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Rememberall or Nothing

Chapter One – African Magic

Neville Longbottom shielded his eyes from the sun that was blazing overhead. All he could see was miles and miles of wilderness in front of him.

He felt Luna Lovegood put her arms around his waist from behind.

"Did you do a sun-blocking charm?" Luna asked dreamily.

"I'll do one now," Neville said quickly, put his hands on hers.

"I don't mean to lecture you, Neville…"

"I know. I know," Neville sighed. "I just forgot."

Luna turned him around and put her hands on his cheeks. Neville winced. He had forgotten to do the charm yesterday and was paying for it with a wicked sunburn.

"When in Africa…" Luna started.

Neville brought Luna in close. She rested her head against his chest and sighed.

"Where's your dad?" Neville asked, looking around for Mister Lovegood.

"He's talking with the Masai counsel of elders," Luna said softly back. "He won't be back until lunch."

"I still can't believe we're here," Neville said for close to the thousandth time.

Luna Lovegood and her father were on an expedition to find Kifern Faeries. They were acting on a tip they had gotten that the Faeries had migrated to Africa. Her father said that she could bring someone along on the journey.

Mister Lovegood most likely assumed that Luna would bring along a girlfriend of some sort. But Luna was firm. She wanted to experience Africa with Neville, her boyfriend of just over seven and a half months.

At first, Neville had been worried that his grandmother would refuse to let him go. But it was quite the contrary. She was excited that he was getting this opportunity to travel.

"Just you and me," Luna said expectantly. Neville grinned, and lowered his head to kiss Luna. They kissed for a bit, but jumped apart when they heard a commotion.

Luna grabbed Neville's hand. "Look over there," she said sadly, pointing towards a far-away hill.

Neville peered into the distance. A lion had just attacked a gazelle and was feasting on its prey. "That's nature for you," Neville said, stroking Luna's hair.

"I know," Luna sighed. "That doesn't mean I have to like it."

"We should probably move away," Neville told her.

"The lion will be full. He won't attack unless we provoke him," Luna said.

"I can think of a thousand different things I'd rather do than provoke a lion," Neville said seriously.

He hadn't meant to be funny, but Luna threw back her head and started laughing loudly. It was a laugh that no one in the world could duplicate, a laugh uniquely her own. Neville was secretly thrilled that he could make her laugh like that.

Over to their left was a huge herd of cattle, grazing lazily. "Did you know the Masai believe that every single cattle on Earth belongs to them?" Luna asked suddenly.

"Surely not every cattle," Neville said.

"Every cattle," Luna said, taking Neville's hand and walking back towards the village where they were staying. "They've destroyed tribes over cattle they believed belonged to them."

"I don't think I'd be happy about that if I was a cow," Neville said seriously. The Masai were a nomadic people, relying on warriors who protected the families.

"Mooo," Luna said so softly that Neville decided she hadn't expected him to hear her.

They continued to walk, waving at Mister Lovegood who was sitting cross legged on the ground, talking animatedly to a group of older tribesmen.

"You learn more magic now?" an elderly voice said behind them.

Neville and Luna both turned quickly and saw that it was Lamu, the medicine man for the tribe. African wizards were generally accepted in the tribes, sometimes even revered because of their magic.

Lamu had been nice enough to teach Neville and Luna some Africa magic. Luna's father told them that Lamu could be eccentric, but that he trusted Lamu with his life.

Luna picked up the magic quickly. But Neville's wand had been broken at the end of the school year, and he hadn't gotten a replacement yet. Professor McGonagall had been nice enough to let him use a school wand for the trip. Both he and Luna had gotten releases to use magic outside of school for educational purposes. Of course, if they had taken the trip two weeks later, it wouldn't have mattered for Neville, since he would be of age.

"Please," Luna said eagerly. Neville nodded in agreement. They had been in Africa for five days now, and Lamu had taught them how to make rain fall in a small area. He also showed Luna a fertility charm, which made Luna giggle and Neville blush. But Lamu was firm; he couldn't understand why Luna didn't have children yet. The women of the Masai generally were married by fifteen, and had children right away. Neville tried to explain that they weren't married, but Lamu just shook his head.

"Today we learn how to ward off an evil spirit," Lamu said in his slow, accented voice. He rose up the long staff that he used for magic instead of a wand. He then pointed the staff straight at Luna's chest. Luna gave Neville a slightly worried look.

"Mkorofi!" he shouted, giving the staff a quick jab. Luna shuddered for a moment.

"What did you do?" Neville asked worriedly. Luna wasn't speaking, but simply staring into the distance.

"I put small evil in her," Lamu said.

"What?" Neville cried. "Why did you do that?"

"To teach you to get rid of it!" Lamu said proudly. "The ward is Fukuza Pepo Mbaya. Move your wand like this." Lamu showed Neville the wand movement, which was a large circular motion.

Neville shook his head and pointed his wand at Luna. "Fukuza Pepo Mbaya!" Neville said forcefully. Nothing happened.

"Said the words wrong!" Lamu told him. "Fukuza Pepo Mbaya!"

Neville took a deep breath and concentrated. "Fukuza Pepo Mbaya!"

Luna suddenly fell to the ground. Neville dropped his wand and ran to her. "Are you okay?" he asked quickly.

She sat up, beaming at him. "You really need to try that," Luna said happily. "Being evil is quite interesting. I don't think I could do that all the time though. It'd be exhausting."

"Well done!" Lamu cried. "Your turn."

"Are you ready to be evil, Neville Longbottom?" Luna asked.

