Disclaimer: I dont own Harry Potter

Summary: Hermione goes over her dream with Draco...

Envied life

I enter this misty place once again,

Thinking this life is still a sin,

What stand before me is skies of purple and pink,

I stand on a ledge of the ocean's peak,

I seek the sun that has not yet set,

So bright and golden, and the moon was lit,

Both were full and glimmered with bliss,

And a palace up ahead, with crystalline towers,

Yet white as snow and cold as ice,

I advance my steps towards the heavenly light,

Unfortunately for me, I stumble and fall,

Into a life of darkness and an eternity abyss,

From that moment, I wished to be the wind,

I wanted to escape all of my worries in life,

I envied the blades of grass that flew,

Not one thing to care for, nothing to do,

It was then I noticed something bad,

Controlled like a puppet, that I am,

Realizing so, I run away, not to return,

Never again…