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Surprise… You're a Father… of Twins!

Chapter 10 – The Way Things were meant to be…

Seto heard two voices as he slowly woke up.

"Be careful, Paige," a woman's voice said. "Your Father is badly hurt."

"Will he be alright?" A girl's voice replied, she sounded quite close to him.

Seto forced his eyes open, and found himself staring into a set of blue eyes that looked so much like his own. A startled Paige jumped back off the bed and hid behind her mother.

As soon as Seto saw Serenity, he tried to sit up and talk to her, but something was holding his tongue down and making him choke, and when he moved his chest and back hurt so much he could barely move.

Serenity called for a nurse, "What happened?" Seto asked Serenity, after the nurse pulled a tube out of Seto's mouth, the Nurse then adjusted his bed so he could sit up.

Serenity gave Seto a glass of water, "Pegasus shot you with his gun," She told him, as she helped him hold onto the glass. "You're lucky to be alive."

"I kind of figured that," Seto replied, knowing that he was been a little bit rude, but he needed to know what happened to Pegasus and if Peter was alright – he hadn't seen his son yet, "Are you and the kids, okay, and what happened to Pegasus?"

"Pegasus is in Jail," Serenity continued. "And they can leave him there to rot for all I care." Serenity looked across the room, "The Twin's and I are fine," Serenity added. "So are Mokuba, Mai, Tea, Yami and Tristan. Yugi has a broken arm, and Pegasus shot Joey in the shoulder but they are going to be fine as well."

Seto nodded and looked around his hospital room, and saw Peter and Yami sleeping in a couple of chairs, Yami's head was on Peter's shoulder.

Seto decided not to ask why Yugi's daughter was here, "The Mu-," he started, but then he corrected himself. "Your Brother was shot?"

Serenity looked at him, "Well that has got to be a first." She said.

Seto gave Serenity a confused look, "What's do you mean?" he asked her.

"You corrected yourself," Serenity giggled. "In front of a member of the public."

Seto growled softly and passed the water glass back to Serenity – who put it on the bedside table – and pulled her closer, then he kissed her softly on the lips.

"Ew, gross," Paige's voice came from behind Serenity, Seto had forgotten that his daughter was still awake. "Mum, what are you doing? You're going to catch boy germs!"

"I think she has already caught your Father's germs," Mokuba said, as he entered the room. "About ten years ago I think."

"How long have you been at the door, Mokuba?" Seto growled.

"Not long," Mokuba replied. "Good to see that you're awake, big brother, the doctor said that if you're healing well you can be out in a week or so if you promise to take it easy, the bullet missed your vital organs, but you did lose a lot of blood."

Seto groaned, he had fallen behind in his work since he had found out that he was a father, he was never going to be able to catch up, "If that's the good news I hate to hear the bad." he replied.

"If Duke wakes up, he isn't going to walk again," Mokuba said. "Pegasus's shot cut though his spinal cord."

2 Months Later…

Serenity and the Twins moved into the Kaiba Mansion within two weeks after the Twin's abduction. Serenity found that the arrangement suited her as well as Seto, the children could move around the mansion and it's grounds freely with little fear of attack or harassment by the paparazzi, as well the added bonus of getting to know their father - when he wasn't busy, of course.

After living together for nearly two months, Seto asked Serenity to marry her, and Serenity said yes.

Serenity looked at the engagement ring that was on her finger as she knocked on the door of her brother's apartment. She was there to talk to Mai about how to break the news to her brother, the Twins had accidentally blurted out the news the last time that she was at the game shop with Mai, and while the Motou's had agreed to keep the news a secret until she told her brother, they had told her not to wait too long.

The Twin's were with their Father learning a bit more about the company that took up a lot of his time, so she had the afternoon to plan how she was going to tell Joey that Seto Kaiba was going to be his brother-in-law.

Unfortunately for Serenity, Joey opened the door and Tristan was paying Joey a visit as well – other than Joey, Tristan would be the hardest hit by Serenity's news.

"Hey Joey, Tristan," Serenity said, as she put her left hand into her pocket so Joey wouldn't see the ring, as he hugged her. "How are things going?"

"Things are going fine," Joey replied, as Serenity entered Joey's home. "How are you and where are my niece and nephew?"

"The Twin's are with their Father," Serenity answered. "And I am okay."

Tristan looked at Serenity as if she was crazy to leave her children with their father, "How can you trust that bastard, Serenity?" he asked her, "Especially with your Children."

Serenity knew that Tristan had a crush on her and would be hurt when he found out that it was Seto who had won her heart, but she had hoped that they could still be friends, but after that comment Serenity wasn't so sure.

