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Chapter 5

Kinomi sat under a tree with her legs up to her chest and her face hidden in them. She felt so confused and embarrassed about the event that had occurred not ten minutes ago. She knew it had been an accident, but it had felt so right and yet, to her, it seemed Jin was upset about it.

Despite all this however the snow continued its graceful fall, as if to try and reassure her that everything was going to be alright. She paid little heed to this however since her mind told her otherwise.

'I guess things really weren't me be,' Kinomi thought sadly, 'Even if I wanted them to.' A memory surfaced in her mind and she willed it to go away, but it would not.


Kinomi walked into her grandmother's shrine and heard intense laughter coming from the room usually used for meetings with the Spirit Detectives. Being curious she walked to the room and opened the door, only to find a rather rowdy group of fighter.

Genkai was sitting right of the door shaking her head when she had walked in, "Hello Kinomi dear."

"Hey grandmother," Kinomi said with a baffled look on her face.

Yusuke looked up from where he was wrestling with Kuwabara, "Heyo Kino-mi." Her name had been separated as he hiccupped part way through.

Kinomi made a face, "You sound really weird Yusuke. Is something wrong?"

"Na," Yusuke said with a cheesy grin, "I'm ooooooooook."

A bottle rolled into Kinomi's foot and she picked it up to look at it. A shocked look crossed her face, "Grandmother! Your letting them drink?!"

Genkai chuckled, "They just got through with the Makai Tournament, don't you think they deserve some entertainment. Besides, it was Chu who brought all this out before I even knew what was going on."

Kinomi shook her head and put the bottle down carefully. She had never had alcohol before and it was rare for her to see anyone drinking, let alone drunk. The first person she had seen do both was Chu, an older looking demon with an Australia accent and blue hair in a mohawk, who had a bad habit of drinking.

As she looked about she saw Touya passed out in the corner of the room. Touya was one who cared little for drinking, which left her to think that someone, probably Jin or Chu, had made the poor ice master drink to the point where he was too drunk to remember his own hate of alcohol. He was not the only one passed out however, a teenage looking boy with long blue hair and bangs that defied gravity known as Shishiwakamaru was against the wall to left of the door sleeping.

What made Kinomi want to smack her forehead was seeing Rinku, a demon who looked around eight with wild brown hair, green eyes and four red stars under his left eye, sitting on the ground next to Kurama downing a full bottle of alcohol. The child never finished his drink as he swayed and passed out half way through.

Kinomi sighed as she walked over and picked the child up to place his off to the side so that he would not be injured in his sleep by the rowdy fighters. As soon as she put him down and stood up someone wrapped an arm around her waist and spun her around in a circle.

"'ey there Kinooomiii," Jin said as happily, but slurred her name slightly.

She turned around and found that Jin had only grabbed her with one arm because in his other hand was a, half empty, bottle of alcohol. She frowned up at him, "You're drunk."

"Just a weeeee bit," he said with a laugh, red ears twitching. "'ere," he put the bottle to her lips, "'ave a sip."

Kinomi took a step back, "No thank you."

"Aw common Kinomi," Jin pouted.

"I'm not allowed to," she said as she walked past him.

At that moment a demon looking to be in his twenties with spiked up blond hair and light blue eyes walked in with his face red from laughing so hard. When his laughter subsided slightly he started prancing about singing, "I feel pretty. Oh so pretty. I feel pretty and witty and gaaaaaaay!"

"Thanks for sharing!" Kinomi yelled at him, "I didn't need to know about your love life!"

Suzuka stopped prancing about and tried to register what had just been told to him in his drunken state. A moment later he yelled, while slurring some of the words, "I didn't meeeean it like thaaaaat! … I thiiiink…"

Everyone laughed at the perplexed Suzuka. "Give it up Suzuka," Genkai told him with a smirk, "You've lost this battle."

Suzuka crossed his arms, "Fiiiiiiiiiine all you feople." The group once again laughed at him, but this time it was for pronouncing 'people' wrong.

