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Disclaimer- I don't own Yugioh, or Yuyu Hakusho, or Princess Tutu. But the Narrator, Meep, Fuzz, Stump Whip and the Millennium Smoothie Machine are all mine. xD

Chapter Thirty Four- Girly Man

Once upon a time… there was an authoress who wrote a fanfiction. She wrote many many chapters and had many many faithful reviewers. However, near a plot twist in her tale, she fell into a depression… and developed an unalterable writer's block for several months…

Once the stresses in her life were lifted, she felt as though she should write again… BUT the real question is: should she really have taken up her pen again?

Bakura was brushing himself off after he had reached the parallel dimension of color. He scoffed at the Narrator, "She types, dummy. She doesn't need a pen."

Fuzz flew in next to him, with Meep in tow, "Hm… not very smart, is he?"


Pegasus stood near the group, pondering, "I believe she's trying to relieve herself by being more psychological in her writing and by making things represent other things…" He shrugged, "And maybe she's also watched too much Princess Tutu."

Bakura made a face, "Bleh, too much girly stuff." He grinned, "We need manly things!"

"Yeah!" shouted Fuzz, "Like pie!"

"And toons!" added Pegasus.

"An' fwowas!" agreed Meep.

Bakura stood with his mouth slightly ajar for a few minutes, just staring. Sweatdropping, he said, "Maybe we should just look for Hiei."

Fuzz looked elated, "Yes! The sooner we can find him, the sooner we can get out of this place!" Fuzz began flying off, when Pegasus called out to him.

Pegasus held up his hand, "Wait! We all have to go together, Fuzz-boy! If we don't, we'll probably be attacked by the evil, the chaotic, the colorful monsters that I placed here!"

"What!" Fuzz screamed, shocked.

"You actually put monsters in here? Like, monsters that we need to fight if we want to live and complete our mission?" asked Bakura.

Pegasus nodded, "Yup. Those kinds of monsters."

As Bakura was thinking over and over in his head about how inconsiderate and mental Pegasus was, the group was approached by… a tree.

Bakura groaned, "No way! I'm not fighting another tree!"

Meep looked confused, "Anofer?"

Pegasus handed Meep the script, "Chapter eleven."

Bakura growled, "Come on over here, stupid tree!"

The odd looking tree, which basically resembled a stump of a tree with many whips like Kurama and Meep's rose whips sticking out of his head, 'walked' towards Bakura.

"I am STUMP WHIP!" yelled the tree.

Bakura rolled his eyes, "Your mom really wasn't that creative with you, now was she?"

"Don' you be insultin' meh momma!" the tree reached out and grabbed Pegasus and Meep in its coils.

Fuzz frowned, "Bakura… why'd you have to do that?"

Bakura just looked at Fuzz with a face saying 'it-seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time' and 'I'm-going-to-go-fight-that-thing-now-and-shall-possibly-kill-that-Narrator-too-if he-keeps-reading-my-facial-expressions'.

Bakura whipped out the Millennium Smoothie Machine and hit the non-flouf button, "Go Smoothie Mix of DOOM!"

Bakura was quite surprised when his smoothie machine merely sputtered a little and shot a tiny bit of smoothie at the tree, which it easily dodged. Pegasus looked at Bakura's face, which said 'what-the-heck,-why-didn't-my-attack-work' and 'if-you-did-something-to-this-world,-like-keeping-people-in-it-from-using-shadow-magic-I'll-give-you-a-thousand-years-of-pain-right-after-I've done-away-with-that-idiot-Narrator'.

Pegasus nodded sadly, "Yes, it's true! I made it so that shadow magic cannot be used in this realm! At the time, it seemed like a good idea! So please, please, please save me from this thing!" He then sobbed in a very un-manly manner.

Bakura tossed his Millennium items to the side, "Drat. Looks like I'll need to beat this thing with my bare hands. That's the manly way of doing things!"

Bakura ran at Stump Whip and tried several times to grapple him to the ground, but to no avail. Stump Whip threw him every which way and even managed to hit Fuzz with him. It looked like things were completely hopeless.

Fuzz pulled himself out from under Bakura, "I'll say. It doesn't look like we have ANY kind of power to use against this thing…"

Bakura dramatically dragged himself off the ground, "No… I must… beat this thing…" he heaved a sigh, "…for Hiei… He's counting on me…"

Pegasus shed a tear, "Oh, Bakura-boy… I never knew that you were so emotional…"

Bakura paused in his speech, "I said not to call me that anymore!" He slipped back into his emotional moment, "I… have to win now… for Hiei's sake! Green Morph Up!"

Bakura slipped into his transformation and became the great magical girl-

"I'm not a girl!" Bakura hissed as he exited his transformation sequence, now clad in short forest green overalls, a lime green tank top and, naturally, green rabbit paws, ears and tail.

-er, magical guy of color world, Funny Bunny Green!

Fuzz sweatdropped, "And here I thought that you were supposed to be the manliest of all of us, Bakie-kun."

Bakura grimaced, "Yeah, I thought so too…" He put on his serious face and pointed at the evil Stump Whip, "But this is for Hiei!" He selflessly ran at the monster with his weapon in hand, "Manga Carrot Top Cyclone!"

Bakura's weapon sliced through Stump Whip in a very cheesy non-violent, kiddy way. Stump Whip disintegrated in an array of Technicolor light and Meep and Pegasus were freed.

"Meep!" Meep shuddered and ran to Fuzz for some mutual hair clone comfort.

"Ahh!" Pegasus stretched his arms before hopping about excitedly, "I wonder if that outfit of yours comes in my size, Bakura-boygirl!"

Bakura shuddered in his short green overalls, "I hope not…"

Our heroes are out of the woods for now, or at least out of the tree, but can they keep it together long enough to save Hiei? And what's with Bakura and his alter ego of Funny Bunny Green? You'll have to wait until the next exciting installment for Smoothie!