"Tristan!" Mai yelled, as she walked into the living room from the kitchen, "That was out of line, Serenity is not your girlfriend, and Kaiba is the father of the twins, so he does have the right to spend time with them if he wishes."

Tristan looked at Mai as if he was going to attack her for even suggesting that Seto had more right to be in Serenity's life than he did… but after a few moments he threw is hands up into the air and stormed out, slamming the front door behind him.

"What got into him?" Joey asked Serenity, "You two didn't have a relationship that I didn't know about, did you?"

"If I did, you would know all about it, Joey," Serenity replied. "If I was Tristan's girlfriend he'd be singing it from the rooftops, all across the city."

"Yeah, Tristan is never big on subtlety," Joey agreed. "Is there any chance that you are going to get together with him in the future?"

"No, Joey," Serenity answered. "Not with Tristan or with Duke for that matter, the way they were with me the day the Twin's were kidnapped was the last straw, they will only ever be friends to me."

To Serenity's surprise Joey accepted her response, "So how are things with Moneybag's?" he asked her seriously.

Joey had never asked her about her relationship with Seto, knowing that she would go to him if anything was wrong. Serenity looked at Mai, who mouthed "He knows." At her.

Serenity looked back at Joey, "You Know?" she asked him.

"I know Kaiba was planning to ask for your hand," Joey replied, with a weird expression on his face. "He actually came to me and asked me for my blessing… The only thing I don't know is your answer."

Serenity pulled her hand out of her pocket and showed Joey the engagement ring.

Things moved quickly after that, the wedding date was set about a month after Kaiba's proposal. Tristan and Duke didn't take the news that well, even after Serenity told them that she never had any romantic feelings towards them.

This fact worried Joey, while he knew Kaiba could probably deal with Tristan and Duke himself, he didn't want his rejected friends to upset Serenity on her big day. So he asked Mokuba and Yugi to help stop Tristan and Duke from doing anything stupid...

"Well if the Mutt didn't tackle Pegasus, we wouldn't be here would we?" Seto joked, at his wedding reception.

"Hey!" Joey called back wounded, "I saved your life and let you marry my sister, don't I deserve a little bit of respect from you?"

All the other guests ignored Joey, as they all knew – The day Seto Kaiba stopped calling Joey Wheeler a Mutt, was the day hell froze over.

"Speaking of letting Serenity marry Seto," Tea started. "Where are Duke and Tristan? I was sure that they would try to stop this wedding from happening."

Yugi, Joey and Mokuba suddenly all looked like they had forgotten something.

"Er…" Mokuba started, before Yugi cut in.

"We knew that they were going to try to ruin the wedding." Yugi said.

"So we got there before them and shoved them into a closet." Joey added.

"And we sort of forgot to let them out." Mokuba finished.

"What!" Tea, Mai and Serenity cried out, as Seto gave a rare smile, as he turned to his wife.

"Do you want me to send someone to let them out?" he asked her.

"Don't bother," Serenity said. "If they're not bashing down Joey's or Yugi's door to find out where we went of our honeymoon and/or to kill them tomorrow morning, Joey, Yugi or Mokuba can go down and let them out."

"I can't believe Joey!" Tristan yelled into the closet door, "All we were trying to do was stop Serenity from making the biggest mistake of her life."

"And now we've lost her for good." Duke finished. Truth be told, however, Duke had started to lose interest in Serenity when he found out that she had Kaiba's children, knowing that on some level Kaiba would always have a place in her heart, and if Kaiba stepped up and wanted a relationship with her, Kaiba would be her first choice, not him or even Tristan, and even if Serenity was interested in him, there were the children to consider, Duke wasn't prepared to be a father, and that was before Pegasus shot him.

"Listen wheelchair boy I haven't lost her, I'll be there when the Marriage falls to pieces." Tristan shot back in denial.

"At least I'm still living in the real world." Duke muttered.

Tristan turned on Duke and was about to ask him repeat what he just said - when a very baffled cleaner opened the door.

"Wha-" the cleaner started, as Tristan tore out of the closet.

Duke just rolled his eyes.

"Well that was interesting couple of months." Joey said to Mai after they got home, from the wedding. "You know I don't think I have seen Seto Kaiba that happy, ever."

"Your sister brings out the best in him." Mai said "Like you do to me."

"Now if we can get that idea into Tristan." They had run into him on the way home, "It's going to take him some time to get over this you know."

Mai nodded, and then said, "So when are we going to tell the happy couple that they are going to be an Aunt and Uncle?"

Joey kissed her and said:

"Well I'm not going to make them wait 10 years if that's what you're thinking."

The End

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