At that moment Botan, a teenage looking girl with long light blue hair in a pony tail and pink eyes, stormed in. Finding Suzuka she walked angrily towards him and slammed her oar over his head, knocking him out, as she yelled, "Jerk!"

All those still conscious, except for Botan, laughed. Botan walked up to Kinomi while glaring at all the drunken men, "Best be careful if you intend to stay here."

"What's the matter?" Kinomi asked.

"Let's just say I was grabbed in a place that isn't polite by a certain blond," Botan told her as she rubbed her sore behind.

"Oh," Kinomi said as she understood.

"Well I'm getting out of here before anything else happens," with that said Botan hopped on her oar, flew out the door and into the night.

When Kinomi heard the boys cheering she turned and saw Chu and Jin having a contest to see who could chug a full bottle of alcohol faster. She sighed and shook her head.

They both finished their bottles quickly, but Chu won by a land slide and could still stand on his own two feet. Jin on the other hand swayed and fell onto his back when he finished, laughing his drunken head off all the while.

Worried that the wind master might have hurt himself Kinomi ran up to him and knelt down, "Are you alright Jin?"

"Pancake sugar sauce!" Jin cried happily before hiccupping.

Kinomi shook her head as she laughed, "I think you'd better stop drinking Jin."

Jin sat up and grabbed a new bottle of alcohol. "Jin!" Kinomi cried, "Don't you think you've had enough to drink?!"

"Me like pretty daisy's," Jin replied with as he gave a huge smile.

Kinomi dropped her head at the wind master's completely random response. Jin was able to take a rather large gulp before she was able to yank it away, "No more."

Jin pouted and tried to grab the bottle, but it was out of his reach and he was too lazy to move anything but his arm to try and get it. His bottom lip shook slightly like that of a child's when they weren't given something they wanted.

Kinomi sighed, but did not waver in her thoughts, "No."

The wind master put his arm down as it was clear, even in his drunken state, that he would not get it. He pouted even more when Kinomi handed the bottle to Chu and told him to take it away.

"There," Kinomi said with a smile, "No more alcohol for you tonight."

"Meeeeeeanyyyyyy," Jin both whined and slurred, but not a second later did he knock Kinomi onto her back as he hugged her stomach. He rubbed his cheek on the material that covered her stomach region while saying, "I stiiiiiiiil yove ya."

Kinomi blushed deeply, 'Could he really mean he loves me?' she asked herself. 'No,' she thought a second later, 'He's just drunk.'

She realized Jin had stopped moving about and she looked down at him, though it was an odd view since she was laying down, she found he was asleep. 'Now I'm stuck,' Kinomi thought with a sigh as she put her head back down, 'Not that I mind.'


Kinomi bit her lip at the memory. She had really had wanted to think that he had meant what he said that night, even if he had been drunk. 'Why is fate so cruel?' She tightened her grip on her legs.

She had gotten out from under the drunken wind master that night with the help of a slightly sober Kurama and a very sober Genkai. Everyone who had drunk that night woke the next morning with horrid hangovers and some had no recollection of anything that had happened.

No one spoke of the events between Jin and Kinomi to save them both, particularly the latter, from further embarrassment. Kinomi had really wanted to tell Jin what had happened, but had been afraid of the reaction he would give and thus she merely blushed every time she was around him for several weeks and tended not to say much.

She shivered slightly as she realized that the snow beneath her was starting to melt and soak into her pants. She suddenly wished she was at home taking a long hot bath… or in the arms of the one her heart longed for.

At that moment it felt as if a pair of strong arms had wrapped themselves around her and cradled body. 'Just your imagination,' she thought sadly. The voice that followed, however, contradicted the thought.

"'ou're shiverin'," the accented voice of the wind master said softly.

Kinomi said nothing in response, being that she was in shock, but she did sniff due to the cold. Jin took this as something else however and began to panic.

"Did I make ya cry? I'm sorry, I'm sorry," he kept say he was 'sorry' over and over as he practically begged for forgiveness.

Kinomi looked up slowly. "I'm not crying," she said softly, "And I'm the one who should be apologizing, not you."

