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Chapter Twelve: Saving Ron

Blaise sighed and looked at his watch. It read 12:45am. It had been eleven hours since him and Draco had caught Macy. Across from him on the other black leather lounge sat Draco, who was leaning on his left arm asleep.

Blaise stood up, he couldn't sit around any longer, he needed to see Ginny. Quietly he grabbed his cloak and crept over to the Common Room exit.The wall opened up and Blaise stepped out.

"Be sure Pompfrey doesn't catch you," came Draco's sly, sleepy voice.

"She won't," replied Blaise before heading up the cold dungeon corridor.

At every corner Blaise always checked for the sign of any teachers or Prefects. He may be Head boy but that didn't give him the privilege of roaming the corridors.

After ten minutes of careful walking, Blaise opened the Hospital Wing doors. He glanced over at Pompfrey's desk and saw no sign of her. Carefully Blaise walked in and over to the only occupied bed. He smiled softly at Ginny and tucked a bit of her hair behind her ear.

Ginny stirred at the touch and her eyes fluttered open. Once she gained focus on Blaise a small smile came on her face, "Hi."

"Hey," whispered Blaise, "How are you feeling?"

"Better than earlier. What time is it?"

"One in the morning. I had to see you… I have news for you."

Ginny sat up a little and patted the space beside her. Blaise sat down beside her and placed an arm around her waist.

"What's this news you have to tell me?" asked Ginny lacing her fingers through Blaise's.

"Draco and I caught the person who tried to kill you and gave that cursed crystal-stone to Ron."

Ginny's eyes widened, "You did? Who was it?"

"Macy Slithers… she's my ex-girlfriend turned psycho murderer."

"So you mean she still had a thing for you and wanted me out of the picture?"

Blaise nodded.

"H-how long did you two date?"

"Two years. We broke up because we grew apart. Well I felt we did."

Ginny nodded.

"But I'm happier with you, Ginny. Don't think any different. You mean the world to me."

Ginny smiled, "Thankyou. You mean the world to me as well. But what about Ron? Does Macy know how to reverse the curse?"

"I think that is what Dumbledore is trying to work out. He's questioning her under the influence of the truth potion."

Ginny nodded before breaking down into a wave of tears. Blaise looked at her slightly startled but wrapped both arms around her, while she cried into his chest.

"I was so scared, Blaise… I lost grip and the falling… it wouldn't stop… I thought I was going to die… I really did."

"Shh… Ginny you're alive… that's all that matters… and I'm here and I swear on Merlin that I will never leave you no matter what the world hurls at us."

Ginny slowly stoped the tears and looked up at Blaise, "I know it seems crazy and that we have only been together a short time… but Blaise… I love you."

Blaise smiled and kissed Ginny tenderly on the lips, "I love you too Ginny Weasley."


It was finally morning when Harry and Hermione received word that Ginny was perfectly okay, just a bit shaken and also that Dumbledore wished too see them in is office directly after breakfast.

Hermione smiled at Harry when he came down from the boy's dorm stairs.

"Good Morning," smiled Harry at Hermione.

"Good Morning. I guess you got the same letter I did?" asked Hermione as they exited the Common Room and headed to the Great Hall.

"I did. I wonder what Dumbledore needs to see us about?"

"Same. But at least Ginny is okay. I can't believe we nearly lost her a- Mrs Weasley? Mr Weasley?"

Harry looked in the direction Hermione was and was too, startled to see Mr and Mrs Weasley walking up the corridor towards them.

"Harry! Hermione! Oh it is wonderful to see you both!" cried Mrs Weasley hugging them both in turn.

"Hello Harry, Hermione," said Mr Weasley.

"Have you seen Ginny?" asked Harry.

"Yesterday we did. She is better from what I have heard… but I wish the same could be said about Ron," said Mrs Weasley looking upset, "He walked past us a few minutes ago and didn't say anything… I don't think he recognized us."

Hermione looked at Mrs Weasley sympathetically, "Don't worry Mrs Weasley. I'm sure Professor Dumbledore will find the answer to reversing what has been done."

Mrs Weasley nodded, while Mr Wesley said, "Well you two had best get to breakfast. We'll see you both later."

Harry and Hermione said bye before continuing to the Great Hall.

"Do you honestly think Dumbledore will find an answer?" asked Hermione.

"He hasn't let us down before has he?" replied Harry slipping his hand into Hermione's.


It was at 4am Blaise left Ginny and now he was sitting in the Great Hall eating some pancakes. Draco was beside him chatting to another Slytherin while Pansy was feeling him up under the table.

