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"I meant what I said about helping you." He circled around the round table as she tried to move as far away from him as possible.

"I meant what I said when I told you I want you out of my life." She whispered hoarsely.

"Do you hate me that much?" There was hurt in his eyes, but also redemption.

"YES! Of course I do! Could you blame me? First I openly say to you that I am yours. You could do anything to me, hurt me, cheat on me, lie to me. And what did I do? I didn't care! I took your abuse like it was nothing!" Her voice started even but then rose with her emotions.

"What was the second reason?" Catching that she had more than one, he had to ask. She couldn't be this angry over something she had gotten off her chest already. This was something she already told him. He promised her change, yet she would not comply.

What was hurting her beneath that strong act?

Silently she cursed herself. There was something else that angered her. The thing was that she didn't realize it until now. Taking in a deep breath she caught his eyes, even as tears shined brightly in her own.

"Second, you watched me leave. You LET me go. You allowed me to leave your life like I didn't matter to you! Like it would have no impact if you never saw me again!" Taken back, Seto let his confusion turn into anger.

"You left! Don't you remember? You told me to let you go! You fucking begged me to let you go! What the hell was I supposed to do? Make you stay? Make you stay after you told me that I was killing you?" The table was now behind him and so was his self control. Anzu stood before him--a tearful mess. It was obvious she didn't want to have this conversation. It was obvious she wasn't ready for this.

"You say you care about me, right?" Quietly she asked.

"The point to that question is.. ?" He sarcastically asked back.

"Answer the fucking question." Hurt shadowed her eyes but anger and bitterness were heard in her voice. He couldn't blame her. He did let her go, but had felt like he had no choice.

"Yes." He truthfully responded. Holding back a choked sob, she held her hand up to her mouth. As if she was composing herself, she swallowed and breathed in deeply. Had he hurt her that badly?

"Then you should have come after me!" Her voice shook, yet she managed to stabilize her voice. "I secretly begged you to stop me. I didn't want to go! I was trying to be the tough girl who didn't need anyone or anything. I was the dreamer who lived on her own, trying to achieve her dreams. I was being stupid. What I wanted was you, damn it! I was about to let my dream slip right through my fingers, just to have a chance to hold you once again. I would still have made that choice back then if you came after me. Only if you did, Seto. Only if you had, I would've change my mind about my dreams."

Eyes drawn down to the floor, she couldn't face him and say how she felt at the same time. She was hurt before, she couldn't do it the second time. Now she had too much at stake to go back to how she once was. She wasn't the eighteen year old anymore. She was older, wiser, and stronger.

"You would put it on hold for me?" The question almost gave her hope. It was a question she foolishly answered truthfully.

"For a bastard who doesn't even know how to show his love towards me. Yes. I would." Not even today at this time would her heart betray how she really felt. Deep down she knew she would put her dream on hold. It was the part of her she hated with all of her heart that called out to him.

"Then I'm glad I didn't come after you." He would never change. Angry tears replaced the hurt ones and she took a step back from him.

"And this is why I don't want to see you again. You will never admit anything. If you could you would deny having anything to do with me." Picking up her purse from the floor, she turned her body away from Seto. Not knowing whether to make her stay or go, he froze.

Fortunately for Anzu before Seto could do anything Mars came through he door. Though Seto could not see Anzu's face, he knew she had stiffened from Mars' entrance.

"Hello again." His brown eyes glanced over from Anzu and back to Seto. Her look was a mix of shock and hurt. There were tear streaks down her face. Something happened but he did not want to make anyone feel weird so he decided to ignore it, until he and Anzu were alone. Smiling nervously, he held out a hand to Anzu. "Are you ready to go?"

Nodding numbly, she took his hand. "It was nice seeing you again Mr. Kaiba." He nodded over to Kaiba who just glared at their joined hands.

"Likewise." He muttered and walked ahead of the two and stormed out of the room. Feeling like she was going to throw up, she leaned against Mars's chest. Putting her arms around his waist, she inwardly groaned. Everything was getting messed up. Seto was not supposed to show up in her life. Now that he had she was once again mixed up.

"Are you okay?" His breath hit her ear making her shiver. Mars was in love with her--with all of his heart. Why couldn't she feel the same? Why was this happening to her?

Kissing her neck, he pulled her away from her, only leaving about an inch of space between them. "I don't think you're okay. Is it because of Mr. Kaiba?"

"No." She groaned and threw herself against his chest. "Mars?"

"Yes?" He asked confused yet wanting to be there for her.

"Just.. hold me.. " It took everything in her to not cry onto his shirt. All she wanted was to be held. Held like how she liked to be held. The scary thing wasn't that she wanted to be held. It was that she wanted to be held…

.. ..by someone other than Mars..

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