Jin shook his head, "I was the one who ran into ya, not the other way 'round."

"I still could have moved out of the way had I been paying attention to what Touya was doing," she said softly as she hid her face once more.

"No ya couldn'," Jin told her, "I was bein' to close behin' him for ya to be able to do anythin'." He hugged her tightly.

Kinomi made a face that the wind master could not see, "Jin that hurts." Given the position she was in the pressure he was putting on her in his hug was hurting her knees as her legs were brought uncomfortably close.

Jin quickly let go and cried, "Sorry!"

To get rid of the pain now in her knees Kinomi stretched them out and wiggled them slightly. "Nothing's broken," she told him softly, "Don't worry."

"Good," Jin said in relief, "Sorry. I hadn' meant to hurt ya."

"I know," Kinomi told him softly, her gaze still on her legs.

"Kinomi," the wind master said ever so softly, hoping she would look at him. Seeing this did not get the reaction he desired, or any reaction at all for that matter, he sighed.

An awkward silence fell upon them as they sat their. Jin absentmindedly picked up the end of Kinomi's hair, which had been resting on the ground next to him, and began to play with it. As he twirled the ends in his fingers a small smile crept onto his face.

Kinomi looked over to him curiously and watched as he played with her hair carefully, the snow flurries playing in his wild hair. 'So much like a child, yet so much like an adult,' she thought to herself.

Jin looked up, causing their eyes to lock. He dropped her hair and put his hands up before saying a very soft, "Sorry."

A blush crept to her face and she nodded her head, "It's alright." She studied his face, which looked forlorn, and gave a small smile, "I didn't mind."

A gleam of hope rose into the wind masters, other wise, hurt eyes. The look on his face sent her memories of the time she had been badly hurt by a demon the year before. Jin had stayed at her side the entire time she was recuperating and he had repeatedly apologized for not being able to aid her as he felt he should have.

'He had been so hurt by the fact that I was so badly wounded,' Kinomi thought to herself, 'But he knew I would be alright, which allowed him to have a glimmer of his usual self in his eyes… sort of like now.'

"Kinomi?" Jin sounded worried since she had dazed off for a moment. He picked up her hand and made a face, "'ou're hands be chilled!"

"They're alright," Kinomi said softly, but didn't take her hand away from his. 'He so warm,' she thought, letting her blush grow larger.

"An' your cheeks be turning from the cold too!"

Kinomi smiled to herself, 'How naive he is.'

With his free hand Jin gingerly stroked her cheek. As he watched his finger barely touch her skin his eyes seemed to fade out as if he was thinking deeply about something.

Kinomi was about to ask if he was alright when she realized how unearthly cold her backside had gotten and jolted to her feet, startling the pensive wind master. "Cold!" She half cried as he rubbed her numb behind.

The wind master could not hold back a laugh as he watched the pink haired girl before him. Her pants where soaked from the snow, which caused her undergarment to show lightly through them. This inevitably made Jin blush and he found he could only tear his gave from her by lying down in the snow.

Taking notice of the wind masters change in position she walked to his side, "Are you alright Jin?"

"Ar ndóigh," the wind master said with a nod. When Kinomi gave him an odd looked he quickly said, "Aye."

"What were those words?" Kinomi found she couldn't hold herself back from asking.

"A wee bit o' Gaelic," he told her.

Kinomi smiled brightly, "Gaelic, that's your native tongue, no?"

"Ar ndóigh," Jin said with a nod and a smile.

"That means 'yes' right?"

The wind master shook his head, "No."

Now Kinomi was confused again, "Than what does it mean?"

"O' course," Jin replied as he put his arms up for her.

As Kinomi put her hands in his he gently pulled on them so than she would realized what he wanted her to do. "I'm wet," she protested.

Jin laughed, "So be I."

With a light laugh Kinomi nodded; he was laying in the snow after all. She carefully put one leg on the other side of him before sitting down on his stomach, "I hope I'm not hurting you," she said softly.

"You be as light as an angels feather," Jin told with a smile.

