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Every day is the same. Every minute of this dull day stretches out into eternity. I wake up around five in the morning, take a shower, brush my teeth, and get dressed for work. No makeup is necessary, and after my hair is blow dried, I just pull it back into a pony tail. Why waste my time trying to look good for someone who is nonexistent?

While sitting in my locked office pretending to finish up on some paper I was done with yesterday, I look outside at the busy people below me on the streets. They all look like little working ants from here. All running towards an unknown destination. One person strikes her sea green eyes. A lone woman with long blond hair in a braid waiting by a trashcan. Every now and then she looks at her watch and then looks out into the endless crowds that pass her.

Who is she waiting for? Why would she wait outside in the cold like that? Her boyfriend? Husband? Friend? Family member? It's sad to see a person desperately waiting for someone who may never come. What a hypocrite. While she's thinking so bitterly about someone else, she's doing the same exact thing; waiting for someone who will never come. She knows this for a fact. He will never burst through those oak doors of hers and declare his love to her. That's something she'd read in her fantasy romance novels before bedtime. A tear makes its way down her cheek as she cries not only for herself, but for the woman below her.

"We're fools." She whispers to herself. Heero was off in another mission and never said goodbye to her. Heero never said goodbye to her. He always just left like nothing. A couple months later he would come back and assume his position as her body guard. Her silent bodyguard who made her feel like she could die every time he looked at her, touched the small of her back when he lead her somewhere. The nights he would sleep next to her because she was afraid meant nothing. The nights he would hold her because he asked to meant nothing. His impulsive kisses when no one was around meant nothing. It all lead to nothing. They never did anything more than hold each other and kissing. It was safe, it was protective. No one knew of their relationship. It wasn't a relationship, it was all comfort. Comfort for him and for her. It confused her, it made her want more, and it made her weak for him.

A bittersweet smile came across her pale lips as a young man in a black long trench coat ran up to the woman and gave a big hug. Not being able to hear but making out what he's saying through his body language, he was sorry for being so late. The woman just laughed and kissed him on the lips, taking his hand and walking away disappearing into the crowd.

He came. She waited. He came. She waited. That's something that would never happen to her. She would have to wait into the next lifetime for him to come to her and her only. To come to her in his own free will. Without the governments corruption. Without his haunting past. Without his never ending responsibility for the colonies. Without his passion for war. Without… without. He will never come. He will never love her enough to come. A shocked sob escaped her. Putting her hand to her mouth to stop from sobbing loudly, she fully turned away from the window, facing her door. The tears that never seemed to cease slowly dried on her naturally rosy cheeks. Gasping lightly for breath from her harsh sobs, she leaned back on her reclining chair.

"If he will never come. Then why am I foolish enough to continuously wait for him?" She desperately questioned to the ceiling. A knock on the door made her wipe her tears and check her mirror that was in her top right drawer. After making sure she looked decent, she walked up to the door and opened it to find Duo.

"Hey Relena. How have you been?" His charming smile affecting her mood. Slowly she brightly smiled back at him and laughed to herself .

"I've actually been not bad. How about yourself?" Walking back to her chair she asked. Duo followed suit, sitting in the chair in front of her desk. His long braid seemed to lay on the floor when he sat down.

"I saw Heero while I was in a related mission. We both got into a little fist fight, but after that we got drunk and had a good time. He asks about you. Making sure you've got plenty of security and shit." Chuckling to himself, he raised his eyebrow and shook his head. "That man will never stop worrying about you. It's my job to protect you until he comes back and not even I worry that much about you." The smile on Relena's face wavered when Duo mentioned , but was still enact.

"Well, you know Heero. Always devoted on his mission." She responded with an air of sarcasm. Duo looked up at her and scrunched his eyebrows together like he was thinking.

"Mission accepted." He whispered. "What an asshole, huh?" His eyes looked down at his hands which were folded in front of him. "Asking about you, thinking about you. Wishing to be with you, but.." Relena cut him off with a heavy shaky sigh. Not daring to look up at her again, he knew that she had tears in her eyes and didn't want to hear what he had to say, but still he continued. "I've asked him plenty of times. I've asked him why he was holding back. I've practically begged him to come back. But his mission. His fucking duty." From going to a whisper, to a harsh accusing tone, he caught himself and stopped before he said something that would hurt Relena further. Returning to his quiet tone, he once again continued, this time pausing every now and then to make sure he wasn't going too far. "You will always wait for him, won't you? The one thing you both, without a doubt, have in common is devotion." Fisting his hands as if he was ready to fight, he stood up and hit the top of her desk with both his fists, making her jump and stare at him with wide tearful eyes. "Why do you wait for him?" He all but screamed in her face. "Why would you do that to yourself? Don't you understand?! He will never come back to you. That bastard is too afraid to come to you and staying for good!" Not knowing what else to say, she told him the truth while stand up to his tall figure.

"Because if I didn't wait for him, he would never come back. Because I'm stupid. Because I'm weak. Because I think if I don't wait for him, I will be nothing. I will have nothing. Because.." Melting back into her chair she sobbed with her hands on her face. Duo turned away from her, and shook his head.

"Doing great, huh? Listen, I can protect you from bullets, bombs, knives, and whatever physical harm that may come. Anything that could kill you physically, I can prevent. But emotionally; I can't." With a small chuckle, he turned head towards her.

"I can't fully blame Heero. You're killing yourself too. You could forget about him. Pretend like he never existed. But you won't. YOU won't forget him. You wouldn't even dare." Walking towards the door, he opened it, and stepped forward to leave.

"I can't protect you from this. You on the other hand, can. A person can only pretend for so long before they reach their breaking points. You're getting there. Stop pretending to be happy, and face reality. It's the only way you'll ever get over him." When she looked up, the door was closed and he was gone. Duo was always her closest friend. She had to listen to him, He always knew what was best. He was also the only person alive that knew what was really going on with Heero and her. No one could give better advice than him. A phone call mace ten minutes later as she numbly sat on her chair staring at the door.

"Hello?" She answered shakingly. The voice on the other line made her heart skip. He is the only one who had the power to make her heart do that. "No, I'm fine. Are you coming to assume you position again?" The door swung open, revealing Heero.

"If I am permitted to do so." It was all routine. Each time he came back he called before he came through the door to make sure that he could come back. Like he was expecting her to say no one day. Maybe he thought that she'd be smart enough to forget about him one day. Maybe he didn't know her well enough. Hanging up the phone, she went back to her paper work.

"I always tell you that the position is always open to you." She mumbled as she flipped through the paper, trying hard to look busy. Just like all other times, he came by her side. Moving the wheeled chair, he turned her towards him. Bending over her, he held her face with both his hands, examining her. The tears were gone, and her eyes were no longer red and puffy. She looked normally tired from work, or from emotion. "What are you doing?" Relena asked innocently. He murmured something like 'nothing' before he kissed her softly. It was all routine. She kissed him passionately, not wanting him to leave her ever again. But she knew he would. She knew she was foolish. She knew she should have pushed him away. She knew she should have said no to him. He returned his passion, and lifted her up from the chair, holding her close around the waist.

Foolishly she closed her eyes and gave in to his kisses. Foolishly they would go back to her house. Foolishly she would go to bed with him next to her. Foolishly they would be side by side until his next mission came. Foolishly he would leave without telling her. Foolishly she would wait. That was her mission. Her duty. To foolishly wait for him, until one day.. He would not return. But she will always foolishly wait.


There you go! Yea. It was sad, but I had it in my head so I just wanted to get it out before I forgot or went crazy. Hope you guys liked it, if not, then I'm sorry.