Title: Surprise… You're a Father… of Twins!

Genre: Action/Romance

Rating: T

Characters: Seto, Serenity, most of the Yugioh gang, OC's

Summary: Serenity comes back to Domino after 10 years with a Surprise.

Notes: This is the second Yugioh Story I wrote, and it's currently the fourth story in my One Wild Night series and is set about 10 years after One Wild Night, Equals One Wild Morning. However, after writing Yugi's Yami and Princess of Games - stories that happen before and after this one - I've gone back and edited this story again, so for those who have read this story before, they will find that it ties into my stories better, and that it's a little bit longer than it was originally. I will point out the biggest changes at the end of each chapter.

Disclaimer: I don't own Yugioh.

Surprise… You're a Father… of Twins!

Chapter 1 – What the… I'm an uncle… Twice!

Joey Wheeler was as happy as Larry; his little sister was coming home for the first time in 10 years. The last time Joey saw her was just after Yami/Atemu and Yami Bakura had returned to the realms of the dead, she had even missed his wedding to Mai because she was busy with work, but that was no concern of Joey, for she was coming to Domino to stay for good!

He had of course told everyone about his little sister coming home, Mai was ecstatic, Yugi and Tea Motou, who were now married and had a young daughter named Yami, were glad and Duke Devlin and Tristan Taylor, who are still single, decided to see if they could get her to go out on a date with one of them, again, despite Joey's threats to castrate them if they tried.

There were only two people Joey didn't tell – and they were the Kaiba Brothers. Not that Joey had anything against Mokuba, it was just when Mokuba started working full time at Kaiba Corp, he just didn't have the time to catch up with the gang. As for the older Kaiba Brother, Joey still thinks he's an A-Grade jerk, and since Joey had told Seto Kaiba to stay away from his sister or risk singing a few notes higher for the rest of his life, the less the older Kaiba knew about Serenity, in Joey's opinion, the better.

So Joey was standing there at the airport, with Mai, waiting for his sister at the airport when he thought that he'd heard his sister's voice.

"Hey you two," she was saying. "Wait up."

"Yes, Mum." came the bored reply.

Joey then realized that something wasn't right, Serenity didn't have any children… did she? Joey looked around for his sister and then he spotted her with two kids.

Two seconds later Joey fainted.


Maybe I should of told Joey about Peter and Paige, Serenity Wheeler thought. But then again… I didn't want Joey to get into trouble for giving their father a hard time… "Hey Mai! Good to see you," She called out. "Is Joey alright?"

A wide eyed Mai was standing over a passed out Joey "Hey Serenity… Who are they?" Mai asked, pointing at the Twins.

"Oh, these are my children Peter and Paige." Serenity answered. Peter looked a lot like his father did at his age save the fact he had his mother's hair and eye colouring while his sister looked a lot like Serenity, but had her father's eye and hair colouring.

"Your Children!?!" Mai replied, "Who's the Father? And why didn't you tell Joey?"

"The father is the reason why I didn't tell Joey," Serenity sighed. "I didn't want him to go on a rampage and do something stupid."

"Good point," Mai said nodding. "Joey does over react sometimes, now lets see if we can find some one to help lift him to the car, so we can head over to Yugi's… That's where everyone else is waiting to see you - Joey thought it wouldn't be a good idea for everyone to greet you here."

"Ok then," Serenity replied, thanking a higher power for small miracles, now if anyone else had the same reaction as Joey had or worse, it wouldn't make a public scene, "Kids lets go and see if we can find someone to help us get Uncle Joey to the Car."


Seto Kaiba was just returning from a business trip and saw in the distance some airport staff wrestle the Mutt, who was unconscious for some reason, into his wife's car, which was interesting because as far as he knew the Mutt hadn't even been on a plane since his trip to Egypt.

The Mutt must be here to pick up someone, Seto thought, as he looked around the airport. But who would he be picking up? Last I heard, everyone in Yugi's gang was still in the country. That was when he spotted the Mutt's wife talking to a very attractive auburn haired woman as he walked up to his limo.