"Draco can you please put your dog on a leash?" asked Blaise, "Or at least hold her off till you are in private."

Draco sighed and rolled his eyes but said, "Pansy, later okay?"

Pansy nodded and winked before turning to the boy on her other side.

"She has such a sex drive," commented Draco.

"Argh, Draco, please."

Draco smirked, "I'm messing with you man. Anyway did you get the letter from Dumbledore? The whole thing about going to his office after breakfast?"

Blaise nodded, "We'd better go now."

Draco stood with Blaise and both headed out of the Great Hall and made there way to the Headmasters office. Blaise muttered the password and both climbed onto the revolving staircase.

At the top, Dumbledore's office door was open already and both boys could hear chatter inside.

Blaise walked in first followed by Draco.

"Ahh, welcome Mr Zabini and Mr Malfoy," smiled Dumbledore.

"Malfoy?" came Harry's voice, "What is he doing here?"

"He helped," said Blaise quickly.

"With what?" asked Hermione glaring at Draco, who was sneering back.

"Mr Malfoy assisted in helping Mr Zabini capture the person behind Mr Weasley's curse and the attempted of Miss Weasley," said Dumbledore.

"Talking about me?" came a voice from the door.

It was Ginny, followed by Madam Pompfrey.

"Ginny!" cried Mrs Weasley rushing to her daughter, "How are you feeling, dear? Do you need to sit?"

"I'm fine Mum."

"It's good to see you Ginny," said Harry, "But who is the culprit?"

"Macy Slithers," spoke up Blaise.

Dumbledore nodded, "Miss Slithers was jealous of the fact that Mr Zabini was dating Miss Weasley. She wanted to get Miss Weasley away from Mr Zabini and knew that if Mr Weasley found out he could get mad… but she wanted Mr Weasley to be worse than that and sent him a cursed crystal-stone saying it was from an admirer… she knew Mr and Miss Weasley were close. The cursed crystal-stone makes the owner feel the need to control those that important to them, but the curse isn't one that should be used, because if the person doesn't do as the cursed one says they will go to drastic measures to make that person do as they say… in the end the cursed one feels only anger and hate, nothing else… the curse eats away at the person, starting with there personality… than it leads to them not eating… and well they eventually starve to death."

"Then take that thing away from him!" demanded Mr Weasley.

"I'm afraid it is not that simple Arthur," sighed Dumbledore, "Without the crystal-stone Ron will starve for it. He will become more violent and that alone could very well kill your daughter. He will close up from everyone who cares about him and go crazy… again he will either starve himself to death or even kill himself."

"How do you know all this?" asked Ginny, "Did Macy tell you?"

"Miss Slithers only knew the basic facts on the stone. She didn't think it would lead to this. I did some research myself, as did a good friend of ours, Remus Lupin."

"Surely there is something we can do to save Ron?" cried Hermione desperately, "We can't just let him die!"

"There is a way. Myself and Remus both came together last night after I contacted him and we both created a spell, not one to do with a wand, but a chant… but blood will be needed."

"What?" asked Harry confused.

"Let me tell you how it is done. We will need a large space for this, so the Great Hall will need to be cleared. Those who are close to Ron, meaning family and friends will need to stand around Mr Weasley in a circle. He will be angry with us, which is to be expected. Now droplets of blood from everyone doing the chant will need to be in a circle around Ron, with those in the chant standing outside the circle of blood hands joined. Once the circle is formed the chant will begin… do you all understand?"

Everyone nodded.

"So what is this meant to do?" asked Ginny.

"Hopefully it will reverse the curse on Ron and free him from the stone. Than we can destroy it for good."

Ginny nodded, "When are we doing it?"

"Once everyone has finished breakfast. You shall be escorted to the back entrance of the Great Hall as Professor McGonagall will be locking the front entrance."

"Okay… but how will you get Ron inside?"

"I had Dobby slip a sleeping draught into his drink. He should be asleep in his bed now, so I shall send some house elves to bring him to the Great Hall."

Everyone fell silent, though Harry looked at Draco warily. Hermione noticed this and placed a hand on Harry's arm to reassure him. Harry smiled at Hermione than looked at the floor.


Ginny smiled as she watched her two bestfriend's smile at each other. She was startled by a hand on her shoulder and looked behind her.

"Mum, you scared me," said Ginny relieved.

"Ron told me about you and that Zabini boy," replied Mrs Weasley, "I didn't believe him… but obviously he was telling the truth."

"Mum, please don't get angry. I know he is in Slytherin, but I love him and he loves me. Oh that sounded corny…"

Mrs Weasley smiled, "Dear, I can see he does love you. He went through all of this with you."

