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If this does not quench your Hr/D romance expectations, I do have another fanfic, Born From Evil. I highly recommend that one, a very twisted plot.


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Chapter One:

Draco Malfoy- Sentenced

Today, Draco Alexander Malfoy (19) was found accountable for the brutal murder of Lucius Malfoy (51), his father. Although some analysts have found Malfoy's behavior at his hearing rather peculiar. As the members of The Order of the Phoenix read his sentencing before the entire courtroom- Malfoy kept a cool demeanor, showing no emotion. Most say this is a common Malfoy trait-- 'showing emotion is revealing weakness'-- a phrase Malfoy heard frequently.

"It's a bit unsettling is all. I mean, he was sentenced to life in Azkaban, Merlin-- I reckon insanity will kill him before old age does. I have no doubt in my mind Draco had those thoughts as well. We'll never know-- the man doesn't know how to show any human emotions, besides hate and anger. If Dumbledore had declared him an innocent man he'd still have that vacant expression plastered on his face." Ruth Slayer said, several moments following the formal announcement of Malfoy's sentencing to the media and the rest of the wizarding world.

Is there something behind this young man's behavior? Will we ever know?

Will we ever know why he murdered his father? Were we fooled all to believe that relations between Malfoy and Malfoy senior was one of very respectable status? Was it all a charade? Wasn't it only a year ago Lucius christened Draco as the vice-president of the incredible Malfoy Empire? How is it four months following that monumental christening Lucius is maliciously murdered in his own presidential office? Was it Draco's motive to kill his father and clench the entitlement of president?

Questions left unknown.

Draco Alexander will be the youngest wizard ever to be admitted into Azkaban.

The first to be sentenced to serve for life.

In three days, Draco Alexander Malfoy will never again see daylight, soon the memory of freedom will vanish and a new age of darkness and anguish is soon to come.

--End Article--

London, England

"Bloody hell Harry… They s-sentenced him to life in Azkaban! Look at what thirteen years did to Sirius- I don't even want to fathom what it will do to Draco…."" Hermione sobbed gently, forcefully throwing the Daily Prophet against the wall opposite of her.

Upon hearing the reports of Draco's sentencing, Harry Potter found the nearest chimney and flooed himself to Hermione's residence at the city of muggle London.

"Mione- he deserves it. He's a coldhearted bastard." Harry replied flatly.

"No one deserves that Harry. Especially when the guilty party is innocent."

A month later

Azkaban (Draco's cell)

Don't let them win Draco. Just think about her and hope they take those memories away…

In four short weeks, Draco Malfoy was reduced to a quivering man, who did nothing but lay on his bed, muttering to himself. Daily he was bombarded by Dementors, all willing to suck every fulfilling memory Draco had obtained.

Hours, minutes, days, weeks... meant nothing to Draco. The same words repeated in his mind constantly.

What if…

…I hadn't gone to Manor that day- I would have never been framed for a crime I would dream of committing...

…I was never a suspect...

…somehow my life went a another direction…

An unusually cloaked Dementor slowly glided to the door of Draco's cell he did not feed off the young man's memories but the Dementor inhaled his thoughts…

"Peculiar Mr. Malfoy. Very." The obviously faux Dementor growled lightly.

"Everyone always wants an alternate ending my dear boy. My early Christmas present to you." The 'Dementor' chuckled merrily, he whipped his wand out and whispered an ancient incantation. With another merry cackle, the hooded figure waved his wand, and with a pop-- vanished.

Odd- I'm actually beginning to tire…four straight weeks without sleep, it's understandable. Draco thought yawning. Slowly he began to drift into a peaceful slumber.

The next morning

Draco groaned, several moments prior an unknown object had collided with his cheek.

"Five more minutes, darling." A muffled female voice requested pleadingly.

Draco squinted with one eye, a pale hand obstructed his view.

"DADDY!" The voice of a child called from distance.

"Daddy? Visitors Day already?" Draco mumbled as he sat up. Before his eyes could adjust to the light that flooded what he thought was his cell-- light never flooded his dark cell-- a little boy plopped himself on Draco's lap.

Still unaware of his actions, Draco smirked at the handsome child.

"Good morning Daddy!" The little boy grinned.

"Good morn- DADDY! WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL?" Draco exclaimed, finally rousing from his daze.

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By the way I know that Dementors don't talk. It was an imposter…. It will make sense later on…