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Chapter 1: Say what…?!

The seventh year students of Hogwarts happily walked out of the great hall after a wonderful feast. Everything about today was totally exciting. They had a great graduation. No death eaters, no trouble at all. Of course there wasn't any. Voldemort was gone for Harry had defeated him a month ago.

"Hey!" Ron turned as he heard a familiar voice. Ah, it was his girlfriend, Lavender Brown. Over the time, she became less ditsy. She ran towards him and when they met she hugged him tight and kissed him. "Can you believe it? We actually graduated! And alive too!" The trio laughed at her comment. "So, you ready to go?"

Ron turned towards Harry and Hermione and pouted. "I know this is our last day at Hogwarts and everything but I promised Lavender I would introduce her to my parents tonight. You know how mom is right?"

Harry and Hermione turned to look at each other, having the same idea, then they turned back to look at Ron then Hermione spoke up. "You're right. So, anyway, don't forget. We're moving tomorrow. Please set your alarm right….."

Ron laced his fingers with Lavender as they were preparing to leave. "How can I forget? You know how much I'm looking forward to moving out of my parents place!" They all laughed at that and then they parted ways.

The next morning

The trio met up the met up in front of their new house. They moved in their things the whole day.

It was a big warm looking house. Hermione picked it out. When the boys saw this house, they were amazed that she even found such a place. The trio thought it was perfect. It was away from everything yet so near….it's actually just a short drive away from town. There were no other houses close to theirs so they had complete privacy. That why they loved that house so much. In the back yard, they had a swimming pool and a hot tub. They had a place to do barbeques and they had a bar. Inside, the house looked very warm and cozy. There was a huge fireplace in the living room, which was also huge. Their dining room was just big enough for them.

The three of them went upstairs to check up their rooms once more. Ron's room was the first room to left and the last room to left was the guest room. The first room to the right was the bathroom. The last room to the right was Harry's room. Hermione's room was upstairs, on the third floor. The boys decided to give her the third floor because she found the house. Harry was actually the one who gave the idea. While they were fixing up the house, Harry put a door on the floor of the room that was going to be the library that lead to Harry's room (the library is also on the third to floor next to Hermione's room).

Every bedroom in the house (and the library) had balconies and fire places. Every room was special and beautiful. They loved it.

"I think we're all fixed up now." Hermione said as she plopped down on their cushy couch in the living room.

Harry sighed and plopped down next to her. "I believe we are."

Ron then sat down next Harry as well. "There's only one thing left to do…." Harry and Hermione looked at him as he said this. "I have to tell you something…." They were still looking at Ron. "I have a date with Lavender tonight!"

Harry and Hermione both murmured something then settled back on their seats. Ron stood up and waved as he left to take a shower. Harry faced Hermione then grinned. "You know, there's one more thing to settle…." Hermione raised an inquisitive eyebrow at him in return. "…Who's cooking dinner…?"

Harry then stood up and carried Hermione to the kitchen. Then they playfully cooked dinner together.

They sat in the dining room eating quietly. For some reason, Harry wouldn't talk at all. Hermione started to worry because he looked like he was troubled. "Harry, is there something on your mind?" Harry froze and they both had stopped eating.

Harry raised his head so that his eyes could meet hers. "Hermione, there's something I need to tell you……"

Hermione looked at him, completely clueless. "What is it Harry?"

"I'm gay."

"Say what…?!"

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