be able to come.

'Something's come up in the Makai,' she remembered Botan telling her when she had asked about the wind and ice masters in the morning.

'What do you mean?' Kinomi had asked in response, her smile falling from her face.

'There was an attack on a small ice village near Touya's old home,' Botan had told her sadly, 'The two of them were worried and went to check things out.'

'Oh,' Kinomi had said sadly, 'I hope everything is alright.'

"I hope everything is alright," she said aloud to herself. She was worried for those Touya cared about, as they were small in number, but she could not help but feel slightly depressed that they, particularly Jin, had not been able to come for even a few minutes to celebrate the glorious day.

She did, however, understand that the two masters had a great responsibility and could not hold that against them. Now that Jin and Touya were the only masters left in the group the responsibility was even greater on them than in the past since demons thought they could get away with a bit more than before. Yusuke and the other Spirit Detectives, including herself, often stepped in and helped them; be it directly or indirectly. Unfortunately not all demons learned from the mistakes of others and simply repeated what one demon had fallen trying to do.

Kinomi bit her bottom lip as she thought about what the two masters could be doing in the Makai. A panicked look crossed her face as she thought they might be in trouble, but she mentally smacked her self, 'They're more capable of protecting themselves than you are,' she reminded herself.

It was a well known fact that Kinomi was great fighter, but her defense tended to lack when she was being attacked in rapid dead on motions and she tended needed a bit of time in order to defend herself against powerful attacks.

She calmed herself down relatively quickly, "They're probably fine, but figure it's too late to come back now," she told herself aloud. "Ya, that's probably it."

A small smile graced her face as she saw a small snowman, obviously built by a child, not far ahead of her. It had two different size rocks for eyes, several small pebbles for a mouth, a small twig for a nose, two sticks for arms, small stones for buttons and a red fuzzy scarf was wrapped around it's 'neck.'

As she walked up to it the memories of her first snowman came to her mind and she could not suppress a giggle. She took out her white hat with stitched black snow flakes on it and put it on the small snowman's head. "May you stay warm," she giggle to herself once more, "Or rather, may you stay cold so as not to melt."

Memories of what she had done with the hat in the past, last year to be precise, came to her mind and she could not help but smile.


"Oi!" a teenage looking boy with wild red hair and brilliant blue eyes cried, "My ears are cold!" The boy has long pointed elf like ears, a small fang hanging downward on his left, and a small white horn half way between his forehead and the crest of his head. He wore white pants that came down to a bit above his ankles, tan colored tape that ran from the end of his pant legs to his ankles, black ninja like footwear that allowed parts of his foot to be shown, two straps that crisscrossed over his chest and back, a blue belt with a red stone in the middle and, for one of the few time, he wasn't wearing his arm gear.

Kinomi laughed at her friend as they continued to walk in the forest near Genkai's temple, "I'm surprised that's the only thing that's cold. Look at your attire!"

"Why you be makin' fun of me Kinomi?" Jin asked, "Jus' 'cause I'm not like Touya and be having no feeling of the cold don' make in right to be pokin' fun of me."

The pink hair girl could not help but smile at the wind master's, relatively thick, Gaelic accent. She could understand him most of the time, but there where those times when she was left with a confused look on her face, luckily this was not one of those times. "I don't mean any offense Jin. It's just that it's the middle of winter, snow is on the ground and you're out here like that."

"I be knowin' that," Jin said as he put his hands around his ears in an attempt to keep them warm. "But it usually don' be botherin' me."

Kinomi smiled and patted him on the arm; being around seven inches shorter than him his arm was a place she could easily touch without stretching. "Welcome to the Ningenkai in winter my friend."

Jin pouted down at her as he walked. Kinomi smiled widened as she saw how ridiculous he looked with a pout on his face, ears covered by his hands and walking all the while. "What be makin' you smile so big?"

"You," she said happily, "You look funny right now."

Jin's pout increased as he put his arms down, "Why you be makin' so much fun of me Kinomi? 'ou're so mean to me today." Kinomi giggled softly before grabbing his hand and stopping herself so that a small tug would go on his arm telling him she was no longer moving.

"What be the matter?" Jin asked with his head to the side when he turned to face her.

"Look me in the face and say I'm mean," she said with a smile.

Slightly confused the wind master bent over so he was face level with her, "'ou're me-" He stopped mid word as something soft, yet warm went over his head, covering both his eyes and half of his ears. He stood up and took whatever it was off, "Eh?"

"It's called a hat silly," Kinomi told him with a laugh, "It'll keep your head and ears warm."

"And not be allowin' me to see," Jin pointed out as he looked at the black stitched snowflakes on the soft white material.

"Not if you position it right," Kinomi said with a smile. "Here, I'll do it."

This time Jin stooped down to her level and she quickly positioned the hat so that it covered his ears but not his eyes by tilting it backwards (it was one of those hats that were loose when you wore it had had a brim all around it). "There," Kinomi told him, "Now am I mean?"

Jin stood up and made and face as if he was thinking, but the small smile on his lips gave him away. "Na," he told her as he gave her a big hug, laughing all the while.

Color found its way to Kinomi's cheeks as she hugged him back, "Good."

So there's the first holiday filled chapter :) Hope you liked it.

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