Disclaimer: I don't own Angel, Faith or any of the characters from the Angel/Buffy series.

A/N: After seeing the episode where Angel helps Faith when she's wanted for murder I always

wondered what they would be like as a couple. Here's my take on it.

Dinner and a Movie

Faith slammed the door, threw her keys on the front table, and collapsed on the

couch. "I had the worst day! First my boss reams me out for being five minutes late and

then I get this sleazy truck driver trying to put his hand up my skirt, so of course I just

'accidentally' dropped a cup a cup of coffee in his lap it didn't do any real damage but

he felt the need to go to the doctor's anyway. Serves him right though."

A voice from the kitchen replied, "How is it you can do things like this on regular

basis and not get fired?"

"There aren't enough people they can get to work in that grease trap for them to

fire anyone unless they almost burned the place down. That's my kind of job security."

There was the sound of laughter as her husband Angel walked into the living room

carrying a stack of take-out menus. "So what do you feel like tonight? Pizza? Greek?

Chinese? Maybe Thai or Indian if you're feeling a little adventurous."

"Well I'm sick of Chinese, I'm not feeling adventurous, we had pizza last night, and

Greek the night before that. What about Mexican? I could go for a fajita."

"Ah, L.A. it has artery-clogging food from every country in the world. What a

fabulous place to live!" he said as he sat next to her on the couch. She picked up the remote,

turned on the TV, and started flipping channels with increasing speed.

"You know I think you're supposed to stop at something and stick with it."

"There's nothing on anyway."

"How can you tell? You're going at lightening speed."

"There's never anything on TV on Wednesdays." she replied.

"Then why did you turn it on in the first place?"

"I want to watch TV I just can't find anything good." she got up and went to the shelf.

"You want to watch a movie?"

"Depends, what movie?" asked Angel, now the one channel surfing.

"Um, Bring It On?"

"Don't make me gag. Although that brown haired girl is kind of cute. What else is


"We Were Soldiers? Alien? Terminator? Dodgeball?"

"No, no, no, and no way on this earth." He said with a look of disgust on his face.

"And you call yourself a guy. All right a chick flick then. Crossing Delancy?"

"That's not such a chick flick, Wesley likes it."

"That's your argument? The man who cried when Shrek married Princess Fiona, yeah

that proves it's not a chick flick." She said sarcastically. She went over to the VCR, put the movie

in and sat on the couch. She rested her head on his chest as he put his arm around her.

"It's a nice story anyway. I wish we could do this more often." He said as he

pressed play on the remote.

"Yeah, if only we could do it every night."