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Chapter 1- Bus Stop

Slight Introduction...

Love is always blind. You may feel like you're in cloud 9, when in reality you're digging yourself deeper into the grave you're making yourself. He was my everything; my heart, my soul, my sight, my taste, my soul purpose on living. At the same time though, I completely and utterly despised him. Even before the kisses, the caresses, and sweet things he'd whisper into my ear. I think he knew every little thing about me and yet, now that I think about it; I knew nothing about him. what made him cry? What made him break? What made him smile? What made him laugh? It was so hard to break through to him that I was starting to break a little. How did we get like this? How did we get like this is all I wonder now. My friends think that I'm being so blind. The sad thing is, I can see as clear as day. And I still can't seem to care

The cold wind blew her waist length brown hair wildly into the air as she waited for the bus to come. Around December the wind was always unruly as was her hair becoming. The other thing about December was that the bus would come later than usual. By night time, it was not the best place to be waiting for a bus. Holding her hunter green long pea coat closer to her freezing body, she searched for her cell phone in her large black shoulder bag.

'Great, now I'm going to be late for work'. She thought.

It has been over a year since she left Japan. It was a great place to live, but she always felt that there was something waiting for her in an other place. She chose New York because it just seemed sensible to go there. In a way New York was like Japan, specifically Tokyo. Tokyo seemed bigger though, and brighter. The people in New York were loud, busy, and always moving. All those elements attracted her even more to the city.

About four months ago she got a job at a club called Tokyo Princess. It was a club that was open all night until six o'clock in the morning. It was a long night every night for her, because she was a dancer on a cage up high in the ceiling. Her outfit always consisted of a tight pink bra looking ensemble with matching red boy shorts that had Tokyo Princess printed on each butt cheek, white high heeled boots and a red chin lengthened wig. With the red lipstick, heavy black eyeliner and blue eye shadow, she looked like a sexy anime character, or a stripper. Some nights would be geisha night and she should be in a sexed up geisha get up with a very short red mini skirt, a v-neck tee that stopped right above her pierced bellybutton, with long sleeves that reached down to her knees. The big black wig she wore on those nights made it hard for her dance because she though her neck might snap by the weight of her head. The men and sometimes women would try to shake her cage which would always scare her considering she was almost two stories above everyone else. Some nights she would be lucky to dance in the head stage which was always a thrill for her because she had a full audience watching her.

Dancing was always her passion, which is why she went to Dance school in New York in the afternoon. One day she would work her way to Julliard, and she would, give a year or two. All she needed was to save up enough money to try out again for Julliard. Then when they see how much she improved, they would have to choice but to chose her.

Her friends e-mail her every now and then saying that they hope she'll become the star she always wanted to become. Last she heard Jounouchi was dating Mai, and Yugi was with Rebecca. Honda and Otogi still fight over Shizuka. Everything seems normal over there in Japan, which kind of made her glad she wasn't there. A need for excitement tugged on her heart, as much as she loved the gang, she wanted more. With her stay in New York, she would seek out what she desires. One day she'll come back, and everyone will know her name. That was her dream, her fantasy.

As she reached deep into her bag, a thought came to mind, Kaiba.. What ever happened to him she wondered. Last time she asked anyone who actually knew was Yugi. He said something about Kaiba going to America to compete with Otogi's company, or something like that. She knew that his brother stayed in Japan to finish his school. She wondered if she would ever run into the cold hearted CEO again. Could he have changed in the one year they have not seen each other? Remembering her last encounter with Kaiba, her lips turned from a frown to a small smile.

Her backless shoe slipped out when she twirled around Honda. The black shoe landed on something.. Correction someone. She turned around towards the person her shoe hit to apologies, when the shoe was thrown by her feet.

"We just graduated and you're acting like a child. When are you going to grow up?" Kaiba hissed in her ear as he walked passed her and an opened mouthed Honda. When he disappeared into the crowd of proud parents and excited students, she stuck her tongue out on him.

"Well, at least the unexpected happened." Honda said ending with a sigh. Anzu put on her shoe and raised an eye brow.

"And what was that?" He grabbed her into a bear hug and gave her a noogy.

"Someone hit Kaiba and it wasn't Jounouchi!" He laughed out loud into her hair. "We're gonna miss you Anzu. We're all going to miss you. Now who's going to pull at me and Jounouchi's ears when we start fighting?" He said quietly and ruffled her hair some more. Abruptly let go and ran towards Jounouchi who caught his eye and told him what happened to Kaiba. "I swear it hit him square in the forehead!" Was all she heard. Jounouchi laughed out loud like the hyena he was, and gave her two thumbs up. The crowd started to dissipate as she walked into the school one last time before she was going to leave it for good.

"Maybe one day we'll all still be good friends. We'll still talk and have fun like old times." Anzu wondered out loud. Stopping at her now old locker, she touched the lock. "I can't believe it's over." A snort was heard behind her, making her turn around to face whoever interrupted her last moments in her school.

"I'm glad it's over. Now I don't ever have to see you geeks again." Kaiba coldly sneered, ending with his famous smirk. Rolling her eyes, Anzu folder her arms on her chest and sighed heavily.

"Even on the last day of school you're going to be an ass? Why don't you grow up and say goodbye like normal people?" Emphasizing on the word 'you'. Anzu then added., "Then maybe, just maybe I'll leave this school actually thinking that you might be human and not the always busy, always bitter CEO who'll never get married or have any kids because that stick is so far up your ass." Before Kaiba could open his mouth to speak, she winked and ended with, "So shut up and say goodbye already." His left eyebrow went up, and he stood there looking like he was contemplating something. Putting his right forefinger to his chin, he glared at Anzu.