Ginny nodded as Dumbledore told everyone it was time to head to the Great Hall. Ginny's heart was racing and she gripped onto her mother's hand like a scared little girl. Mrs Weasley smiled at her daughter.

"Everything will be okay. Just think positively," said Mr Weasley from the other side of Ginny, "I just owled Fred, George, Percy, Bill and Charlie by emergency owl. They should be here in a few minutes."

"Good. The more family the better," said Mrs Weasley as they walked down a dark staircase.

Ginny broke away from her parents and made her way over to Blaise and Draco.

"Hey," she said to Blaise, "Hi Malfoy."

Blaise smiled at Ginny and pecked her ton the cheek, while Draco just nodded.

"Listen, Malfoy. I just want to thank you for everything you did. I really appreciate it."

"Just don't think this means we will be friends Weasley," replied Draco.

Ginny smiled, "Wouldn't even think of being your friend, Malfoy."


They arrived at the Great Hall walking in from what they had all presumed to be a large painting of the Hogwarts Crest behind the teacher's table. The front entrance doors were locked and lying on the floor in the middle, where the house tables usually were, was Ron, who was still in a deep slumber. Dumbledore led everyone to the floor as the other Weasley son's slipped in through the painting, followed by McGonagall.

"Now… could you Weasley's stand in a circle, along with Harry and Hermione," said Dumbledore quietly.

The Weasley's, Harry and Hermione stood in a circle around Ron. Dumbledore than gave each other them a pin and a piece of parchment.

"Memorize the chant than prick your finger to make it bleed and than squeeze a drop of blood on the ground in front of you."

Blaise, with Draco, watched as they read the chant over again and again. They than watched as eventually they all pricked there finger and placed a droplet of blood on the ground in front of them.

"Link hands and begin the chant," said Dumbledore walking back to stand beside McGonagall.

"Blind to anger and hate you shall no longer be,

Though cursed you are,

You dream to be free,

No longer attached,

You dream to be free,

To feel love again and to live again,

Be free."

They continued to repeat the chant over and over.

On the third time, Ron woke up looking around wildly, anger evident in his cold eyes. But before he could react a brilliant white light shot out of every drop of blood and connect above Ron.

"Blind to anger and hate you shall no longer be."

Out of Ron's robe pocket came the crystal-stone and flew above Ron to the connected white lights.

"Though cursed you are,

You dream to be free."

What startled Blaise was the cracking noise in the air, the chanting didn't stop. Out of the stone came an image of Ron laughing.

"No longer attached,

You dream to be free."

The image shot back into Ron, knocking him to the ground and making him unconscious.

"To feel love again and to live again,

Be free."

The white lights stopped and disappeared back into the droplets of blood. They all stopped the chanting and looked at Ron unexpectedly as the crystal-stone fell to the ground shattering to pieces than bursting into white-hot flames and melting into nothing.

Everyone gasped as two ghostly figures rose from the melted crystal-stone.

They were the ghosts of Doreen and Marsden Wattlesnake.

"Thankyou," both whispered before diminishing into nothing.

"The curse has ended," said Dumbledore, "And we freed the souls of Doreen and Marsden Wattlesnake."

Mrs Weasley crept over to her still son and knelt beside him, "Is he going to be okay?"

Before Dumbledore could answer Ron stirred and opened his eyes.

"Mum?" he said groggily, "What are you doing here?"

"Oh Ronnie!" she cried, "Your okay! Oh my dear Ronniekins!"

Ron looked startled and confused as Mrs Weasley hugged him and everyone around him started hugging, except for Draco, though he did look a bit happy.


Ron stood up after a few minutes, everything sinking in from over the past few weeks. He looked for Ginny and found her chatting to Blaise, Hermione and Harry. He made his way over to them, getting hugged by his father, Percy, Bill and Charlie along the way.

"Ginny," he said desperately, "I honestly never meant to hurt you… I couldn't stop myself… it was like I was there… but I wasn't."

Ginny smiled, "It's okay. I understand."

Ron smiled and hugged his sister happily.

"So," he said breaking away, "You are dating Zabini?"

Ginny nodded, "He's a great guy Ron and he helped me get through this. In fact he found out who the culprit was… and now the culprit is behind bars at Azkaban."

Ron eyed Blaise, than smiled holding his hand out for Blaise to shake.

Blaise smiled and shook Ron's hand, Ginny beaming happily.

"Treat her good," said Ron warningly.

"Believe me, I would never hurt her," replied Blaise.


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