Sunday Morning

It was a Sunday morning.

People drinking coffee and reading their newspapers, others going off
to worship their God.

Some just lying around in bed debating whether to rise or just sleep in.

My life changed on a Sunday morning.

A Sunday morning almost claimed her from my life.

How do I know it was Sunday?

I estimated by the time we arrived at the planet were almost taken prisoner and our trek back to the gate it was close enough.

I remember the sound of her scream as she fell beside me and me carrying her through the gate and handing her to Janet. She started to frantically work to revive her.

I remember clearly asking an airman for the time and the day.

I remember fighting with the medical interns to let me through the doors after I heard the constant buzz of the machine that said her heart had stopped as had mine.

I started to fight to get through those doors to will her no order her to come back to me.

It was that same Sunday morning God listened to me and gave her back to me.

It was a Sunday morning I finally confessed my love to her.

She had been in and out of a coma for a week and she awoke on a Sunday morning. To hear me whisper my love for he and to confirm what I had only hope, that she loved me too.

It was a Sunday morning I had asked her to spend the rest of our lives together. She said I was a romantic at heart after I explained to her why I asked her to marry me and why we must wed on Sunday.

It had to be on a Sunday morning. I remembered that special Sunday morning the tears in her eyes as she agreed to be my wife and the promises we made to never leave each other.

It was on another Sunday morning when God blessed me with another miracle.

Her name was Catherine Joanna O'Neill after both our mothers CJ to me. She was the apple of my eye and one of the keeper's of my heart.

So it's ironic that I'm here lying in a field millions of light years away wondering if I will survive to see the two loves of my life again.

Had I used all my Sunday mornings? I wondered when I heard my name being called but I cannot move. Teal'c lifts me over his shoulder and the last thing I remember is feeling the coldness of the stargate then dark.

I awake to noises and a pressure on my chest. I look to see my wife by my side asleep holding on to my hand.

My CJ is on my chest sleeping with one thumb in her mouth and her otherhand on my chest.

I whisper to the nurse and ask what day is it she looks at her watch and says it 12:01 Sunday morning.

I thank her and send up a prayer to God or my guardian angel for granting me more Sunday's with the ones I love.