She blushed and looked down, but found herself blushing harder and having to bring her head up quickly up realizing that it wasn't the ground that was beneath her, but Jin's well defined chest.

A soft bit of laughter and the light vibration beneath her brought her eyes to meet his. She found that he seemed to be back to his old self; perky and full of smiles and laughs. He brought his knees up, feet on the ground, and held out his hands to her. Not sure of what he wanted she placed her hands in his only to feel a very gentle force backwards.

With her back now against the upper parts of his legs she understood why he had brought them up; to offer a backrest of sorts. Their hands remained entangled in one another's, but neither seemed to mind.

Removing her grasp on one of Jin's hands she carefully laid her palm flat against his. A faint smile crossed her face as she looked at them, "My hands are so small compared to yours." Her hands were indeed smaller than the wind master's, by a full digit in fact.

Jin gave a small smile, "Ya are small next ta me."

Kinomi made a face offended sound, "How dare you make fun of my height."

"Ya know I didn' mean it like 'at," Jin said in a slight panic.

With a smiled Kinomi said, "I was teasing."

Jin pouted, "Well 'at's na nice." She gave a soft giggle before shivering due to the cold. "Yer cold," Jin said with a hint of worry and a frown.

"I've been out in this weather for a few hours," she told him, "I suppose it's no surprise."

"Well, 'ere be no needin' to catch a cold," he clasped both of her hands carefully and gently pulled her down towards him.

Kinomi blushed deeply, "Jin, wait…"

"What be the matter?" Jin asked almost too softly for his natural character.

She shifted awkwardly not sure how to formulate the proper words. Their current position was rather unnerving for the young female who had never had the courage to tell anyone, never mind the Jin, about her feelings for the very demon beneath her.

Jin smiled reassuringly and gently pulled her down atop of himself and wrapped his arms around her smaller frame before she could muster anything else. As he hugged her closely she could not help but smile and nestle her head under his chin.

"Neach i grá le tú tà ionadh tharbheith," Jin murmured as he tightened his grip around her slightly.

"Is that Gaelic?" she asked in curiosity.

"Aye," Jin said quietly.

Kinomi picked her head up and looked the wind master in the eyes, "What does it mean?"

She watched as a red tinge quickly crawled upon the wind master's cheeks and spread to the very tips of his long ears. "Don' be worrin' over it," his voice was soft and almost incomprehensible to her ears.

"Who said I was worrying?" Kinomi asked softly with a smile

With a small chuckle Jin replied with, "Do miongháire tà álainn."

Kinomi pouted, "I wish you would tell me what you're saying."

"Na sure ya wan' ta know," Jin told her, a hint of sadness in his voice.

"Why not?" she asked in response, a curious look on her face.

The redness on Jin's face that had been fading came back and it was almost comical as to how red his ears were as they twitched with an emotion Kinomi had never seen from the wind master before. In fact she didn't even know what to make of it.

It was a strange thing to think that the wind master's ears could convey emotions, but they did none the less. The little twitches of his ears showed if he was angry, delighted or upset, but now they twitched in a fashion that showed the later two emotions and Kinomi was sure it meant something deeper than simple happiness or sadness.

"Ya might ge' mad," Jin said softly, sadness a bit more present then before.

"Mad?" Kinomi asked, "Why would I get mad?"

"'cause I be bein' an idiot."

Kinomi was taken by surprise by that response and it took her a moment to formulate the words she needed. "Jin I'd never think you were an idiot- in that fashion anyway. If you meant it in a playful way because you're almost always jovial and lighthearted I'd have agree, but I know you don't mean it like that."

Jin smiled up at her, "'ou're always so nice to me."

"Why wouldn't I be?" She asked with a smile in return, "You're special to me." Her eyes widened and face turned crimsoned as she realized what words had just passed through her lips. She turned her head to the side hoping Jin wouldn't take much notice to how much color had flown to her cheeks so quickly.

Jin was clearly in a state of shock after hearing her last statement. He knew she could have meant it in an assortment of ways, but only one way seemed so much stronger than the others in his mind.

