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The Choices That We Make

Chapter One: Arrival and Planning


Aoshi's POV

"To all of our passengers, please buckle your seatbelts as we are about to take off."

The electronic voice droned out throughout all of the speakers. Fellow passengers rushed to get to their seats and buckled up as instructed.

All this I watched with emotionless eyes, my mouth quirked up in amusement.

I shifted my gaze to stare out at the window to my left. However, the white and grey buildings of the airport disinterested me quickly so I took out my laptop and opened the lid.

A frown made its way across my lips as I noticed that I have no new email messages as of the moment.

Well, nothing significant that is.

Swiftly, I deleted all of the junk mail I had received before I flip my laptop shut and put it away.


Aoshi's POV

It was already two hours after the plane has lifted off.

I shuffled in my seat; gripping my fists tightly on the soft fabric of my slacks. A fresh rush of anxiety coupled with excitement tumbled over me like waves crushing against the rocky surface of a high cliff.

Amidst my jumbled feelings; I couldn't help but give a soft scoff at my current state. If everyone I knew could've seen me this way now…well, they'll probably laugh their heads off.

After all, it wasn't everyday that people get to see me, the normally aloof and cool 'Ice King' act like a nervous, randy teenager on his first date.

But, if anyone else was in my position, I am sure that he would've been in the same state as I am now.

"More tea Mr. Shinomori?" asked a voice beside me.

I turned, hiding my slight surprise, to find that it was the flight stewardess. She was looking at me with an emotion I truly despised in anyone else but hers'.

Adoration and, if he was not mistaken, perhaps a hint of lust as well.

I tossed her a glare dark enough for her to get the point to leave me alone. The huge smile sewed on her face turned into a frown and I watched with self-satisfaction as she walked away and went to bother someone else.

However, I caught a few words she was muttering under her breath.

"Idiotic….good for nothing…how rude! I hope he stains his expensive clothes…that would teach him."

I merely shrugged it off. I didn't care what she thought of me, nor do I care about my clothes.

The only thing I cared about right now is her.

After all of these years apart; I can finally see her again. My childhood friend, my high school sweetheart…



Kaoru's POV


I bumped my head against the top of my locker in surprise as I heard my name being called.

"Ouch…" I groaned as I rubbed the sore spot somewhere in my scalp.

Kami, I hope that it won't leave a bruise…for Fuuko's sake.

I turned around; being careful not to hit my head on anything else; to meet with amused dark brown eyes.

I tossed her a glare. "What do you want Fuuko?"

Fuuko flicked her long violet hair behind her and placed her hands on her hips. "Well someone's in a sour mood…"

I rolled my eyes but then I sighed. "Sorry for snapping at you Fuuko. It's just that the old bat surprised us with another unannounced pop quiz today."

The look on Fuuko's face seemed as though she had eaten something nasty. "Ehh, Hatsumo-sensei? She's a nightmare! I'm really glad that I didn't get her class this year."

She paused for a while, as if to gather her thoughts, before she continued. "But it's not like you'll flunk. You're a damn genius! Plus, Hatsumo-sensei seemed to like you."

I felt my face scrunched up in distaste. "Well the feeling's not mutual…I hate it that she seems to pick me to recite every time, like I'm an attention-starved teacher's pet…"

Fuuko had a gleam in her eyes. "Well…I don't know about the teacher's pet part but the attention-starved seemed pretty close to home."

I whacked the other girl with my rather large Philosophy book. Fuuko crossed her arms to shield herself from my attacks.

"I am not an attention-seeker!" I cried out in protest.

This time, it was Fuuko's turn to roll her eyes.

"Well, you got to admit that you're a socialite." She said.

By then, my face's turned an angry red. "What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing…it just means that you work too hard, you know. You've got to lay off on some of the extracurricular activities." Fuuko replied.

The violet-haired girl began to count off using her fingers. "Let's see…You're the president of the kendo club…"

"Vice-president Fuuko," I stressed out the word as I turned my back to pack my books into my bag.

Fuuko continued as if I hadn't interrupted at all. "You're also the Chairman of the Music Community, a counselor of the Student Government, the President of the Archery and Gymnastics Clubs and…"

I cut off Fuuko by placing my hand against the other girl's mouth.

A small grin etched upon my lips as I glanced at my long-time friend knowingly.

"Alright, I get your point." I told her.

"I do need to take it easy, don't I?"

Fuuko's brown eyes twinkled merrily and I let my hand go limp and freed her mouth.

"Well not exactly," She told me a little while later as the two of us walked down the hallway.

"However, you barely have some free time for yourself." Fuuko pointed out. "Why don't you say we head for a little night-cap later on?"

Fuuko said the last part with a wink. I smiled at my friend in amusement. Fuuko was always a party girl and one would often find her at the hottest bars and clubs in town with her boyfriend.

"Maybe," I told her.

A stray lock of my raven hair covered my face due to the breeze that started to pick up. Gingerly, I brushed it aside as I added.

"But I'm not making any promises, alright?"


Aoshi's POV

I tapped my foot to rid myself of the numbness of my leg.

I cursed underneath my breath. Damn stupid jet lag.

Looking up I spied my driver not far from where I was and made my way towards him.

I could feel all eyes staring upon my person as I walked but I simply ignored them, having grown quite used to it.

Haven't these nosy buffoons got anything else to do except gawk?

"Ah, Shinomori-san I presume?" The driver, a semi-bald man who looked to be in his late forties, asked me as I reached him.

I gave him a blank look and nodded my head curtly to show that I am.

