It's Nothing.

Final Chapter: Under the cherry blossoms

Koi wo shite owari wo tsuge / Chikau koto wa kore ga saigo no HEARTBREAK / Sakura sae kaze no naka de / Yurete yagate hana wo sakasu yo / (Falling in love, saying goodbye With a vow that this is the last heartbreak Even the cherry tree, swaying in the wind Will eventually blossom)

"Your not going to die, Cagalli. I'm not going to lose you ever again. Wake up..." Athrun desperately whispered into Cagalli's pale ear, as he held onto her hand tightly, not wanting to ever let go.

There in the small, quiet white room of the hospital, flowers, and get well cards covered the tables of the room. Cagalli lying on the hospital bed, not moving, her hands cold and her face pale. The light beeps of the machine where the only thing making a noise.

It had be two days after the event of the wedding in the church. Cagalli was now in a coma with no sign of waking, Yuuna was now locked up in jail, and Athrun didn't know what what was going to happen to Cagalli. Was she going to live or not.

But he kept holding onto Cagalli's hand, Day and night, not letting go, not sleeping. Athrun sat next to Cagalli. Not giving up, not losing hope. Athrun knew that Cagalli wouldn't give up too. She was too strong, more stronger then Athrun.

Kira and Lacus sat alone outside the white hospital room, waiting. They both chouldn't sleep after what had happened.

"It's been two days, Cagalli don't you think it's time to wake up?" Athrun's voice was cracked, his eyes where red and blood shot.

Furidashita natsu no ame ga / Namida no yoko wo tootta sutto / Omoide to DABURU eizou / Aki no DORAMA no saihousou/ (The summer rain that started to fall gently streaked past my tears Images that resemble memories Autumn's drama reruns)

"Cagalli!" Athrun screamed, running over to the limp body. Cagalli's once white dress was not all covered in blood. Tears began to fall from Athrun's eyes and falling onto Cagalli's dress. He put his arms around the body of the princess. "Cagalli.." He could barely speak.

Lacus gasped,shivers ran up her spine, Kira got up from the stand and ran up to Yuuna. Who was standing looking incredibly clam.

"If she dies, I will rip you apart and kill you, slowly." Kira grasping onto Yunna's shirt, hissed. Yunna laughed and put the gun to Kira's neck.

"Don't make me kill you too." Yuuna smirked but Kira didin't let go.


Once again a loud shot could be heard echoing in the grand church. Yuuna turned around and saw Athrun, standing up and holding onto a gun. Solders ran in and pointed their gun's at Yuuna, his arm that once held a gun was all bloody. Lacus ran up to Kira and hugged him tightly, crying.

Athrun turned around and saw Cagalli laying on the floor. Slamming the gun to the ground, Athrun began to crying loudly.

Athrun laying his head on the bed fell slowly into a deep dreamless sleep. Kira and Lacus walked in a stopped in their steps. They had seemed to walk into what looked Romeo and Juliet. Athrun's head on top of the side of the bed. Tears falling out of his eyes.

Kira and Lacus slowly picked Athrun up and walked out the hospital. A day passed by slowly inside the house by the sea. The children still played near the sea as Kira and Lacus sat outside looking at them.

"Do you think Cagalli is going to live? Truly Lacus. I'm starting to give up hope." Kira whispered, his voice sounded like it was going to fail at him at any time. Lacus put her head onto Kira's shoulder and smiled softly.

"Nothing will stop Cagalli, she stronger then any of us. She will live." Lacus whispered, over and over again in her mind she wanted to believe it was true. That everything will be fine in the end. But why did it seem that was going to happen.

Doushite onaji you na PANCHI / Nando mo kuracchaun da / Sore demo mata tatakaun darou / Sore ga inochi no fushigi (Why have I suffered Almost the same blows such countless times? But even so, I'll probably fight again That is one of life's mysteries)

The light of day slowly turned into night with the stars twinkling in the dark cloudless sky, as the sun began to rise once again for a new day with start. Everything a new beginning. The light from the sun began to shine down, drapes that where not covering the window let the rays of light flash down onto the pillow and slowly began hitting Athrun's face.

Wincing at the light, Athrun put his hand over his eyes and opened his eyes slowly. He looked around and noticed the this was the room he was in earlier. Getting out of the bed he looked at the clock and sighed.

