There was a dark spot on the stone floor where the blood had pooled.
She wondered, briefly, if she ought to tell Him about it, but decided not to.
It would only complicate matters.

She regretted it immediately afterwards-
What a turn her temper had taken!

She bit her lip, wondering what to do.

How could she have wasted any of the precious liquid?

It was just a spill.
A small spill, that was all.

Why did she feel as though she had made a mistake? It could be cleaned up, but she wouldn't do the duty.

As she ordered someone to do it, she felt a little strongly about it.

She didn't care or anything, it was just that…
..well, she didn't know.

It just was that.

And He wouldn't care, either.
That thought made her a bit better.
She hugged herself and wrapped herself in a cloak and promised she'd sleep.

She didn't sleep.

How could she?
She never kept her promises.