"First of all, there is no woman who is up to my stature. So if I'm going to marry someone it's going to have to be someone who's not after my money, which I know plenty are after, because if there's something I know for sure is that women are always going after money."

After his grim retort, he paused for a second. Leaning towards Anzu making her back up against the cold lockers and putting his hands above her shoulder on the lockers, he continued with a harsh whisper.

"Secondly, I don't have time for trivial things like marriage or children and thirdly you'd be surprised how human I can be when I'm not upholding a multi-billion corporation."

With his warm breath hitting her lips, she only got half of what he was saying and only concentrated on the intense closeness and the body heat he was giving off. What confused her was why he was lightly brushing his lips against hers when he was done speaking. Somehow when he was making his little speech, his lips got closer to hers and they both didn't even notice. It was like some magnetic force was pulling him towards her lips, which was still hovering over hers, every now and then grazing against them. When she didn't respond to his chaste experimental brushes, he stopped and looked into her eyes, lips slightly resting on hers. Finally looking at his now curious azure eyes, she nudged her lips against his, raising her chin to feel his soft lips again, which made his now shocked eyes widen. Just as fast as they widened, they went back to his normal artic cold eyes. He backed up a few inches from her, putting his arms back at his sides and looking out the high school double doors.

"Goodbye Mazaki." He whispered uncomfortably as he turned to the doors and walked towards them, his face without a trace of emotion . Completely confused about what just happened, she didn't say anything, letting the CEO go on his way. Right before he pushed open the doors, he slightly turned his head.

"You're the smartest out of the geeks." Kaiba said with his traditional cold tone, making her look up at him, studying his form. But his voice softened, yet still held a tinge of his unemotional attitude.

" You know well enough not to mention what just happened. After all, it was a mistake you made." Before she could respond, the double doors closed with an echoing pound and Kaiba was gone. Leaning on the lockers, she touched her lips, but couldn't even think about what just happened because Jounouchi and Honda bust through the doors fighting again.

"I'm telling ya the jerk will pay one day!" Jounouchi yelled with his fists in the air. Still leaning against the lockers, she tilted her head in question. Honda pushed Jounouchi out of his way and explained to Anzu,

"We saw Kaiba leaving the school as we passed him and Jounouchi stuck his middle finger at him so Kaiba tripped him. It was pretty funny because he got mud on his nose! But after he picked himself up, Jounouchi wanted to fight him. So your hero stopped him." Before Jounouchi could explain his side of the story, Anzu grabbed both Honda's and Jounouchi's hands, leading them out the school doors.

"Forget about it guys, we're never going to see him again!" A twinge of bittersweet emotion swept over her as she stepped down the Domino High School stairs with two of her best friends on each of her arms.

Shaking the memory out of her head with a slight blush to her cheeks, she finally realized that she left her cell phone at home to recharge, and cursed to herself. Just when she thought nothing could get any worse, a navy blue Mustang whizzed by her making all the wet snow splash the front of her favorite coat and hair. The red light in front of the bus stop made the fast car screech to a halt. Anzu Mazaki, age eighteen, at the start of her new life in America, was soaked in melting snow and desperately trying to keep her temper in check. After all, not all Americans would understand the Japanese curse words coming out of her mouth.

'Just wait for the baka to realize that they just rudely got me wet with the snow and apologies'The driver of the car rolled down the window.

'Aw. They're probably going to just say it out the window. It still counts as an apology, even if they don't get out of the car.'

That's when she saw the drivers hand stick out and let the ash from his or hers cigarette fall on the snowy pavement. No longer wanting to be the nice little quite good girl, she stomped over to the car, which was just a feet away from her, before the red light turned green. She got to the drivers side and tapped on the car door without looking into the window.

"Excuse me, but you just drove by me and because of the fact that you were driving so fast, you got me with some snow." She said gritting her teeth, but managing to sound like the polite girl she was brought up to be.

The hand, which held the cigarette, went back inside the car. A gruff snort was heard, making her assume that the driver was a guy. The smoke clouded the window of the car, making it hard to see inside the window. She bent down a little to look inside the window, when , even through the nicotine filled smoke, she saw an all too recognizable smirk and cold blue eyes making her heart jump a little. So this is where he's been.

"I should have known." She muttered as she straightened up and started walking away from his car. "If it was Kaiba, then forget about it. I'm never gonna get an apology." She said to herself obviously loud enough for him to hear.

'Thank God I was not wearing my Tokyo Princess makeup. Thank God my coat is big enough to cover my clothes.' Miserably and thankfully she thought. If he would have seen her in her get up, he would have definitely though she turned into a prostitute and not a club dancer. From the corner of her eye, she saw Bus 54 coming her way. The famous CEO billionaire slightly stuck his head out of his Mustang, just enough to let her hear him clearly say;

"Glad you know your place, Mazaki." He then threw out his cigarette and speed out when the light turned green, leaving more snow from his back tires to splatter on her from behind. Just as he speed away, the bus stopped in front of her. 'That asshole .If I ever run into him again, I'll be sure as hell to repay him' When the doors opened, the obese, estimated fifty year old man looked her up and down making her think twice about taking the bus.

"Looks like you got some snow on you." He said with a wheezing laugh right after.

'Real Funny asshole. Really freaking funny'. She thought as she bowed slightly and put her money in. When the door closed, she sat in the front of the empty bus wondering what Kaiba was doing in New York, and how much is her boss going to yell at her for being over half an hour late.

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