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Chapter 11: It's funny how so many things can happen in less than a week…

Hermione and Ginny went around Milan in search of dresses. Ginny decided to wear a dress similar to the one Kirsten Dunst wore in Spider Man 2(MJ's wedding dress). Hermione waited for Ginny to come out. When she did, she was beautiful. "Ginny…you're gorgeous!"

Ginny picked out a dress for Hermione. "Ok, while I'm taking this dress off, put this on." Hermione took the dress from Ginny's hand and went in the dressing room. Ginny went in another dressing room and changed as well. Ginny came out and waited for Hermione. Hermione came out to ask Ginny for some help with dress. "This is the dress. You have to have this."

Hermione turned towards the mirror. She smiled with satisfaction. It was a satin old rose dress. It had a corset like bodice which made it look so beautiful. It also had black lace on the bust line and at the end of the dress. It only went an inch lower than the knee. You had to tie the black satin ribbons that crossed up her back. She also had lacy black stilettos on. She looked at her watch. "Ooh! Ginny, we've got to go! We've only got an hour left!" Hermione didn't even change anymore. They ran to the cashier and paid. They left to go the church.

They got there earlier than the boys did. They did each other's make up and used their magic to fix their hair in the dressing room. Thirty minutes later, the boys came. Harry knocked on the door and came in. "Hey—" He couldn't finish his sentence. His jaw dropped as he saw Hermione 'Merlin…she looks beautiful…'

Ginny and Hermione smiled. Ginny stood up as she just finished doing her hair. "Ok. I'm done. Let's do this thingy." She smiled brightly as Ron took her arm at the door. Harry went where Draco was and stood right next to him. Hermione poked her had out the door and gave Harry a thumbs-up signal, telling him to start. Beautiful music filled the church as Hermione entered. Ginny followed, accompanied by Ron. Hermione stood in her place as Ron was about to give Ginny away to Draco. Harry and Hermione looked at each other nervously. Ron looked stern. He then wore a small smile and shook Draco's hand. Before giving Ginny away, he hugged her tightly and kissed her cheek. He then let go and stood next to Harry. When the wedding ended, Draco carried Ginny and ran out the door. They were so happy. They couldn't stop laughing. Suddenly Ginny yelled back at Hermione. "Hermione! I left my purse in the dressing room! I'll wait for you in the car!"

Hermione and Harry quickly walked towards the dressing room. "Hermione, why don't you go ahead? I'm pretty sure right now Ginny is hysterically crying." Hermione laughed at this statement. "She needs you…I'll get it." He said as they both smiled. Hermione gave him a small wave goodbye as she quickly walked away. He didn't think that they should be left alone. When he got in the room, there was a 25 year old Italian man there (a/n: he's a helper dude at the church). "Excuse me…I'm looking for a purse. Have you seen it?" He looked around the room and found it on the floor. "Oh. There it is." He bent over and picked it up. The Italian man stared at his butt and said something in Italian. Harry was surprised to find the Italian man an inch away from his face when he stood up. "Um, what are you doing—" Now if this had happened last week, Harry would be delighted to have a hot Italian making out with him. But now, he was in love with Hermione.

Hermione got curious as to why Harry was taking so long so she excused herself from Ginny and ran back to the room. She gasped. "Oh my God Harry! What the hell are you doing!"

Harry gasped out for air. "Hermione! It's not what it looks like—"

"Save it." She then ran out the room.

Ron spotted Hermione running towards a cab. "Hermione what's goin' on?" Too late. She got in and left for the airport. Ron then spotted Harry running after Hermione. "Oi! Harry!"

Harry couldn't catch up with Hermione. He saw a teenager about to get on his bike. Harry stopped and took it. The kid swore at him as he rode away. The kid stopped swearing as Harry quickly grabbed money form his pocket and tossed it to the boy. The boy smirked and walked away. When he was far enough, he took his wand and enchanted the bike to get it to fly. And fly he did! He spotted Hermione's cab and dove down next to the window. "'Mione! Listen to me! It's really not what it looks like!"

The cab halted to a stop as they arrived to their destination. Hermione quickly paid the driver and got out the cab. Harry jumped off the bike, letting it fall down to the ground as he quickly tried catching up with her. Harry grabbed her arm faced her to him. She tried getting loose from his grip, but there was no success for he was much too strong for her. She stopped struggling and stood stiff. She intently glared at him, waiting for what he was about to say. She could no longer wait. "You made me believe that you loved me!" Tears were welling up in her eyes. "For a minute there….I thought I loved you!" Harry was stunned by what she had just said. He slowly let go of her arm as he back away two steps. "How foolish was I to think that you were no longer gay and perhaps fancied me…?" She let out an exasperated sigh. She slowly shook her head as she was backing up closer to the door. "…I will never be with you." With that, she turned around and started walking towards the door.

Harry could not believe what was about to happen. 'Why didn't I see this coming…?' Of course! Of all the years they've known each other, what Hermione did best was caring for him. She easily worried when it came to him. She would always help him with every single problem. She would give her support to what ever he did, even if she disapproved, just to make him happy. She had always loved him. As this totally new realization dawned to him, Harry quickly ran to Hermione and took hold of her arm once more. "What happened at the church was totally uncalled for. He kissed me!" Hermione stayed still as she listened to him. "….I…I actually was going to confess something to you while having dinner tonight…"

Hermione freed herself from his grasp. "I haven't got until dinner." She turned to walk away but Harry stopped her once more.

Harry breathed deeply as he gathered up the courage to confess his feelings for her. This was getting difficult though since people started gathering around them. "Then I shall tell you now…" Harry stared longingly into her eyes. "Before you leave me forever, I just want you to hear me out…then I'll let you decide…whether you are to leave me or not." Hermione nodded. "….Hermione, I'm mot gay."

"Duh." She said as she rolled her eyes.

Harry went on. "…well, I was, but then I found out how being with you made me feel better about everything! When I see you, I am in bliss…When you touch me, I am in heaven…" He said this as he threw his arms up and stared laughing as to express his happiness. "…but most importantly, when I'm with you, I couldn't be any happier." Harry and Hermione stood still as they stared at each other. Harry was beginning to feel nervous about how she'd react.

Hermione walked towards him, looking like she was about to slap him, but instead, she threw herself onto him, entering his warm embrace. They passionately kissed for they had gotten what they had been longing for. The people that had surrounded them started cheering for the new happy couple. Ron, Ginny and Draco squeezed through the crowd to watch the obviously in love friends finally get what they want, or in Harry's case, need. Ron came up to them. "Ok, ok! Enough with that! You've got to come out for air sometime!" The two lovers parted and all three friends started to laugh heartily as they enveloped each other in a brotherly (a/n: or for Hermione, sisterly…) hug. Ginny and Draco soon joined them.


Ron ran into the house and straight to his bedroom, leaving Harry and Hermione alone. Harry smiled and looked down at Hermione. "Well, who would've thought that would happen?"

Hermione smiled sweetly at him. "Certainly, not I…and to think it all happened in less than a week?" Harry laughed and he swept Hermione off her feet and carried her upstairs.

They could not be any happier…well, that is until they get married! And maybe have children…then watch them graduate…well, basically, there's a lot of happiness ahead for these two!

The End.

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