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The first day after qualifying for the world championship and Tyson was getting ready to meet his team

Mates for the second time. After he had dressed and had breakfast Tyson took a short cut through the park he was just coming past the kids play area when he bumped into Kai and Max.

"Hey " Tyson called.

"Hi Tyson" Max replied cheerfully Kai just grunted

"What are you guys doing here?"

"On our way to meet you and the others"

Kai turned and carried on walking

"Hey wait up!" shouted Tyson.

At that moment a beam of black light hit Kai and knocked him off his feet carrying him to Max's feet a split second after a lorry skidded down the hill and landed where Kai had been standing. Every one was silent. The driver clambered out of the now smoking vehicle.

"A-a-a-are you ok Kai?" Tyson stuttered

"Hmmm" he said getting up and looking for the origin of the blast. He found it. Standing on the edge of the river was a cloaked girl well Tyson assumed it was a girl because her outstretched hand was elegant and slender her face was hidden beneath a hood. The wind whipped the cloak out behind her and there was no mistaking it. She was wearing a black knee length skirt and a black long sleeved top her body was well shaped and seductively curved. Her face was still hidden but, as she lowered her arm and lifted her head, two green eyes glowed in the shadowy darkness of her hood.

Kai's jaw dropped and a whisper escaped his lips as he took a shaky step forward.

"N-no i-it couldn't be"

With that, her image merely faded away into the surroundings.

Kai dropped to his knees.

"Who was that" max asked in awe.

Kai punched the ground in anger

Kai's pov

I can't believe it. It's not possible. I thought she was lost forever. And those eyes. they were so... cold so... forbidding. Does she remember me? What I did?

Normal pov

"Kai are you alright?" Tyson's voice called dragging Kai out of his thoughts.

"Hn" he got up and continued walking stopping to glance at the wrecked lorry whose driver was on the phone to the emergency services.

"Hey Kai!" "Wait!" Max shouted.

Kai just carried on walking.

Eventually Tyson and Max caught up with Kai.

"What's going on Kai who was that?" whined the two boys

"No one" Kai answered with a warning glare Max saw and understood. Tyson didn't.

"Awww come on Kai you can tell us. She obviously knew you and you seemed to know her too so tell us already"

"Tyson I don't know her!" Kai said giving a final warning.

"Yeah right. I saw the way you looked at her you cant deny it. If you don't know her why did you drop to your knees and whisper? Not to mention you punching the ground when she went. So who is she? Ex girl friend, Old rival, Sister? Give me a clue.

That was it Kai had had enough he turned round and punched Tyson in the face causing a heavy nose bleed.


"I told you I don't know her." Kai said stalking off down the street while Max tried to help Tyson stem the bleeding.

"It's ok my dads shops round the corner we'll go there and get you cleaned up"

Me: ha I did it

Max: help she kidnapped us and that girl is here they have us tied up!

Tyson: she keeps saying if we don't shut it she'll let HILLARY out (meep)

Kai: sits with eyes closed trying to ignore Tyson it doesn't work and he strangles him

Me: HEY! Cut it out! (hits them all over the head with a really big branch)

Ray: OW! You messed up my hair! I didn't even do any thing!

Kai: some how you stupid cat I really don't think she cares.

Kenny: OK I'll say it! Review & update (sob)