The man grinned, showing rows of blindingly white teeth that I knew was bleached. He put down the sign that had my name written on it in Japanese and moved to open the limousine door.

Wordlessly, I bent my knees and slide inside.

The driver closed the door after me and went to the back to open the trunk and put my luggage inside. After some time, I glanced at the review mirror to see that the older man was finished and was about to make his way to the driver seat.

As he turned up the engine, curiosity got the better of me and I asked him in Japanese tongue.

"What is your name?"

To some, my question would've seemed rude but I was never one to beat around the bush.

The driver glanced at me from the review mirror for a while before he smiled and titled the piece of glass, perhaps to get a better look at his passenger.

"Natsuo's my name, Shinomori-san." He answered back in Japanese.

Natsuo grinned at me as the limo pulled out of the driveway and into the street.

"And yes, I do speak English as well." The older man added.


Natsuo's POV

I smothered a chuckle as I saw the younger man behind me raise an eyebrow and gave me a look that says I-don't-care.

Now I understood what Alfred told me about the young master of the household.

I stole a quick peek once more at the ebon-haired man to see that he was looking with mild interest at the scenery from one of the limo's tinted windows.

Aoshi Shinomori. The handsome, dashing, and debonair heir to the multi-billionaire company Shinomori Inc.

And quite the ladies' man he is as well. Not that he's a player mind you but the females can't seem to get enough of him either way.

What with his ebon hair and blue-green eyes that seem to pierce into your very soul, not to mention a lithe yet muscular body as well, it's not a wonder why the women flocked over to him.

Not to mention that he's smart to boot. The man graduated from the toughest and highest acknowledged college with honors in Business Management and Law.

Also, being the master of his family's sword-style only increased his appeal to all of the ladies and a few gay men as well.

I shook my head. The man has it all.

Money. Looks. Brains and Brawn.

The only problem is that Aoshi Shinomori has one tiny flaw…He's an iceberg, so to speak.

No one and I do mean no one has ever been able to melt the barriers around the young man's heart.

I paused.

Well there is this one girl whom Yumiko mentioned about before…

"I suggest you stop your looking and concentrate on the road before we get into an accident." The young man's cold voice broke me from my thoughts.

I spared a blush as I turned my gaze back towards the path before me.

How embarrassing…I hope he's not going to think that I'm a homo or something…

Kami. My wife would kill me.


Aoshi's POV

Idiots. They're all the same.

I grunted as I saw that the nosy driver had finally turned his attention back on the road.

Of course I knew what was going through his mind. I wasn't born yesterday.

I scowled deeply.

I hate it when the tabloids spread another story about how rich or famous I am, don't they get satisfied with burying their noses in other people's business yet?

I don't want their attention; I never craved to be in the center of the limelight.

I caught sight of a familiar park as we passed by and I smiled as a flash of my earlier memories started to play like a small movie in my mind.


An adorable six-year old girl with raven hair tied in a high ponytail watched with sapphire-gem eyes as a nine-year-old boy with unruly dark hair and blue-green eyes helped her up.

The girl thanked the boy and dusted the sand off of her pink dress.

Shyly, she looked up and gave the boy a friendly smile.

Seeing the way the girl's face brighten up, the boy unwarily gave a smile of his own.

"Thank you." The girl said.

Then she smiled again and the boy thought then that there was nothing more beautiful then her smile.

"My name's Kaoru, what's yours?"

"Ah…My name's Aoshi…."

(end flashback)

"Anno, Shinomori-san." Natsuo's voice broke my thoughts.

I glared at the other man with a bitter smile on my lips.

"What?" I asked him, not caring how harsh my tone of voice is at the moment.

Natsuo nervously replied.

"We're here already."


Kaoru's POV

I tapped my pencil idly as I sighed for what seemed like the umpteenth time today.

Just then, my seatmate hissed to get my attention and held out to me a closed note as I glanced at her direction.

Reaching out a hand to take it, I thanked her before I turned my gaze towards the small piece of paper in my hands. Curious, I opened the note and slowly began to read the contents.


Heard from Tokiya and the others that we're going bar-hopping tonight, are you coming along as well?


I looked up at Kenshin who was five seats away from me. The redhead waved at me and gave me a knowing wink.

He mouthed out something and I raised an eyebrow in confusion. I looked down again at the note and saw that he had scribbled a few words below the original note.

Come on, it'll be fun. Don't be such a killjoy.

I glanced up at Kenshin to see him smirking and I resisted the urge to stick my tongue out at him. Instead, I contended in rolling my eyes instead.

Hurriedly, I scribbled down my answer and handed the note back to my seatmate. I watched as the piece of paper was passed on until it reached Kenshin.

The redhead raised an eyebrow as he took it and opened it. A smirk played across his lips as he read my response.

Unfortunately, the professor noticed this as she turned around to face us.

"What is so funny, Himura-san?" She asked Kenshin.

Without waiting for a reply, Hatsumo-sensei had moved over to my redheaded friend and snatched the note from him.

Her already wrinkled and ancient face scrunched up a bit as she read the contents. After a while, she looked disapprovingly from Kenshin to me and back again.

"Himura-san, Kamiya-san," Her voice was as croaked as a frog's. "I would be so ever thankful if you two would discuss your private affairs outside of the classroom."

A wave of snickers followed Hatsumo-sensei's comment and my cheeks grew hot all of the sudden and I wanted to slide down my seat and just disappear.

I groaned as my other classmates snickered even more whilst Kenshin appeared unfazed, though I could've sworn that there was a touch of pink in his cheeks as well.

Obviously, they had noticed the ripe tomato that was my face.


to be continued

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