Ok, this story takes place during season 4, before Buffy was recruited into the Initiative.

Zeppo 3: Slayer Evolved
Part 1: Do you want to be a hero?

"Who the hell our these guys?" Xander dived for cover behind a tree as taser blasts shot through the air. He rolled, allowing his armour to take the force of his landing and got back to his feet, assault rifle at the ready.

"Unknown: I thought until now that they where friendly." Cortana changed the marking on the motion tracker from blue to red, "But they are most defiantly human…"

"And that means I can't kill them." Xander risked a glace round the tree, and narrowly missed a tranquilliser dart, "It look's like they're playing by the same rules, for now."

"I agree, but it look's like they're trying to corral us towards the collage campus." Cortana extended the range of the motion tracker; "I strongly suggest that we find a way out of here."

"Easier said than done." Xander slung his rifle over his shoulder and drew his side arm. He pointed it around the tree, and activated the sight linked to his HUD, "I'll need your help on this."

"I see what you're planning." Cortana sounded please, "Fire!"

The pistol barked once, and a black-clad solider dropped a taser as the bullet smashed the weapon's power cell, ruining it without harming anyone.

Xander took advantage of the brake in the enemy line and ran as fast as he could into the night.

"That was, embracing." Dr Maggie Walsh stood in front of her assembled agents, "Our two best capture teams, and you failed to apprehend a solitary target." She glared at the young men, "Any of you have anything to say?"

No one said anything.

"Please, someone at least tell me we've gotten somewhere with our research?" Walsh closed her eyes.

"I think so." Riley Finn stood, "As you know, the subject's armour and weaponry appear to be based on those fond in the videogame 'Halo'." He walked to the round of the room and called up a 3D image on the main screen, "The central character, the Master Chief, is a cyborg known as a Spartan-II: He has enhances reflexes, speed and strength, surpassing anything a normal human can ever hope to achieve."

"And they have access to 25th century technology." Walsh pointed out, "Technology that could be advantageous to our work…"

"Couldn't we just talk to the guy?" Tone of the agents asked.

"Excuse me?" Walsh seemed surprised by the suggestion.

"Just ask the guy to let us have a look at his gear."

"It's a little out of the box, but I could see it working. Mr Finn, you've done more research on this than anyone: you're up."

"I'm picking up a increes in chatter on the police frequencies." Cortana reported as Xander made his way back through the alleyways and back streets, "There's been a major road accident not far from here: several people are reported trapped."

"Another quite night on the Hellmouth." Xander muttered, changing directions as a nav-point appeared on his HUD, "And to think I let you talk me into this."

"It's in my programming to help people." The A.I explained as they rounded the last corner, "And no good deed goes un-rewarded."

The scene that greeted them looked like it belonged in Dante's Inferno: two car's had collided, slamming into a third one that had been parked on the side of the road. The gas talk on the third car had ruptured, and a stray spark had ignited the spilt fuel, turning the wreck into a flaming hell.

"There's someone still trapped in that car!" A bystander called out, unable to get any close because of the heat.

"This is crazy, you know?" Cortana pointed out, realising what was about to happen.

"Feel free to upload yourself into the Internet again." Xander smile, slipping his rifle over his shoulder.

"Fortunately for both of us, I like crazy." Cortana chuckled as Xander started running towards the car wreck. He vaulted over one car and landing in the middle of the wreckage.

The heat from the flames was intense, but Xander ignored it as he assessed the situation: a young woman was trapped in the back of one of the cars, apparently unconscious, but still breathing.


Ignoring the flames that played against his shields, and the still rising temperature that threatened to cook him like a TV dinner, Xander gripped the door and pulled with all his strength. The enhanced strength granted to him by the Spartan program, aided by his Mjolnir-II battle armour, easily ripped the door away from the car and tossed it into the night.

"I suggest we hurry." Cortana sounded worried, "I predict that we have seconds until the fuel tanks on the other two cars detonate."

"Not a problem." Xander pulled the injured woman from the car and held her close to his body as he turned his back on the flame.

One of the gas tanks exploded, showering the area in flame and incinerating the car Xander had just rescued the woman from. The shock wave almost knocked him to the ground, but he steadied himself and started to run towards the flames.

Bending his legs and pushing down with all his might, Xander took to the air, sailing clear over the fire, landing on the other side with enough force to leave a deep impression on the tarmac road.

"That was too close!" Cortana protested as Xander lay the unconscious down, "We'd better get out of here before the police turn up."

"I hear that." Xander turned and ran into the night, not seeing the man with the camera that had caught everything on film.

To Be Continued…