Her face had a deep shade of red clinging to it and he knew his was probably no better from the heat he felt despite the cold weather. Now that he thought of it she often blushed when around him.

"Kinomi..." Jin trailed off as he removed one hand from her waist and used it to gingerly take her chin in his fingers and turn her head towards him. Their faces were not far apart and he could feel the soft warm air she exhaled.

She seemed somewhat uneasy in his arms, a feeling that confused the wind master. He felt her sigh and shift in the direction on his weakened grasp on her waist.

Once off of him she sat on her legs and looked down at her hands, which were in her lap. She did however hear and see, through her peripheral vision, him sit up. Had she looked up she would have seen Jin's concerned face in front and slightly to the side of her.

A gentle hand came up under her chin and lifted it so that their eyes could lock. "What be toublin' ya?" Jin asked softly, concern flowing in his voice.

"Nothing for you to worry over," she replied with a weak smile.

"'ell maybe I wanna be worrin' 'bout it."

This comment caused Kinomi's face to fall as she took the words to an unintended meaning. She took Jin's hand away from her chin and made to get up, but a pair of strong arms wrapped around her, preventing such a motion.

"Mé grá tú Kinomi," Jin whispered into her ear, a slight bit of panic in his voice, "Mé grá tú, mé dáirire grá tú."

Through the tone of his voice Kinomi could tell that he feared she would run off again. She wished she could understand what his words meant as she believed they held something important, but it was impossible to say without knowing a translation.

Her thought on the Gaelic meaning were dashed as something kept hitting the side of her head. She giggled as she realized Jin's ears had to be twitching and since they were so close one of them was actually hitting her, "Jin, your ear's beating me up."

Jin pulled away from her quickly and sure enough his ears were twitching. In fact his ears were bright red, as were his cheeks, which further made Kinomi think his words held something of importance.

"Sorry," Jin said as he put his hands to his ears to calm them.

Kinomi smiled brightly and giggled, "I want a rematch."

The point in saying what she had was to get the tense wind master to lighten up and it did just that as he let his ears go and laughed merrily. "I think 'ey 'ould win."

"We'll see about that," Kinomi said with a mock insult, which ended up being destroyed by her laughter.

She moved closer to the wind master and put a hand behind one of his twitching ears. When it hit her fingers her hand recoiled, but not due to pain. It was an odd sensation to have one's ear hit your hand, no matter how light the contact was.

Jin laughed, "Tol' ya."

Kinomi let out a playful growl and stuck her hand out to his ear once more. This time she was able to gently grab it, just barely, by the tip.

A soft groan came to her ears and he saw Jin clasp his hand over his mouth quickly. She let go of his ear and looked at him curiously. If possible his face and ears seemed to become even redder than before. "What was that?" she asked him.

Jin slowly took his hand away from his mouth and looked at her in embarrassment, ears twitching madly, "The tips o' my ears be very sensitive to anyone's touch 'sides my own."

"Sorry I didn't know!" Kinomi cried

Jin shook his head and gave a small laugh, "It be alrigh'. Ya didn' 'urt 'em."

Kinomi blushed heavily and diverted her gaze as she realized just what kind of reaction he had to the touch. When she looked back to him several moment later, red still ever present on both their faces, she saw that the twitching of his ears had nearly stopped. Wanting to get away from the thought of his ears she asked, "What does 'mé grá tú' mean?"

He took a moment to think over her request before say, "It means I…."

"'I' what?" she asked when it was clear he wasn't going to continue. Jin looked down and said something too low for her to catch. "What?"

Jin kept his gaze down and shook his head, "Don' be worrin' 'bout it."

Kinomi leaned forward, "Maybe I want to worry over it."

The wind master realized that his own statement from before was being used against him, but he took it much better than Kinomi had. He looked up at her, now closer, face with a smile.

As he gazed over her facial features a strong urge came over him and he could not rid himself of it. Before he really knew what was happening he felt his lips against hers. When sense finally washed over him he quickly pulled back. Fright was ever clear in his blue eyes and he could not seem to put the words together for an apology of any kind.

