It's nothing.

Part one: This pain. (rewritten as of Jan/25/04)

This doesn't belong to me nothing does... well i guess the words do but not really because someone made up the words...

Drinking out of a glass filled to the rim with wine, crying tears of pain. In a wedding. What kind of wedding was this? She looked at the bride and the groom-to-be and They seemed so very happy in front of everyone. Showing nothing that would stop love they had for each other.

But why was a young lady in a light green dress, sitting alone in the side of a table crying? Painfully she stopped crying, wiped away her tears and went on drinking.

Cagalli Yula Athha was now alone, yearning for the love that she lost. crying at the pain of losing the one she loved the most was almost too much to bear.

"Cagalli! Come on, stop drinking its not good for you." Kira Yamato, Cagalli's twin brother tried to take away the glass of wine that was tightly held in Cagalli's hands. Lacus looked on with pain wondering why would Athrun do something like this to Cagalli off all people. Lacus looked carefully at Athrun Zala and her very much look-a-like Mia Campbell, then to Cagalli who seemed to look a little different.

"Cagalli, is there something that we should know?" Lacus asked as she took the glass out of Cagalli's hand, easy and put it on the table next to her. Cagalli looked at Lacus and sighed: "Its nothing."

Lacus looked at Kira who then both looked at Cagalli worried then nodded.They knew as much as they wanted to know what was wrong with Cagalli, she would play strong and tell them nothing was wrong.

But they both knew that there was more to Athrun marrying Mia that was getting to Cagalli. There was something that killed her slowly.

"A toast to the future Mr. and Mrs. Zala." Someone cried loudly. Cagalli covered her ears in much pain, not wanting to hear a word of people talking around her.

"Thank you very much." The sweet voice that sounded very much like Lacus said in a angel like whisper. That was Mia, the girl that give PLANT hope in Lacus' place. Cagalli knew that Mia was a pure as she looked. Nothing was wrong with her, she wasn't hateful but she was a wonderful girl that Athrun fell in love and left Cagalli.

"I don't know a lot of Athrun's friends but I do hope all of them will be kind to me and we will all become good friends and see how much I love Athrun." Mia anxiously wanting to be a part of the family that once only the four of them where in. Then Cagalli once again wiped away her tears and looked at the couple. She felt a great pang in her heart as Athrun put his hand around Mia's waist.

He looked happy, very happy.

More happy then he would have been with Cagalli. Or that less what Cagalli thought over and over again in her mind.

She looked at the ring on her finger.

"Lets have our wonderful couple have a little dance together."

There it started playing. ' At the beginning.' So much meaning in one silly song. Cagalli looked down at her fingers again. Couldn't bearing to look at the two.

We were stranger / Starting out on a journey / Never dreaming / What we'd have to go through / Now here we are / And I'm suddenly standing / At the beginning with you/

Kira looked at Lacus worried, its not if they didn't want Athrun to be with Mia. If Athrun was happy they where happy but it seemed that Athrun didn't think of what would happen to Cagalli, sure she had a great will power but it would only go so far. In the past she had depended on Athrun for someone to cry on, someone to talk too, but now she only had Kira and Lacus to come to when she need to be with family.

No one told me / I was going to find you / Unexpected / What you did to my heart / When I lost hope / You were there to remind me / This is the start/

"Stop it Cagalli." She said to herself. Covering her ears but the lyrics of the song sang out to her. Louder then ever.

Life is a road / And I want to keep going / Love is a river / I wanna keep flowing / Life is a road / Now and forever / Wonderful journey/

' The journey ended the day you gave me the ring. ' Cagalli thought as she drank more wine, her face turning a deep red as she watched Athrun dance with Mia. He looked over to Cagalli but she turned her head trying not to look weak. He looked back to Mia sadly.

"Is Cagalli coming?" Athrun asked as the three sat down. He began looking at the orange wild flowers that was right in the middle of the table. Kira sighed looking at them.

"Yes, I know she doesn't want to, but she is." Kira whispered.

"Her favorite flowers." Athrun whispered moving the petals with his fingers.

Kira looked at Athrun, Lacus looked at Kira worried.

