Kai's POV:

What am I doing in this world? It's not like anyone wants me for who I am... My grandfather wanted to use me as a tool for BIOVOLT, Mr. Dickinson wanted me to destroy BIOVOLT, and my team? -Hah!- That's a nice one. They claimed to be my friends for six years, bur I just found out, they just wanted me in their beds. I was friends with Tala once, only one problem: He's a cyborg now, he doesn't have emotions. Last time I saw him, he fucking tried to kill me! I lost everyone who was ever near me. I can't even remember my parents! I only know they abandoned me.

Why did I survive the snow for three days without food or water? Why didn't I just die? I want to die. I want it all to end. I want to get rid of my suffering, get rid of my pain. Why do I have to survive everything? Why does every one save me just in time? Why can't they just leave me alone? Damn it! I want to die, and no one lets me! Can't they just fucking leave me alone?!? I can choose for myself, I'm old enough.

I´m sorry my beloved Dranzer, you were my only true friend, even when I wasn't... I hope your next master will be better then me, stronger then me... I'm not worthy of having you... Why? Because I choose the cowards way out. If you were out of your blade right now, and looked at me, you saw me standing here, on this roof, ready to jump. But since you can't see me, you won't see what a coward I am.

I release you. I want you to fly, fly away. I want you to be free...

"Go Dranzer!" I yell, launching my blade.

I see Dranzer arise. She's confused... She doesn't know why she's out, as she sees no opponent...

"It's time, my friend... I release you now and release myself after that... I´m sorry..."

Tears sparkle in Dranzer´s golden eyes. She tries to stop me with her screeching and movements, but I made up my mind.

"Fly, Dranzer. Let me die in peace, knowing that you're okay."

Dranzer shakes her head, refusing to let me go.

"Please Dranzer... It's my wish..." I plead her.

She begins to cry and flies out of her blade, hovering above me. She flies towards me and presses her head against my chest as I stroke her feathers. She leans into the touch, closing her eyes. I let myself fall of the roof and hit the ground limp. If I could've opened my eyes longer, I saw Dranzer follow me, making sure we're together for eternity...