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Kirsten didn't like to admit it but as much as she had gotten away from her Newport self there would always be part of that girl in her. No matter how much she tried to run from it. Which she figured now as she walked into the nursery, if you could call it that, at their house in Berkley. Looking at the two barley half a year old babies lying in their cribs that took up practically the whole room she thanked god for the spoiled brat in her.

It was good that she had gotten everything she wanted from her parents, particularly her dad, and knew every way in the book to get it. It was also lucky that Sandy was not immune to her sweetness when she wanted to be yet. I mean what sane man in the world goes with his wife to the hospital to give birth to their baby, and comes back with two, especially the fact that one wasn't theirs.

Her name was Dawn that was really all he had known about her. Except for the fact that she shared a room with Kirsten during the time that she was in the hospital. Dawn had given birth to a baby the same day as Kirsten, only half an hour apart. Kirsten had been bored and lonely, what with Sandy at work all the time, and had turned to Dawn for companionship. From their time spent together Kirsten learned that Dawn was giving up her new baby for adoption as soon as she left the hospital. Kirsten hadn't meant to fall in love with Dawn's baby, it had just happened. She hadn't even had to ask Sandy, he had known that she loved their kid , there was no doubt of that, but she had fallen in love with the baby with the incredible blue eyes and the blonde tuffs of hair.

Sandy had been great about it, getting lawyer friends and calling in favors making sure that this baby became theirs. Kirsten reasoned that her role model Carol Brady had basically adopted her husbands boys, so it was okay for her to adopt someone's kid. So now they had two boys the exact same age and no way to explain it. People had commented about how beautiful their twins were and Kirsten had just agreed. Slowly it became that Ryan and Seth Cohen were twins…..

"I don't want to move!" Seth cried at the top of his three-year-old lungs as Kirsten buckled him in his car seat.

"Me neither!" Ryan cried just as loudly trying to escape his own.

"Come on guys, you'll love Newport!" Sandy said hoping that he sounded convincing. He was having his own doubts. This was for Kirsten because her mom was dying, Sandy wasn't a big fan of Caleb himself but he could deal with Ann. In fact he understood why Kirsten loved Ann so much. So even though he loved Berkley he was willing to make Newport their home for now.

"You guys will love seeing Grandpa and Grandma, and you can make new friends,"

"Grandpa is scary," Seth mumbled and Sandy laughed, at least until Kirsten shot him a dirty look.

"You like Grandpa right Ryan?" Kirsten asked Ryan didn't say anything just shook his head quickly. "Well don't tell him that alright?" Ryan looked at him mother warily but nodded. "How about you Seth?" Seth shook his head.

"That's right son," Sandy said grinning at Seth.

"Me? Right too?" Ryan asked in confusion, Sandy grinned at him too.

"Yes son your right too," Sandy said and turned back to the road. The rode in silence for a while, before Sandy finally broke it. "So honey are you almost ready to start working for the devil? You know it's not good to see your soul to him"

"That devil is my father," Kirsten hissed trying not to wake up Seth and Ryan who were sleeping in the backseat.

"So? He's still the devil,"

"Come on Sandy! You're not going to act like this around him are you?"

"I don't know forever is a pretty long time to be on my best behavior,"

"Sandy!" Kirsten said in a hushed shriek



"I don't know you were the one that called my name first, "

"Uggh!" Kirsten cried in annoyance but just turned and stared out the window. She was going to take the high road. Sandy smiled and grabbed her hand. Kirsten didn't react, but Sandy knew that he was slowly making sure that she wasn't mad. Because if he had Seth, Ryan and Kirsten mad about him about this move well that would just be one triple whammy. A triple whammy in Sandy's book was definitely not a good thing. The annoying part of traveling with three year olds who need to use the bathroom every hour was that they wanted McDonalds every time they saw it. Sandy was starting to think that that was the reason for having so many fast food restaurants, little hungry boys.

"Look!" Kirsten cried pointing to a sign that said welcome to Newport Beach.

"What does it say Mommy?" Seth cried trying to understand what him mom was so excited about. He craned his neck trying to figure it out as they drove past it. "Ryan!" he finally cried in despair. A very tired and grumpy Ryan just let out a sob. Kirsten sighed.

