My very first story as the name FoxDemonYouko590…..YAY!!!!

VAMPIRE STORY be warned…..and SLASH!!!

Draco vampire that needs his mates blood to survive after age 16

Harry Draco's mate, but doesn't know it yet…

Chapter 1

"Son! You have to calm down in order for your wings to grow out properly." Lucius yelled at Draco causing to flinch at his fathers' harsh tone.

Yup. Draco Lucius Malfoy is a vampire. Starting at age 16 he has to grow fangs, ears, wings, and long nails.

"Father i-it hu-urts so bad!" Draco said trying to suppress his uncontrollable sobs.

Draco's head was laid on his mothers' lap; she was trying to comfort her son as much as she could but not doing a good job.

"Draco, honey, you have to calm down. Look your teeth are already going fangs and your wings-oh your wings are so beautiful so far. Silver and green, your favorite colors." Narcissa said

"Alright mother I'll try." The Slytherin prince said laying his arms on his mother's stomach, almost in a cat-like manor.

Later on

When the process was over Draco had long, blonde hair down to his neck, dark green wings that shone in the moonlight and fangs that could hurt anything in its way.

"Oh my Draco, your gorgeous…absolutely smashing." Narcissa said in her clear English accent.

"Mother, I'm not normal." Malfoy stated wearily "You are for a Malfoy." his mom said

"But I'm a wizard and a vampire." "Draco, I need to tell you something important. I'm sorry to tell you this, but you need to find a mate…right away." Mrs. Malfoy explained

"Why?" "Because that's who you have to get blood from, someone who will willing to give you their blood. And you can't stay in sunlight or go on Holy grounds. If you do you will either be burnt severely or die. You need to be careful." she said

"How do I know who is my mate?" Draco asked intently

"You will know when you look into his/her eyes!" " You mean it could be a guy?" he asked hopefully(A/N: If you didn't figure it out Draco is gay.)

"Of course, it could be. I know that you are who you are and I support your sexuality.

"I love you, ma." Draco said

End chapter 1

I like this story. It's better than my other ones.

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