Chapter Thirteen:

A horrible cackle overflowed the entire flat with uneasiness.

"And what, may I ask, is your evidence to back that absurd accusation?" Ron's eyes were narrow slits as he glared at the child in Hermione's arms.

Harry followed his gaze.

"You know something, don't you?" Harry said through gritted teeth as a smirk surfaced on Ron's ugly freckled face.

"I have the right to remain silent, half blood." Ron spat viscously.


Ronald Weasley- Arrested

The shock of Ronald Weasley's, once highly respected Auror, untimely arrest still sends tremors throughout the Wizarding World. On what charges, the officials have yet to release. The little information we gathered is that he was taken from a flat in Muggle London and is being held somewhere in the Ministry. Also, he is being kept under heavy, heavy surveillance at all times.

Of course we, the Wizarding Community are making our own assumptions as to why this very well respected Wizard was arrested.

The biggest assumption and desire is Weasley having something, anything to do with Draco Malfoy's 'unjust' sentencing. We asked Harry Potter, Weasley's ex-best friend and captor, if he could either deny or contend to the rumor and he simply pushed past us.

Why on earth would Weasley be connected to Malfoy? How did this rumor start, you wonder? An anonymous source leaked information to us and others the night of Weasley's arrest. The one piece of information he/she offered to us all was that Draco Malfoy was mentioned during a heated argument between Potter and Weasley.

Well, as of now, all we can do now is assume.

Your guess and almost as good as mine.



"Hermione… please. Go visit her. The news of his son will be publicly known once you testify against Ron. You don't want Narcissa Malfoy finding out by a front page article on the Daily Prophet. Don't give me that glare, 'Mione. I am simply suggesting you see Dylan's grandmother because if she finds out from someone else other than you or Malfoy, she might take him away. It's for the safety of your son! " Hermione and Harry stood beside a fireplace of the Ministry of Magic. The floo powder was already clutched in her balled up fist.

"Draco doesn't even know…" Hermione protested weakly.

"I have a good feeling about Mrs. Malfoy knowing first, Miss Granger." Came a voice from behind the now 'Golden Twosome' (LMAO).

Startled, Hermione released her grip on the powder in her hand, making a mess on the tidy marble floors of the Ministry.

Cursing lightly, she muttered an all too familiar cleaning spell.

"Albus, you're going to be the death of us all." Harry chuckled, patting his former headmaster on the back lightheartedly.

Albus Dumbledore beamed at his former students before turning his attention back to Hermione.

"Harry told me about you revealing the little one's existence to Mrs. Malfoy. I have notified her to expect your arrival." He stopped short to wink at the nervous brunette. " I thought you'd need an extra push."

Hermione snorted. "More like a shove, Albus."

"Whatever gets you there. As long as you get there. Go on, she is expecting you by two o'clock on the dot."

Malfoy Manor

"Ah, Miss Granger. Welcome, to Malfoy Manor." Narcissa Malfoy smiled gently at the young woman before her.

Narcissa Malfoy; she has been aging for nearly 43 years; yet her beauty surpasses many of those half of her age. Straight, long, silky pale blond hair contrasted beautify against her soft, paler skin.

"Mrs. Malfoy, thank you for graciously allowing me inside your home." Hermione stuttered nervously.

"Dear, I am not Lucius. I do not care for all that bloodline rubbish." Narcissa linked an arm through Hermione's, leading her into a grand living space. "Shall we sit?"

"Let's." Hermione gave a feeble smile as she sat.

"Now, Albus has said you needed to speak to me about an important matter? Oh, and I am so, so sorry for the arrest of that ill-fated Weasley boy. The agony you and the rest of his family and friends must be going through. It must have been quite as agonizing as it was for me when my Draco was taken from me."

Hermione's throat tightened at the mention of Draco and Ron.

"Don't feel too sorry for Ronald, Mrs. Malfoy… he is the reason Draco is in Azkaban ."

If possible, any color on Narcissa's face drained in an alarming rate.


"Please, I will fill you in on that matter later on. That wasn't the main reason I came here to see you." Hermione wrung her hands nervously.

"Out with it, Hermione! If it's bigger news than my son's innocence …"

"Draco fathered my five month old child." She spat it out so fast, it was nearly impossible for Narcissa to piece it together. But this was the mother of Draco Malfoy, trouble maker extraordinaire, he was the world's fastest talker when it came time to tell her what he'd done to make his father so upset.