Neville flinched, feeling a sharp pain. He turned away from Luna and rubbed his forehead.

"Neville? Are you okay?" Luna asked gently, putting her arms on his shoulders.

"Just a headache," Neville said, trying to sound casual. But it was more than a headache. It was like a bolt of lighting went off in his head then disappeared. The pain was already gone.

"You don't have to be evil," Luna said. Neville was tempted to use that as an excuse. But he also saw how excited Luna was about learning this new magic.

"It's okay," Neville said reassuredly. "I can be evil."

Lamu said the incantation and Neville felt something stirring inside of him. In a way, the feeling was almost like the Imperius curse. He felt like he was floating. But then, some twisted thoughts went through his head. So he stared ahead, lost in his thoughts.

Just a minute later, the thoughts were gone and Neville found himself on the ground. Luna was jumping up and down excitedly. She walked over to him and helped him off the ground.

"That was odd," Neville said.

"I don't know how You-Know-Who does it," Luna said simply. "He must be bloody exhausted all of the time."

Lamu brought them over to a tree that according to legend was possessed by an evil spirit that no wizard alive could banish. He let both Neville and Luna try the spell on the tree and then proclaimed they were now on their way to becoming real African wizards, having failed to get rid of the spirit.


Much later that night, Neville was sitting in a large circle of tribesmen, surrounding a large bon fire. Luna was dancing around the fire, with the rest of the unmarried women of the tribe.

"She beautiful, isn't she?" Mister Lovegood said quietly, sitting down cross-legged next to Neville.

Neville thought that over for a moment. She was beautiful to him, but no one would really consider her beautiful in the traditional sense. But there were times, like tonight, seeing her in the darkness, lit only by firelight, with her eagerness to embrace life that made her beautiful to everyone, not just him.

"She is," Neville said softly. He waited, wondering if Lister Lovegood was going to have a man-to-man conversation with him about his daughter, but one never came.

After Luna had been dancing for about a half-hour, she suddenly stopped. Another dancer almost crashed into her, but Luna used her quickness to move out of the way in time. She then went to sit down right next to Neville.

"Are you feeling well?" Neville asked quickly.

"I'm tired. That's all," Luna said. She moved and sat herself in Neville's lap, leaning against him. Neville stroked her hair and hoped she hadn't worn herself out. Luna had a very rare blood disease called Cruor Toxicium, which over a period of time, turns her blood into poison. Every three months or so, she needed to have a special treatment that drained every drop of blood in her body and then was given new blood.

The closer she was to needing a treatment, the more tired Luna became. But she had purposely had a treatment just four days before they left for Africa, in order to be at her strongest.

"Okay," Neville said simply. He knew she hated it when he bugged her too much about how she was feeling. He always made sure not to ask too many questions. If he needed to know something, she would tell him.

"Are you ready to call it a night?" Mister Lovegood asked, trying to hide a yawn.

"Not yet, Daddy," Luna said, looking up at the stars. "You can go to bed if you want."

"I think I will," Mister Lovegood said, standing up. "Don't stay up too late. We have an early start tomorrow." Tomorrow morning they were going to be looking for the Faeries again.

"Goodnight, Daddy," Luna said, jumping up and giving her father a hug. "I love you."

"I love you, too, sweetheart," Mister Lovegood said, kissing Luna's cheek. "Goodnight, Neville."

"Goodnight, Mister Lovegood," Neville said. Mister Lovegood nodded and headed back towards the huts.

"Let's take a walk," Luna said eagerly, holding out her hand. Neville grabbed her hand and she helped him off of the ground.

They walked away from the bon fire, arms around each other. Neville watched Luna's eyes, raking the sky.

"They're not coming yet," Neville told her.

Luna took her eyes away from the sky. "They're due, any day now," she said quietly. Luna was expecting her O.W.L. results. She hoped that the owl that was sent to deliver them to her would be able to find her in Africa.

"You'll get your results eventually, and they'll be brilliant, and you'll do fine," Neville said.

"I just want nine," Luna said softly, "Nine and I'll be happy."

Neville, who had only gotten six, didn't say anything to that, and decided to change the subject. He was just about to open his mouth when Luna turned and kissed him hard on the mouth.

"I love you," she said happily.

"I love you, too," Neville said. "Maybe we should talk about your results more often."

Luna laughed and continued walking. Neville glanced up and was once again amazed by the number of stars that could be seen.

"It's amazing here," Neville told her. This was his first trip ever outside of Britain.

"I know," Luna said. "It's a little too hot for my liking though."

"True," Neville said.

"I made a list of places we're going to see some day," Luna said, resting her head against his chest.

"Really?" Neville asked, amused. "Where are we going?"

"Paris, Salzburg, Rome, Tokyo, Beijing, Moscow, Sydney, and New York to name a few," Luna said happily. "We're going to have adventures."

Neville smiled. One thing he loved most about Luna was when she had ideas, they were big ideas. "Sounds good to me," Neville said.

"Just you wait, Neville Longbottom. Africa is just the beginning."


A/N – Yay! Neville and Luna are back! I can't tell you how happy I am to be starting this story. It will be quite an interesting year for Neville, let me tell you that.

The Masai are a real people that reside in Kenya, in Eastern Africa. You can learn more about them at www. pilot. co. uk/ destinations/ culture/ masai. html (Just take out the spaces)

Mkorofi (Swahili) – evil-minded person

Pepo Mbaya (Swahili) – evil spirit

Fukuza (Swahili) - banish