"Seth leave Ryan alone, he's tired," she answered. Ryan had been sobbing for the last twenty minutes and had only just stopped, until Seth had disrupted that. Ryan sobbed harder as they drove into the gated community, still sobbing as they finally drove into the driveway of their new house. Seth on the other hand was bouncing up and down in his seat.

"Where are we? Is this home? Can I have my own room? Can I get a horse? Can it live in the backyard? No…no…can it live in my room? Sleep in my bed?" Seth rambled loudly still bouncing.

"Seth no! You can't have a horse for the millionth time!" Kirsten said in exasperation

"But captain oats needs a friend!"

"Seth, sweetie I'm sure that your plastic toy needs a friend but I don't think a real one will work,"

"Please mommy!"

"We'll talk about it later Seth,"

"But mommy!"

"You heard your mother Seth, now stop. Ryan please stop," Sandy finally yelled at his blonde son and Ryan to his surprise actually did, a look of total surprise at being yelled on his face. "God I'm sorry," sandy said instantly regretting it. He knew that they were all irritated and upset from the six hour drive from Berkley but he shouldn't of yelled at him.

"Daddy didn't mean it Ryan, sweetheart," Kirsten said as she unbuckled him from his car seat. Ryan was starring at them as if they were crazy. Ryan's lip came out slowly in a pout and his eyes welled up with tears. Kirsten thought fast.

"Hey sweetie, you want to go see your new room again?"

"No!" Ryan cried he was tired and was really not in the mood to act cheery.

"Me?" Seth piped up from the backseat.

"Sure why not," his mother answered in a happy way to cheery voice. Ryan just stared at her. He was good at that stare, and Kirsten had only ever seen it before on one person. His mother, his real mother. Maybe that's why she spent so much time getting him to be happy, because it meant the less she had to see that stare. "Hey Ryan how about you watch a movie with Seth while Daddy and I get dinner?" Ryan contemplated that idea and then smiled. Kirsten grinned back at him, it takes a true mom to make their kid smile when their that unhappy she thought to her self. Dawn was just the person who had given Kirsten the best gift in the world, her son.

"Maybe" Ryan finally said his wet cheeks the only remains of his last breakdown. He seemed to be totally all right with the idea of just forgetting the fact that two seconds ago he was crying, sobbing really. "Ok" he said as Kirsten lifted him out of his seat. Sandy held Seth and Kirsten held Ryan and together the four of them made their way into the mansion that they were now about to start calling home.

"Well we're certainly not in Berkley anymore," Sandy said as he walked back into the kitchen where Kirsten was sitting at the counter. He had just put Ryan and Seth in their beds after a long time of trying to convince them that even though they were not in the same room they would be okay.

"Real funny, Sandy, real funny. Why don't you just start singing a rendition of follow the yellow brick road?" Kirsten said with a smile wrapping her arms around him in a hug.

"Okay if that's what you want honey," Sandy said and started singing in a loud voice.

"God Sandy!" Kirsten said slapping him lightly on the chest.

"Aw honey you wound me," Sandy said pretending to be hurt.

"Funny is definitely not your middle name Sandy so just stop. How are the boys doing?"

"Seth is fine, by the time I was finished making sure that Ryan was okay, he was sleeping like a baby"

"He is so your son,"

"Yes," was all Sandy said before continuing, "But Ryan took forever to get to sleep. I think he needs a captain oats,"

"Sandy remember Ryan had a plastic horse but he hated it,"

"Oh that's right, wasn't that their Christmas present last year?"

"Yes, you picked it" Kirsten said in a mocking tone

"I forgot,"

"What are you old or something?"

"Nah, being around you just makes me forget things,"

"Is that a compliment or an insult Sandy Cohen?"

"I believe it was an attempt at a compliment Mrs. Cohen," Sandy said leaning down to kiss his wife and even after all these years he still took her breath away.

"Whose that Daddy?" A tiny voice said and Kirsten head snapped up, breaking the kiss.

"Whose who sweetheart?" Kirsten said bending down to pick up Ryan.

"Daddy called someone something,"

"What did I call that person?" Sandy asked confused

"Something where the first name was Mrs."