"Oh…my…," Narcissa's voice softened tremendously, she stood to embrace Hermione. "I'm a grandmother!" She squeezed Hermione tighter. "Hermione, this is absolutely wonderful."

As they pulled away, Hermione withdrew a vial from the pocket of her scarlet robe.

"I figured you'd want some type of DNA to prove that he is in fact a Malfoy, this is a strand of his hair."

"I'll get one of the house elves brew the potion right away!"

As they waited for the results of the potion, Hermione and Narcissa got acquainted; Narcissa decided not to nag the poor girl about her son's potential release... yet.

Days seemed to pass until a shaking house elf made its way to his mistress with a vial filled with purple liquid.

"Good, good. Now, this potion will tell us the date of the procreation, time of the conception, and of course the mother and father! Tully, hand me a piece of parchment and my wand." Narcissa ordered gently.

Hermione's confusion must have been apparent on her face, for Narcissa deepened her explanation.

"All I have to do is drop a little of the potion onto the parchment, recite the incantation, and voila-- our results!"

The young mother smiled, gratefully.

"I see."

In a matter of seconds, Narcissa had already recited the spell, and the two women now waited with bated breaths for the results to scrawl themselves onto the parchment.

Date conceived : October 13th
Time of day : 9:17 in the morning
Conceived by : Draco Alexander Malfoy and Hermione Ann Granger

Both mouths agape, the two women stared down at the piece of parchment disbelievingly.

"M-m- morning of October 13th?" Narcissa stammered in apparent astonishment.

"Y-yes... Merlin... we conceived Dylan the day... no... the morning Lucius was murdered. We were together that morning… Draco and I both knew that… he had an alibi." Hermione felt the exultant tears fill her eyes.

"Just no proof… and now we have all the proof we need," Narcissa looked around her cautiously before exclaiming--"MY SON IS INNOCENT! THANK YOU MERLIN!"

That was so unladylike, so unlike me… so necessary! Narcissa thought to herself gleefully.

Hermione laughed and cheered alongside her son's grandmother.

Eventually, the cheering subdued, Narcissa needed to know what that bastard did that resulted in her son's imprisonment.

The two women now sitting, Hermione spoke.

"He's just been arrested, mind you. All I know is the day Draco was taken as a prisoner, I was stopped from going to see him. Ron... he was in a hooded cloak. And he threatened me. He told me Draco would receive the Kiss if I didn't keep my 'mudblood' mouth shut. I refused. Draco had an alibi--You heard him yelling it to me that morning on the TeleWiz; the entire Wizarding World did. Him breaking up with me was pretty…public." Hermione's voice cracked. Narcissa patted her on the knee sympathetically.

Inhaling deeply, Hermione continued,

"I was under a lot of dark magic by the time I reached Malfoy Estate. To this day, I have no idea what kind of spells they were... all I know is that it prevented me from saving Draco…"

"Hermione, all that matters now is getting Weasley to receive that Dementor's Kiss." Narcissa brushed Hermione's falling tears away.

Getting on her feet, Lady Malfoy grinned (YES! GRINNED!) at her grandson's mother.

"How about we set that boy of ours free?"

Granger Home

Hermione and Narcissa Apparated to Hermione's parents' backyard patio.

They had to pick up Dylan!

"Mum? Dad?" Opening the back door, Hermione led Narcissa into an average middle class family home in the suburbs of Muggle London.

"In here, dear!" Came her father's baritone voice.

Hermione sped up, turning into what seemed to be the living room; Narcissa reluctantly followed.

"Is he asleep?" Narcissa heard her whisper, referring to a bundle of blankets cradled in the elder Granger's arms.

"No, no... he's just in one of those silent spells. Oh, honey... who is this?" Helena (Hey! We know her!) asked smiling as she handed Dylan to Hermione. While in the process, she managed to notice Narcissa.

"Narcissa Malfoy, mother of Draco Malfoy, grandmother of Dylan." Narcissa held an elegant hand out for Helena to take.

"It's a pleasure to meet you, Mrs. Malfoy. I am Helena Granger, Dylan's other grandmother. He's my husband... Thomas Granger." Hearing his name, Hermione's father tore his eyes away feom the television, he stood from his coveted armchair to shake Narcissa's hand as well.