6:30am, it would at less two hours to get to the hospital from the house by the sea. Getting out of bed he walked to the bathroom and took a hot shower trying to not worry what may have happened to Cagalli while he was here sleeping.

Lacus waking up got out of bed and began to make breakfast. The miso soup was on the table next to bowl with rice and eggs.

"You better eat something before you leave." Lacus smiled at Athrun as he was about to walk out the door. Athrun looked at Lacus. She was still wearing her pj's but with a apron over it and with a tired look over her face. Athrun only nodded and walked into the kitchen behind Lacus. He sat in front of the food and began eating.

No one said a word as Athrun ate, they didn't need to say a word. It was fine the way it was. Lacus could understand Athrun's feelings, it was better for not a word to be said. Putting the spoon down Athrun smiled.

Koi wo shite subete sasage / Negau koto wa kore ga saigo no HEARTBREAK / Sakura sae toki no naka de / Yurete yagate hana wo sakasu yo / (Falling in love, giving it everything With a wish that this is the last heartbreak Even the cherry tree, swaying through time Will eventually blossom)

"Thank you." Athrun smiled at Lacus and walked out the door getting into his car. Athrun began a two hour drive to Cagalli.

Her breathing grew harder and slowly, she began slipping away into darkness. Athrun ran next to her and put her onto his lap. Everyone in the church made a small cry of pain.

"Cagalli, Cagalli... wake up.." Athrun cried out. Lacus put her face into Kira's shoulder as he held onto Lacus tightly kept looking at his sister.

"Athrun.." Cagalli's eyes opened,weakly and smiled. Slowly putting her hand onto Athrun's face. Tears started falling freely from Cagalli's eyes.

"Cagalli, don't give up. Please don't give up. I love you...Cagalli. I love you!" Athrun whispered putting his face into her shoulder.

"I...Love you too." Cagalli whispered before she closed her eyes.

"Cagalli...CAGALLI!" Athrun made a cry, Cagalli made no answer. Her eyes closed shut and her breathing away getting slower. Everyone that was sitting looking at the events that where unfolding ran to the princess and only from a far the sounds of sirens got louder.

Kurikaesu kisetsu no naka de / Kutsu ga surihetteku motto/ (In the revolving seasons My shoes are wearing out, more and more)

Athrun quickly as he could ran up the stairs of the hospital, with no signs of stopping. Looking at the numbers pass by him as he went higher and higher. Level one, level two, level three, level five. (skipped four because its bad luck in japanese and chinese. sounds like dead.) level six, level seven. He opened the door and ran into the little hall and opened the door only to find the window open and the bed empty. Only a nurse moving a chair away.

"Where is she!" Athrun asked, a little too loudly. The nurse looked at him with fear in her eyes. From the day that Cagalli came to the hospital and this newly out of school nurse was working on this floor of the hospital she was always scared of Athrun and no one knew why.

"Shes. .. shes ... outside in.. in in the gardens.. Zala-san." She mumbled. Athrun looked at the nurse with disbelief.

"Representative Athha woke up?" Athrun asked his voice filled with disbelief and joy at the very same time.

"Yes sir, the representative is very much awake." The nurse said, calming down a bit.

"Thank you." Athrun, bowed deeply and ran out the door, leaving the poor nurse to only wonder in semi-fear and go back working.

Kata no chikara nuite / Kako wa dokoka ni shimatte oke / Koko kara sou tookunai darou / Mita koto mo nai keshiki / (Let go the tension in your shoulders So you can seal away the past somewhere From here they're probably not too far Sceneries you haven't even seen)

Athrun, showing no signs of being tired from running up and down the stairs ran out the glass doors and into a huge garden filled with every flower he could think of. Without thinking he ran in a part where it was covered with orange flowers of all kinds. Running a little slower he saw someone still alone on a bench. Her hair was blown back, wearing a robe. Sitting looking deep into space.

"Cagalli." Athrun whispered with a smile.

Her head went up and she turned around. Cagalli's bright orange eyes looked into Athrun's green eyes.

"Athrun." Cagalli smiled and looked at him calmly and was about to get up from her seat but Athrun ran to Cagalli stopping her.