"Why!? Why are you doing this to her?! Do you know how much pain she is in right now? Do you know how many nights she spends crying over you?" Kira asked explaining how Cagalli was acting the past couple of days after Athrun told her: he was getting married. His only real blood family that he had left in the world was in pain from his own friend.

"Kira..." Lacus took Kira's hand.

"I know that, But it wasn't met to be." Athrun whispered, still looking painfully at the orange flowers.

I'll be there / When the world stops turning / I'll be there / When the storm is through / In the end I wanna be standing / At the beginning with you./

"Athrun what's wrong?" Mia asked putting her hand onto his cheek. Athrun smiled at her.

"Its nothing."

We were strangers / On a crazy adventure / Never dreaming / How our dreams would come true / Now here we stand / Unafraid of the future / At the beginning with you/

"Look at them, what a couple. I know that Athrun's father would have been happy." Voices could be heard talking about the couple all around Cagalli.

"Cagalli do you want to leave?" Kira asked putting his hand on Cagalli's shoulder.

"No I want to stay."

Life is a road / And I want to keep going / Love is a river / I wanna keep flowing / Life is a road / Now and forever / Wonderful journey/

"Wonderful journey my ass." Cagalli whispered sipping her wine and slammed the glass onto the table. Lacus and Kira didn't know what to do so they walked up to the dance floor and began dancing. But they couldn't keep on looking at Cagalli worried.

I'll be there / When the world stops turning / I'll be there / When the storm is through / In the end I wanna be standing / At the beginning with you./

"Athrun you love me right?" Cagalli asked looking at Athrun, her fingers in his. He bowed down and kissed her.

"Forever and ever, from the first time I met you, I loved you and I know we will be with be together, forever." Athrun whispered. Cagalli laughed and tightly hugged Athrun.

"I love you, Athrun."

I knew there was somebody somewhere / Like me alone in the dark / Now I know my dream will live on / I've been waiting so long / Nothings gonna tear us apart/

"Lies all lies." Cagalli began laughing softly into her empty glass.

Life is a road / And I want to keep going / Love is a river / I wanna keep flowing / Life is a road / Now and forever / Wonderful journey/

"Three years.....together, and you give it all up for six months with a girl." Cagalli whispered. She felt like she was beginning to lose it. She couldn't take it anymore, she wanted to leave and never see them ever again.

I'll be there / When the world stops turning / I'll be there / When the storm is through / In the end I wanna be standing / At the beginning with you/

"Kira, Lacus i'm leaving." Cagalli said walking slowly up to them. She couldn't let the people around them know that the Orb's princess was weak and got drunk over a guy.

"Cagalli! Your drunk we're driving you home." Lacus asked putting her hand on Cagalli. She looked down to her high heels.

"Stay if you want to I can get a taxi." Cagalli said smiling feeling weak.

"No its getting a little boring anyways we'll drive you home." Kira said. "Lacus, I'll get the stuff wait outside okay?" He finished. Lacus smiled and nodded walking Cagalli out the door.

Life is a road and I wanna keep going / Love is a river I wanna keep going on.... / Starting out on a journey /Life is a road and I wanna going / Love is river I wanna keep flowing / In the end I wanna be standing / At the beginning with you......

"Athrun, she's drunk. We're leaving, good night." Kira said coldly but yet politely to Athrun as the song finished.

"Wait I need to talk to Cagalli, Mia can you wait?" Athrun said putting his hand on Mia arm. She nodded with a cheerful smile as Athrun and Kira walked out the door.

"CAGALLI!" They heard Lacus scream.

Kira and Athrun ran out the door to find Cagalli on the ground her head hit on the ground and was bleeding from the head but her head wasn't the only place bleeding.

"Cagalli why are you bleeding down there?" Athrun asked shocked, all the blood coming out of his face.

Movie: Anastasia

Artist: Richard Marx and Donna Lewis

Song: At the Beginning

hehehehe my like 3rd Cagalli/Athrun fic? yeah thats the fake lacus Mia Campbell... i was out of ideas for who for it to be. i swear people are going to flame me for putting in Mia but hey its not like i made her evil.

oh yeah i remember that there was a fiction about Athrun and Lacus getting married and Kira and Cagalli was all upset. i tried not to make it the same as that fiction. its based mostly on Cagalli and Athrun and Cagalli doesn't go sleeping with and one. ok? OK!

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