"What brings you to our home, Mrs. Malfoy?" Thomas asked politely.

"To make an entirely long story short, my son, the father of your grandchild is about to be an innocent man. We need to collect baby Dylan in order to do so."

Helena and Thomas exchanged ecstatic/skeptical looks before allowing insane grins to spread on their faces.

"Well, go on! Don't let us keep you!"


"I'll go fetch Malfoy." The guard said with feigned enthusiasm as he closed the chamber door behind him.

"What if he's still angry with me for not defending him?" Hermione whispered fearfully.

Narcissa was in the process of altering the private visitor's chamber to mirror the Malfoy Manor Grand Room; visitors were allowed to change the setting to a more familiar surrounding.

"Draco's not one to hold a grudge, especially against a beautiful woman he loves."

Dylan cooed, as if understanding his grandmother's words.

"Aw, you agree with me, don't you?" Narcissa walked over to the small crib beside the sofa Hermione sat on.

"He is so handsome, darling."

"I'd expect you to say that, Narcissa. He looks just like his father when he was an infant."

They both giggled.

But it all ceased at once when the heard the door creak open...


What a sight Draco's eyes met.

Were his eyes fooling him or was he at Malfoy Manor? Was his mother really bending over a crib, giggling? Narcissa Malfoy never giggled. His eyes continued to scan the the familiar Grand Room. His heart skipped three beats-- Hermione!






This little revelation caused Draco to stumble into room, causing the door to squeak, causing the giggling to stop.

Narcissa looked over her shoulder, beaming.

"Draco, love." She approached him, slowly. Taking in the sight of him. She visited weekly but today was very different.

"Mum." He embraced her, Hermione watched him from afar, sitting on the sofa; and he watched her.

As he pulled away, eyeing his mother carefully…pointedly.

"Oh! Umm... I need to be somewhere for about fifteen minutes." Narcissa turned to wink at Hermione before elegantly gliding to the door.

Draco shoved his hands into the pockets of his ragged black Azkaban robes as the door snapped shut.

"What took you so long to visit?" He asked her maliciously, the glare he'd fixed on her was extremely unnerving.

"Honestly, did you really want me to visit?"

He stepped a little closer towards her.

"Of course I did. I wanted to know what awoke your sudden disloyalty to me." He spat coolly.

"Draco, I promise you I will explain everything once your mother returns."

He snorted.

"She left us alone for fifteen minutes, obviously she's expecting you to tell me something. I don't know why you're here with my mum but I'm sure you two will tell me in time."

Draco had a difficult time, putting on this act, of not knowing that the child in the crib was Dylan. It took a lot of him to restrain himself from snogging Hermione mad-- he had to remember she betrayed him. This Hermione had not yet gained his forgiveness, he couldn't disregard the betrayal as easily as he did with the other Hermione…

"I--" Hermione began, but Dylan decided he wanted to be carried, crying to inform his mother of what he wanted.

"Excuse me." She walked to the crib.

Baby Dylan... Draco thought affectionately.

"Whose kid?" He managed to ask in an even voice.

She merely turned around, locking eyes with his.

"Do you remember October 13th? That morning we spent together?"

Draco sneered. "The question is do you? I was under the impression you did not, given that you did nothing to provide an alibi for me. That was the day my father was murdered. A murder I was wrongfully accused of committing. How could I kill my father when I was fucking you all morning." He didn't mean to sound so harsh.

"Well, all that 'fucking' as you so nicely phrased it, resulted in this baby boy, Dylan. He's your alibi." Hermione hissed viciously.

"Pardon me?" Draco croaked out.

I know Dylan is my child but… he was conceived the day of the murder I was accused of committing…? Draco thought, frantically trying to piece the puzzle in his head together.

She almost smiled.

"He was conceived that morning, Draco." She said softly.

Draco stepped closer…

"May I?"

"Of course..," Hermione gently placed the child in his arms.

"Why didn't you come forward with this information earlier?" He asked coldly, looking down at the child.

"Your mother and I discovered it today." Hermione replied evenly.

"How can a traitor partake in producing such beauty?" Draco cooed, marveling at Dylan's appearance.

Hermione bit her lip, he called her a traitor.

Remember, he still thinks you betrayed him… She reminded herself.