Seto didn't recognize the lady at first, mostly because she had grown into a woman since the last time he had seen her, but when he realized it was Serenity Wheeler, Seto felt the urge to slap himself for being attracted to her, he knew he wouldn't have a chance in hell to be with her, even if he wanted her to be his lover. And besides, Seto thought. A woman that looks like that doesn't stay single for long.

As if to confirm his thoughts, Seto noticed two children getting into the Mutt's wife's car, which had to of belonged to the Mutt's sister, because he knew the Mutt had no puppies of his own.

As he climbed into the limo he realized that he hadn't heard anything about Serenity having children of her own and so he made a mental note to ask Mokuba if he knew anything about the children he saw with the mutt's sister.


Mokuba had decided to take a bit of a break from work to see Yugi and his friends, and see how they were all going.

Yugi still lived and worked at the game shop with his wife, daughter and elderly grandfather, and Mokuba knew everyone else in Yugi's group had jobs of their own, so to see almost all of the gang at there at the shop was a surprise, "Hey what's the occasion?" Mokuba asked as he walked into the shop.

"Mokuba!" the group said startled.

"Sweet Serenity is coming home!" Tristan sang as everyone else sweat dropped.

"Like you have a chance with her." Duke said darkly.

"Oh and you think you have a chance with her do you?" Tristan snarled at Duke, just before he attacked him.

Tea took little Yami out of the room while Yugi yelled at them "Hey! If your going to do that, take it outside," He said. "You're going to wreck the shop!"

It was at moment in time Mai turned up, looking uneasy, and Mokuba went to talk to her, "Hey Mai," he said. "Are you alright?"

"Oh… Hi, Mokuba," Mai said. "What's with those guys?" she was looking at Yugi who was trying to break up the fight between Duke and Tristan.

"Duke and Tristan are fighting over Serenity again." Mokuba answered.

"Oh, is that what it's all about?" Mai replied absently.

Mokuba nodded in response, then he realized a couple of people were missing, "Hey where are Joey and Serenity?" he asked.

"They're in the car, Joey passed out at the airport." Mai sighed, "And I was hoping for some help with getting him inside."

"I'll help you get him inside Mai." Mokuba offered.

"Thanks Hun," Mai said. "Just don't pass out."

Mokuba was to ask why she would say that as they went outside, but the question caught in his throat when he saw Serenity and her kids, the boy of which looked a lot like someone Mokuba knew when he was at that age.


Well that went well considering… Serenity thought, she had just told everyone about her kids and who their father was. Duke and Tristan did what Joey did as soon as she said children, and Yugi and the others stood gape jawed as she told them who their father was. Now I have to tell Joey who the father of the twins is and he's not going to like it. Duke and Tristan are most likely have the same reaction as Joey, so it's not going to be pretty.

"Does the father know about his kids?" Tea asked, breaking the silence.

"No he doesn't." Serenity said, "How could he know? I didn't even tell Joey!"

"Well you are going to have to now." Solomon Motou said, "and when did this happen anyway?"

"It was Bakura's fault." Serenity said, "He spiked the punch."

"So you were Pregnant when we all got back from Egypt?" Yugi said.

"Yes I was." Serenity replied.

"Then why didn't tell us then?" Mokuba asked.

"You guys looked so… glad that I didn't want to wreak the mood." Serenity sighed, "I meant to tell you guys, but I was afraid too, afraid of what Joey might do…"

"It's okay Serenity." Mokuba said, "Although I can't speak for the Father and your Brother I can say that I understand why you didn't tell." Mokuba's mobile phone rang and he answered it. "That was my older Brother, he's home from his business trip, so I better get going," Mokuba smiled. "As much as I want to see Joey's reaction, I think I better get going and start battering down the hatches, for when the shit hits the fan."

"Don't forget your shield for when Serenity tells you know who, Mokuba." Tea added.

"I plan to catch up on work, and then maybe take a break for a few days, depending on his reaction." Mokuba replied.

"Thanks, Mokuba." Serenity said, "And I will try to stop Joey, Duke and Tristan from doing anything Stupid."

Extra Notes: My main change to this chapter was the bit where Seto sees Serenity for the first time in ten years

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