Author's Note: I'm so excited to write this chapter, you don't even understand. I realized that this is the chapter that I get to start to explore Seth and Summer if they had actually talked when they were younger! I hope everyone likes it! Thanks so much for all the great reviews you totally make my day. Okay I'm taking a break from having Dawn come and it's more about the apprehension that Kirsten feels and the way Seth and Ryan are growing up. So on with the story….

"Everyone stand up please," Mrs. Ralwey, Harbor Middle School's fifth grade history teacher, said as she walked into the classroom. "Were going to switch seats,"

"What?" Seth hissed to Ryan who was sitting next to him. Ryan shrugged before turning to Luke and raising an eyebrow. Mrs. Ralwey never paid attention to the class seating. She had let them pick their seats from day one, and just sighed loudly when a table got to loud and asked them to please be quiet.

"Excuse me, Mrs. Ralwey," Luke said in a bored tone

"Yes, Luke?" the teacher said in a matching tone

"I like my seat the way it is," Luke said and there was a chorus of agreements.

"Luke stand up please, we're switching seats,"

"I refuse,"

"Luke, come on," Ryan said rolling his eyes and standing up. Luke groaned

"Ryan dude, you have to learn that best friends have each other's back," he said and stood up

"Thank you Luke, Ryan, now here. Okay at table one we have Cooper, Williams, Flack and Fisher" Holly and Marissa high-fived each other but rolled their eyes at the fact that Trent Flack the biggest dork in the fifth grade, in their opinion had to sit with them.

"Table two Ward, Cohen, Roberts and Kiley"

"Ms. Ralwey," interrupted Ryan in the most polite voice he could think of

"Yes, Ryan?"

"Which Cohen because Seth and I are twins, so there are two of us,"

"Yes, Ryan, I am well aware of that fact. But seeing as the fact that you and Luke could prove quite disruptive it's Seth,"

"We wouldn't be that disruptive…"Luke said but trailed off at the look she was giving him. Meanwhile Seth was trying to figure out where to sit. If he sat down next to Luke he would have to hear endless discussions on why wasn't Seth good at soccer but Ryan was, and what sports Luke was going to play now that he was in fifth grade. If he sat down next to Summer he might not be able to survive the remaining weeks alive. And Samantha Kiley, that kid Seth was convinced still picked her nose. So when they sat down all he did was try to avoid sitting down next to Samantha because Seth didn't want any buggers to land on his desk. Samantha it seemed must have had a thing for Luke because she rushed to sit down next to him. Exactly in the seat that Seth was trying to sit in.

"Excuse me, I think that that chair has my name on it," Seth said putting his hand on his hip and staring at the girl. Samantha just stared at him for a second then wiped her nose and shrugged.

"I don't see your name on it,"

"I meant figuratively,"

"Whatever. Sit next to Summer," Samantha said and Seth's eyes widened.

"No, uh…." Luke looked at Seth trying to figure out who the girl was. Samantha Seth mouthed "Samantha, I think Seth is sitting there,"

"No," Samantha said wiping her nose again, very conveniently with her hand.

"Where am I sitting?" Summer said in a bored tone as she approached the group

"Hey Sum, who do you want to sit next to Cohen or uh…" Luke paused for a second "Samantha"

"Ewww! Cohen of course," Summer said sticking out her tongue at Samantha who was looking very smug

"Please don't hurt me Summer" Seth pleaded as he sat down next to her

"If your nice I won't" Summer said and smiled nastily at him.

"Great," Seth mumbled and then turned back to the teacher.

Kirsten had a headache so she had stayed home today. She was wandering around the house wondering what to do. Sandy had been the one that insisted that she stay home because she had woken up with it, feeling dizzy and nauseous which resulted in Sandy rubbing her back as she leaned over the toilet the room spinning around her.

Sandy had thought that maybe it was because she was getting sick, and she didn't want to tell him the truth. She had had a dream about Dawn coming back. It had been too long since Dawn had paid them a visit. She wanted to believe that she was gone from their lives forever. That they could just go on pretending and living their lives, but every time she thought that her thoughts just kept coming back to what Dawn had said. That she would see her soon. Kirsten thought about that and slid onto the bed as her headache returned. Closing her eyes she figured that the best way to keep these thoughts out was to just sleep.

She was woken up when she heard the door open.

"Mom, Mom, Mom!" Seth was calling the panic clear in his voice

"Honey, are you okay?" Sandy was there too, the panic in his voice as well.

"Seth? Are you sick sweetheart?" Kirsten said rushing into the hall. She wondered what Seth was doing home so early. He didn't sound sick, so maybe he had gotten hurt. She was running down the stairs by now.

"No Mom, are you okay?" Seth asked giving her a huge hug. "I was so scared"

"What happened?" she asked turning to Sandy.