Kinomi looked at him with unseeing wide eyes as she brought her fingers up to her lips. There was a tingling sensation throughout them and she was sure her heart would shoot out of her very chest at any moment. 'He- kissed me,' she thought in sheer surprise as her vision finally began to focus.

What she saw before her was a frightened wind master expecting to be slapped, or worse. Her eyes became soft, "Mé grá tú means 'I love you' doesn't it…"

Jin's features relaxed slightly as he nodded his head slowly.

"Do you- do you really mean that?" she asked shakily. She wasn't sure what to make of it and was afraid this was all some crazy dream.

"I do," Jin said, a bit hurt by the question.

Tears began to fill Kinomi's eyes and she wrapped her arms around Jin's neck. Despite the fact that Jin had just admitted his feelings to her she could not speak her own feelings. Her tears streamed down her cheeks and she tightened her grip on the wind master, quiet sobs escaping her. She was thrilled that he felt the same for her, but wished she could say her feeling for him, both of these facts sent her into the state she was in now.

Jin hugged her tightly. "I shouldn' 'ave told ya," Jin whispered, sorrow filling his voice. He had never seen Kinomi cry before and it hurt like the seven hells to see it now.

"I wish I could tell you," she said so quietly that, despite the fact that she was close to his ears, Jin almost didn't hear it.

"Tell me 'at?" Jin asked as he carefully rubbed her back in an attempt to calm her as he fought to keep his voice level.

"I want to tell you," Kinomi cried, "I really do." Her mind screamed at her to spit it out. 'I love you Jin, I always have,' the words were so clear cut in her mind, but for some reason they would not pass through her lips.

Jin somehow got Kinomi to loosen her grip enough for her to come out and look him in the eyes, "I never meant it to 'urt ya. I never meant anythin' to 'urt ya." He wiped away the tears that glided down her face with his thumbs, "So please stop cryin'."

"You never did," Kinomi told him.

Jin gave a weak smile and brushed stay hairs form her face, "'et's be getting back to Genkai's. Ya need rest." He got up and helped Kinomi to her feet. "Come on," he said softly as he took the lead, motioning for her to follow.

Christmas was a day meant to give joy, not pain. Kinomi's heart seemed to crack and threatened to shatter into millions of pieces. The words that refused to surface would bring Jin great joy, she knew that very well now, but no matter how much she pleaded with herself she could not muster the words.

Jin turned around after several paces to look at her curiously since he hadn't heard her move.

Kinomi looked strait into his eyes and saw his pain, but his affection for her seemed even stronger despite the events of moments ago. She was shocked, not because the later emotion was so strong, but because she realized the emotion had always been there.

It had been there after he had taken her on her first flight. It had been there when she had had given him her hat to keep his ears warm. It had been there when she had been badly hurt a year ago and even when he had been sick, but she had mistaken it for relief or gratitude. She had always thought the look in his eyes meant something else.

In fact it seemed like whenever he saw her his eyes would light up, even if he was completely exhausted from battle, training or a long journey.

He really did care for her and she could not understand why she had not seen it before. He had never stopped caring, even when he was agitated about something. In fact, now that she thought of it, he had never gotten angry with her. It seemed like no matter what happened in his life he would never let the emotion leave him, even now when she had unintentionally put him out.

"Ya alrigh' Kinomi?" Jin asked in concern.

He has always cared…

"Kinomi?" Jin took a step forward.

…about her.

He took another step closer.


Without another thought in mind she ran and jumped onto him, wrapping her arm around his neck. The wind master had to take a step back to prevent being knocked over and that one step was full of surprise and it showed on his face; his arms were already around her in what would have been a protective embrace if they had fallen.

From the moment she had her arms around him the words that had been locked away not a moment ago flew from her mouth, "I love you Jin! I really love you!" Tears streamed down her face as kept saying it, glad that she finally could.