Tomaranai mune no itami / Koete motto kimi ni chikazukitai yo / Hitomawari shite wa modori / Aoi sora wo zutto tesaguri / (I want to overcome the ceaseless pain in my chest And become closer to you have wandered about once and returned Always grasping for the blue sky)

"Your alive." Athrun picked up Cagalli and begun hugging her tightly, tears began to form in his eyes. "I never thought I would see you ever again." Cagalli too had tears forming in her eyes and hugged Athrun back.

"Athrun..." was all she could say. Nothing more was needed to be said. They where together again. Under the cherry blossoms and a clear blue sky.

Koi wo shite owari wo tsuge / Chikau koto wa kyou ga saisho no GOOD DAY / Sakura made kaze no naka de / Yurete sotto kimi ni te wo nobasu yo / (Falling in love, saying goodbye With a vow that today's the first good day Everything, even the cherry tree, swaying in the wind Softly reaches out toward you)

The sun just had slowly started to set on the beach. The house sat to the side and a couple looked at each other deeply. Whispering "I love you" so softly that they could only hear it.

In front of them was a crowed of people sitting on wooden stairs sit back, tears falling from their eyes smiling that finally the lovers had found peace and happiness.

Suki de suki de dou shiyou mo nai / Sore to kore to wa kankei nai... ( I love you I love you, it can't be helped That has nothing to do with this...)

"You are now husband and wife.. you may now kiss the bride."

Slowly they kissed the kissed that they waited so long for. The first kiss as husband and wife. The sweet kiss to a new life together, a new family, and a new beginning.

Athrun Zala put his hand on Cagalli Yula Attha Zala's stomach and smiled at her calmly whispering into her ear. "I love you my dearest wife." Cagalli smiled at Athrun and hugged him, her long white dress dragging into the sand.

"I love you too, my dearest husband."

Once again kissing, Cagalli whispered into Athrun's ear.

"I hope you will love someone other then me."

Athrun looked at Cagalli confused.

"What do you mean?" Athrun asked about to let go of Cagalli's hand. He could never think about loving anyone other then Cagalli.

"Well..." Cagalli slowly took Athrun's hand and put it onto her stomach. Athrun looked at Cagalli with bewildered eyes.

"Really?" Athrun asked unsure if Cagalli was only lying.

"Really." Cagalli let out a small giggle and Athrun pulled Cagalli up in a tight hug and wouldn't let go. Laughing Athrun put his hand onto Cagalli's stomach and kissed it.

"This has to be the best day of my life."

"It better be." Cagalli laughed. Before they kissed each other with no sign of stopping.

About two years later, Athrun put a picture down next to a pair of baby shoes and smiled at it. The first picture was of their wedding and the other was a picture of Cagalli, Athrun and a little boy."

"How does it look?" Athrun asked the baby that was playing with a little Haro which was saying: "Are you happy?" The baby made a giggle as he looked at his father and went back to playing with the Haro ball.

"Athrun! how many Haros have you made already for him? Stop spoiling him!" Cagalli laughed as she walked into the room picking up Haro ball's laying randomly on the ground.

"About ten, I see nothing wrong with that." Athrun said proudly of his hard work.

"Please, no more." Cagalli made a small cry. Athrun walked up to her and kissed her on the cheek them moved down to her stomach and kissed it.

"What about for her?" Athrun asked putting his hand onto her stomach.

"We will see when the time comes and how do you know so sure that its going to be a girl? May be its another little boy." Cagalli asked Athrun putting both her onto her hips.

"Because one good little boy for me and one hot headed little girl for you!" Athrun said all knowingly.

Laughing Cagalli put her arms around Athrun's neck and kissed him.

"What was that for?" Athrun asked, as he put his arms around her shoulder.

"Thats for coming back." Cagalli said softly, the a look of pain crossed her face.

"What is it?" Athrun asked worried.

"My water broke!"

So here is where the story finishes, well the life of Cagalli and Athrun goes on, after having a little girl and then a couple of years later having twins joining the family. Orb was in order again with Athrun by Cagalli's side. Kira and Lacus married a couple of months before Athrun and Cagalli did having also twins, a boy and a girl. Then later having a little girl. Their life's was everything they ever hoped for and more.

In many ways they lived happily ever after.


Sakura DORAPPUSU; Sakura Drops

Utada Hikaru

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