"You didn't come to pick up Seth at school, did you forget that the paper was canceled today? No one could reach you at home or at work so Seth called me. But if your alright I'm going to go back to work, is the good? There's a really big case that I need to work on" Sandy said looking extremely apologetic and hassled

"Okay, that's fine" Kirsten said and accepted the kiss the Sandy leaned in for as he rushed back out.

"Oh honey I'm so sorry," Kirsten said her heart breaking for Seth who looked so worried. "I wasn't feeling well so I took a nap,"

"Oh," Seth said and shrugged with indifference. "I have to sit next to Summer at school,"

"Really? That's great honey," Kirsten said putting her arm around him and leading him into the kitchen.

"Mom have you met Summer?"

"Yes she's a sweet little girl,"

"Uh no she's not, I was practically begging Samantha to let me sit next to Luke instead,"

"Oh, well I'm sure Summer's not that bad," Kirsten said opening the refrigerator. "What do you want for a snack?"

"Nothing, there was a meeting of some club at school and they had pizza and while I waited for Dad they gave me some,"

"Really that was nice of them,"

"I guess," Seth said and thought about his new favorite topic, Summer Roberts. She was incredibly fascinating he thought. He didn't know much about her in reality, after all it was more of Ryan who hung out with her. As the fact that she and Ryan were both Marissa's best friend, Seth liked Marisa too but they just didn't hang out a lot. But in the single forty minute period they had spent together she had talked non-stop. She had covered everything from high ponytails vs. low ponytails to the fact that her real mother was in New York trying to be an actress.

"What are you thinking about honey?" Kirsten asked as she sat down next to her son.

"Uh…" Seth felt his face flush. He wasn't going to tell his mom what he was thinking; she might think he was weird. Not that she didn't already, but it was best that his mom thought that he was at least a little normal. "Nothing"

"It didn't look like nothing," Kirsten teased gently. Seth's face was turning redder by the moment and all of a sudden Kirsten froze. She wondered if Seth was thinking about a girl. Kirsten started to cough really loudly, just to take up time.

"You all right mom?" Seth asked happy to avoid the topic

"What? Oh yeah. Were you thinking about a girl honey?" Kirsten prodded gently. Seth's mouth dropped open, could his mother read his thoughts? There were times he was quite suspicious of this but maybe this proved it.

"Uh….no….no….nooo…." Seth said practically sighing in relief when he heard the door open.

"Bye Luke, thanks Mr. Ward!" Ryan called before running into the kitchen. "Mom, Seth," he acknowledge before grabbing a water out of the fridge.

"Ryan. Buddy, hey how's it going? How was soccer? Did you win? Did Luke kick your butt again?"

"Seth, your rambling" Ryan said in a bored tone. "It was just practice, how could we win?"

"Uh….I don't know?" Seth supplied

"Right, what were you talking a bout?"

"Seth was going to admit that he was…"

"Mom, stop!" Seth cried in panic covering her mouth

"Something interesting?" Ryan asked glancing at Seth who shrugged

"Nope, nothing interesting, everything's normal I wasn't thinking about anything weird, nope, not at all,"

"Seth!" Kirsten cried prying his hand away in disgust.

"But you were going to tell Ryan, and Ryan would tell Marissa, and Marissa would tell…." Seth trailed off realizing he had almost let it slip.

"I won't tell I promise," Ryan said but Seth shook his head and tore past his mom and Ryan and ran up towards his bedroom.

"I've got homework," he called over his shoulder as he closed the door to his room. He could hear Ryan running behind him. Sinking down against the door he closed his eyes. That was close. Was it possible to develop a crush on a person in one day, Seth wasn't sure. All he knew was that if this was a crush, Summer was going to make it true by crushing him with her little fists.

"Seth open the door," Ryan cried banging on the door


"Yes!" Ryan said and pushed open the door a little bit. Seth pushed back struggling against Ryan's obvious strength. "Seth stop being an idiot"

"I'm…Not….Being…an….idiot.." Seth said as Ryan finally won and pushed the door open. Seth glared at Ryan who just raised an eyebrow. Even at ten he was starting to perfect the scary look, the one that Kirsten referred to as the nickel look because it reminded her of her father.

"Yes you are," Ryan said simply "Who is it?"

"You don't know them," Seth said trying to sound innocent. He knew Ryan wasn't going to take that as an answer but he figured it was worth a try.

"But Marissa does?"


"Seth god some times I wonder how I'm related to such an idiot,"

"Sometimes I wonder how I'm related to such an idiot," Seth mimicked trying to postpone telling Ryan.