Suddenly, the father of her child looked up at her, smirking.

"Weasel got arrested."

She took a deep breath at the mention of Ron, nodding at Draco's statement.

"What for? Robbing Gringotts?" He joked feebly, noticing how pale his 'former' lover had become.

"If only it was something as forgivable as stealing money…" Draco heard her mumble to herself.

"It can't be as hard as forgiving the one you love for betraying you." He replied softly.

"I LOVED RON; HE WAS MY BROTHER! Draco, he betrayed me…in the most agonizing way."

"Huh, that sounds too familiar to me…I love you. You betrayed me in the most agonizing way." Draco growled.

"Betraying you meaning what, Draco? Is it called betrayal if you save your boyfriend from receiving the Dementor's Kiss? If you had to look straight into your best friend's eyes while he called you a mudblood repeatedly? If you had to listen to Ron Weasley recite dark magic over and over again, knowing those curses were going to prevent you from saving the one you love?

"Or does betrayal mean being held against your will inside a disgusting London flat, for TEN LONG MONTHS? When all you want to do is visit the father of your child? Is it really betrayal…having to look at the man who sent Draco Malfoy into prison day after day, trying not to cringe at his touch, wince at his voice, go insane at the sight of him.

"IS IT BETRAYAL KNOWING THAT THE MAN WHO YOU CALLED YOUR BROTHER FRAMED THE ONLY PERSON YOU CAN'T LEAVE WITHOUT? I was unable to say ANYTHING Draco, Ron kept me under close surveillance…if I hadn't talked to Harry that day of your arrest, moments before Ron arrived… I'd still be in that flat…

"So, tell me, Draco… did I really betray you?" Hermione was out of breath, from crying, from yelling... from finally speaking the entire truth.. from not having to keep it just to herself.

Saying that Draco was dumbfounded, astonished, flabbergasted, astounded, shocked, stunned… complete understatements.

Gradually he processed everything she'd yelled at him…

Weasley threatened her... that was enough to make his blood boil, adding to that, the weasel had cast dark curses on Hermione…preventing her from backing his alibi up…

That explains emotionless expression that morning of my arrest…against her will in a flat for ten months … he wouldn't let her see me… So it would impossible for her to tell me...

"That bastard framed me."

Narcissa stepped back into the chamber as her son spoke.

The sight she met :

Hermione sat on the sofa… face buried into her hands, elbows resting on her knees. Breathing slowly and deeply, catching her breath. Draco standing before the mother his child, Dylan cradled in his arms.

Her only son then murmured something incoherent.

Looking up, he was suddenly aware of his mother's presence, he walked to her.

"Mum... Take the boy. Give us a few more minutes." Draco whispered.

"Of course…"

Once again his mother was gone, Dylan held in her loving arms.

Draco approached Hermione's sobbing form cautiously.

He had the resist the urge to turn away-- he was ashamed to be in her presence. She was so strong, when he had thought of her as so weak.

Stupid, stupid, stupid… how could I ever have thought she had betrayed me? He spat disgustedly at himself as he continued to make his way to her.

He knelt down before her.

"Hermione… I feel like an idiot." He whispered.

"You should." Came her muffled response.

" I never should have doubted you…"

"I know." She sniffed, still refusing eye contact.

"Look at me…" Draco pleaded.

"Why should I?"

"So I can kiss you properly."

Slowly, Hermione lifted her face out of her hands.



"Bloody hell! You slapped me!" Draco whimpered.

It brought back recollections of their third year together in Hogwarts, Draco shuddered inwardly.

"THAT, was for using such vulgar language around a lady and your child!"

Draco thought hard…OH. How could I kill my father when I was fucking you all morning...

"Oh. I apologize for that."

"And THIS…" Hermione began-- he closed his eyes, preparing for another strike…


…It never came though, instead... Draco felt her soft, moist lips touch his.

"…my apology for slapping you. I'm sorry, Draco, but you know I don't tolerate that kind of language. It had to be done." Hermione smiled at his relieved expression.

But, slowly his expression darkened with guilt and shame.


"Shhh, all that matters now is getting Ron convicted and your arrest justified."

She knew he regretted doubting her, she always could read his emotions through his eyes. He was contented and grateful too… but the emotion that stood out the most made her heart swell…

"I love you, Hermione."

"I love you too."


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