Jin was shocked by the sudden outburst, but his heart fluttered with glee. The ringing in his ears due to her cries didn't bother him in the least. In fact he would have allowed them to bleed if it had meant he could hear them, or any of her words for that matter.

He smiled and held her as close as he could without causing harm. Kinomi's cries soon turned into laughter and he knew part of it was most likely due to his madly twitching ears once again 'beating' her up. He loosened his grip as he felt her want to come out from the hug.

Tear streaks glowed on her face in a stinging manner and any stray tears were quickly wiped away by her hands. She smiled up at him and put her hands out to gently take his ears in them, keeping away from the extra sensitive tips.

Color crawled onto the wind masters cheeks and he smiled down at her affectionately. He took one of her hands away from his ears and brought it out to kiss her knuckles with his soft warm lips.

A soft blush appeared on Kinomi's face at the touch on his lips on her skin. She reluctantly pulled her hand away from his and put both her arms around his neck loosely. Jin too moved his arm back down to her waist, their gaze never leaving one another's.

Touya's words suddenly rang in Jin's mind, Think of this as payback for last year. It was as clear as day now. Last year he had gotten Touya and his long lost love, Karie, together and now he was repaying the favor. The only difference was he and Kinomi had never admitted their feeling for one another, but it wasn't surprising that Touya had figured out a way to fix that.

''anks Touya,' Jin thought to himself as he pulled Kinomi closer.

Kinomi rubbed her thumb against the back of Jin's neck with a smile. The wind master smiled in return before lowering his head. Their lips locked together in a sweet passionate kiss that dashed the emotionally draining events of the day from their minds.

The wind, which was full of flurries, wrapped around the kissing couple as if it approved of the relationship between them. It blew Jin's wild hair about and shifted Kinomi's loose bangs and ends of her hair in a gentle manner.

To anyone that understood the winds they would have realized that it was giving the couple a blessing; something that had not been given since the first Shinobi master had lived thousands of years ago.


"Ew! Their kissing again!"


Jin chuckled against Kinomi's lips before breaking away. The two of them looked down to see a five year old boy and a three year old girl looking up at them.

The boy had messy red hair, green eyes and small pointed ears. His tongue was sticking out of his mouth in childish disgust at seeing the couple kissing. He wore a white t-shirt, sky blue pants and black slipper like shoes.

The girl had light pink hair in loose pigtails, blue eyes and long pointed ears. She held a soft brown teddy bear to her chest, chin resting on it head. She wore a simple blue dress that stopped just below her knees and white shoes.

Jin picked up the young boy and Kinomi stooped down and picked up the toddler before giving her a kiss on the forehead. The boy laughed from Jin's arms, "You got mommy germs." With a smile Jin kissed the boys hair causing him to say, "I got daddy germs," as he covered the area where he'd been kissed.

"Two terrors ya are," Jin said with a smile as he looked from one child to the other.

Kinomi smiled, "And soon to be three."

Jin's ears twitched happily and with his free hand rubbed Kinomi's rounded belly, "Aye."

It had been ten years since their confessions and now they lived happily with little to no worries and immense amounts of joy. Neither of they could ask for anything greater.

Jin took his hand back and chuckled as the little life within his love kicked. With a smiled Kinomi ran her hand over her belly, "The child wants out."

"You don't mean…."

Kinomi looked up and nodded, "It's time."

Aw it was so cute… after you got past the painful parts. I didn't want to make Kinomi cry that first time, but it seemed to fit in with the realism since I would believe one would get agitated to tears in a position like that. It works out, no?

And they have cute kinds too!!! Lol. I actually got the idea for it just as I finished writing about the blessing from the wind. I thought it was too cute to not put in The boy's personality is like that of one of my cousin's when he was younger. If you kissed his cheek or hair he would literally try to smack it away because he thought it was gross. Lol.

Oh yes, translations (remember these are rough because I don't know Gaelic):

Neach i grá le tú tà ionadh tharbheith- being in love with you is a wonder beyond existence

Do miongháire tà álainn- your smile is beautiful

Cute phrases, no?

I hope everyone liked it!

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