"Oh Mrs. Cohen?" Kirsten asked with a smile

"Mmmhhmmm" Ryan said laying his head on his mother's shoulder.

"That's me," Kirsten said hiding back her laugh.

"Uh-uh, no way,"

"Yes, that's your mom's name," Sandy said wondering what was going through the small kids mind.

"No!" Ryan cried with determination "She's Mommy," Sandy and Kirsten burst out laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" Seth's tired voice said as he appeared in the kitchen rubbing his eyes. Sandy groaned as he picked up his other son.

"Come on let's get you guys to bed," Sandy said

"No!" Ryan cried burying his head in Kirsten's shoulder.

"Fine do you want to sleep together?" Sandy asked tentatively. He was trying to make it so they were not interdependent on each other. But he was tired, Kirsten was tired and they boys were tired. It just made sense to let them sleep in the same room together. Ryan and Seth cheered and high fived one another. They jumped out of their parents arms and race upstairs.

"Sandy," Kirsten said groaning. They had agreed a long time ago that at some point they had to separate the two of them.

"Kirsten, wait fifteen minutes, then go up there. Tell me that when you look at them up there all happy and content it doesn't make your heart break. Tell me that you'd rather them be alone then be together, because at some point honey they'll have to separate but until then I think I can live with it. Can you?" Sandy asked then kissed her on the cheek. "I'm going to go up and take a shower, before you come up to bed, just look in on them alright?"


"Great, good-night," Sandy said and kissing his wife on the forehead he headed upstairs. Kirsten watched the minutes on the clock tick by wondering what was so important that she had to go upstairs. She sipped her coffee and looked at the refrigerator doors. They were already covered with pictures that Ryan and Seth had made, both in nursery school and at home. It had been the first thing they had unpacked. Kirsten especially loved the huge one that the two of them had made her for mother's day. It was so large it had to be made vertical, but until she got around to frame it and put somewhere she was content with it like that. It had two messy blue handprints with their names under it and then they had drawn their family. The picture wasn't a Picasso, and she had no hope at least at the moment that either would become the next Mozart of art, but in her eyes it was perfect. Kirsten tore her eyes from the picture and put her mug in the sink, and slowly made her way up the stairs.

She opened the door of Seth's room as quietly as possible and waited while her eyes adjusted. The two of them were laying on the bed, their heads touching their face with just the hint of a smile. Kirsten closed the door of the room and felt the same small smile on her own face. Climbing into her bed she reached for Sandy's hand. Holding it she whispered softly to him.

"Your right Sandy. I think we made the right choice," They both knew it had too meanings. The meaning of bringing Ryan to live with them so many years ago and the meaning of letting them sleep in the same bed.

It had been two weeks since they had first moved to Newport. Everyone, including Sandy was starting to slowly adjust. Especially Seth and Ryan since they had a new friend. Her name was Marissa Jane Cooper. She was their neighbor. Which is fine in itself but the fact that her dad was Jimmy, Kirsten's first love, made it slightly weird. But not weird enough that she would take her kids away from their friend, it was better for her feelings stay out of it. So she had gotten good at making sure that Seth, Ryan and Marissa played a lot. Which was the reason that she was sitting outside by their pool with Julie Cooper watching the kids play. They weren't in the pool, they were just playing hide in seek but it was better that they watched them.

"So tell me Kirsten, what was it like to give birth to twins? I can barley imagine it, just having Marissa was hell," Julie said and Kirsten's breath caught in her throat. Was this woman on to her secret? Did she know? What was her dad and mom going to say when they got word of this? Kirsten took a deep breath and realized that Julie was just making small talk, she had no idea what the truth was.

"It was not as bad as you would think, besides I like the fact that I got them both born in one shot. Mean's I'll probably never have to do it again,"

"Lucky you, you know men think they're the strong species. Ha! Have they ever had to give birth to a child?" Julie said laughing and Kirsten joined her. Suddenly Kirsten felt something under her lawn chair. She muffled a scream and jumped up. Looking under she found Seth laying on his stomach his finger to his lip. Putting her hand on her heart in an attempt to steady it Kirsten sat back down.

"Then again, at least you only have one to deal with,"

"True," Julie said fingering her ring. She looked around and for the first time noticed how quiet it was. "Where's the kids?" she asked her voice slightly panicky

"Seth sweetheart, where are Marissa and Ryan?" Kirsten asked in a whispered

"I don't know?" he asked wondering if that was the right answer. Kirsten shook her head, it was definitely not. "Don't tell Marissa," he finally said and she nodded. "Ryan's in the play house," he said.

"What play house?" Kirsten asked wrinkling her nose

"The little house," Seth said pointing to the pool house.

"Oh and where is Marissa?"

"In the pool house too,"

"Okay, you want to get them and we'll have a snack?"

"Yes!" Seth cried hurriedly getting out his hiding place and heading towards the pool house at a run.

"Your such a natural Kirsten,"

"A natural with what?"

"Being a mother," Julie said with a smile picking up her drink as she followed Kirsten inside.

"What do you think they would want as a snack?" Kirsten asked in an attempt to change the conversation topic.

"What would your boys like?"

"Cookie and captain crunch, their two favorite foods,"

"Not together right?"

"Probably when they're with Sandy, he just can't say no, but not when they're with me"

"Jimmy's the same way with Marissa,"

"Men," Kirsten said hoping that Julie hadn't seen her face when Jimmy had been brought up.

"Can't live with them, can't live without them,"

"Defenitly, aha! Chocolate chip cookies!"

"Mmmm!" Julie said

"You want?"

"No way, too many calories! Besides I was being sarcastic"

"I guess I should have known that after all my husband is the king of sarcasm. Do you want anything else? "

"No thanks, I ate just before I came,"

"All right, let me just call everyone in," Kirsten said going to the door. "Seth! Ryan! Marissa! Come on in, snack time." Then in a quieter voice she added "god I feel like a pre-school teacher,"

"Welcome to my world," Julie added with a laugh. Kirsten was surprised at how much even though she hated Julie for taking Jimmy, that she could understand why he loved her. She was one of the first nice people she knew that lived in Newport.

"Mommy help!" Ryan cried running in and hiding behind Kirsten.

"What's wrong?" Kirsten asked a little bit of worry creeping into her voice.

"We were playing tag," he started "and I missed Marissa,"

"Okay?" Kirsten asked the worry-gone confusion now re-placing it.

"Then she started singing this song,"

"What song?" Julie asked

"uh I don't know,"

"Missed me, missed me, now you gotta kiss me," Marissa and Seth walked into the kitchen singing. Julie and Kirsten groaned simultaneously.



"What?" the two three year olds answered

"Never mind, just come eat your snack," Kirsten said and motioned to the cookies on the table.

"Is there meat in this?" Marissa asked wrinkling her nose.

"No, why?"

"I'm a vegetarian I do not eat meat,"

"Oh ok sweetheart I'll remember that," Kirsten said "But no there's no meat"

"Good," Marissa said and dug in with as much vengeance as the boys to the cookies. Cookies and milk were a great way to start a friendship.

After the snack Kirsten walked Julie and Marissa to the door. Ryan and Seth had mumbled a good bye and then ran upstairs to play.

"Well this was fun," Kirsten said to Julie as Marissa tugged on her mom's arm.

"Yes, definitely," Julie said returning Kirsten's smile.

"We should do it again sometime soon,"

"I agree"

"Great," Kirsten said and as she watched Julie and Marissa walk down the driveway she watched the mailman walk up.

"Here you go," he said handing her a bundle of mail. Kirsten smiled and with a wave he left. Kirsten flipped through the mail, bills, bills, a letter from the nana, and then Kirsten's breath caught in her throat. Sandwiched between another bill and the letter from the nana was a letter. With messy childish handwriting on the upper left corner was the words Dawn Atwood. Kirsten fell to the floor in shock.

Author's Note: I know that I made Julie nice in this story but I figured that when she just came from riverside she couldn't be that terrible yet, right? Oh well don't worry Julie Cooper can't be nice forever. Everyone knows that. Hope you enjoyed it more to come soon, I have winter break starting on Thursday so I'll have plenty of time to get an update it soon.