"Stop it, Seth,"

"Stop it Seth," Seth mimicked again



"You suck,"

'You suck"

"Seth is so stupid,"

"Seth is so…Hey!" Seth cried realizing that Ryan was done playing games. "I don't…I mean…"

"Is it Holly?" Ryan asked wrinkling his nose. Ryan was not a big fan of Holly, although it was clear that it was a mutual feeling because just a couple of weeks ago Holly had punched him giving him a bloody nose.

"God no!" Seth cried in disgust

"Is it Marissa?" he asked narrowing his eyes. Seth paused loving to torture his brother. Ryan lunged at him.

"No! No! It's not Marissa!" Seth cried frantically trying to dodge Ryan.

"Seth, I'm warning you stay away from Marissa,"

"I like her but just as a friend, I promise dude,"

"But if you do…"

"It's someone else!"

"So your admitting it?"


"It sure sounds like you were," Ryan's eyebrow was raised and he was semi-glaring at his brother.

"Okay maybe I was, then again maybe I wasn't"

"You're an idiot!"

"You've already said that,"

"Well I'm just reinforcing the point"

"Ooooh, a big word, did your girlfriend teach you that one?"

"Marissa's not my girlfriend," Ryan said rolling his eyes.

"I thought she was, that's why she's so special to you, and you would freak if you found out that I like her,"

"Yeah because I would feel bad when Marissa kicked your scrawny little butt,"

"Marissa could not kick my butt,"

"Yes she could, now either tell me or I'll come kick your butt," Ryan said and Seth knew that when Ryan said this he really and truly meant it. Seth loved his brother but sometimes he was scared of him.

"Not really but kind of just a little bit I may possibly have a teeny tiny itsy bitsy really small and unimportant, not that special to be ignored crush on," Seth said and then lowered his voice so much that Ryan could barley hear it. "Summer,"

Ryan burst out laughing. He couldn't help it, everyone knew that Seth was the first to back down in almost every situation and Summer was the first to punch the person in the nose. Except for Holly of course, Ryan rubbed his nose consciously remembering how hard her first had been. Seth glared at Ryan until he finally stopped laughing.

"It's not that funny," Seth glowered

"It is, I can't wait to tell Mommy," Ryan said and started to head to the door. Seth went over to grab Ryan but Ryan was too fast for him. The two of them raced downstairs yelling insults back and forth at each other. Kirsten turned at all the noise, she was surprised to see that for once it was Seth chasing Ryan and not the other way around, but in actuality she wasn't that shocked that Seth was lapsing behind.

"Hi guys,"

"Mommy guess what!" Ryan was practically shrieking by now.

"Don't tell PLEASE," Seth pleaded but he was panting so hard it all came out as one word.

"But it's funny,"

"It's not funny,"

"Ryan it's okay, if Seth doesn't want me to know that's perfectly alright," Kirsten said grinning slightly wondering how Ryan had gotten it out of Seth in the first place. "Now why don't you guys get do homework, Daddy's going to be home soon,"

"But I want to tell you," Ryan whined as he grabbed his backpack from over by the table and swung it on his back.

"Well, why don't we let Seth tell me when he wants to? Now do you need any help on your homework?"

"Mom, I'm a big kid, I do not need help on my homework," Ryan said rolling his eyes

"I know you are, just thought I would ask," Kirsten said going over and dropping a kiss on his forehead. "What about you Seth? Need help, sweetie?"

"Nope, I'm all done," he said proudly

"Really? When did you finish that?"

"When you forgot to pick me up today," he said simply and Kirsten frowned. "It's okay mommy, don't worry about it,"

"Okay, Seth, so tell me about this girl,"

"I don't like her," he said defiantly and Kirsten just smiled


"I don't but I don't understand,"

"understand what, sweetie?" Kirsten asked getting up and walking over to the fridge "want something to drink?"

"No thanks, I don't understand girls," Seth said after a pause

"Okay, what don't you understand?" she asked reaching for a bottle of water

"Everything," Seth said "Can I go swimming?"

"I don't think so, honey, it's kind of late. Why don't you go and skateboard until Daddy comes home?"

"I guess," Seth sighed and walked outside. He opened the garage and took out his skateboard. But he didn't really feel like it. But he knew that if he was going to go back inside he would get drilled by his mother.

"This sucks," he said as he back and forth in front of his driveway. He had been riding for ten minutes when he saw that there was someone sitting at the edge of Marissa's driveway watching him. He looked over and froze when he saw who it was. Summer.

"Hi, Cohen," she said as he walked over

"Summer," he said "What are you doing here?" he asked sitting down next to her.

"Waiting for my daddy to come pick me up,"

"Why are you not inside?" Seth asked clearly confused

"Because I told them my daddy was here, but he's not," she said quietly

"Okay," Seth said more confused then ever

"Because, I was there a long time and the have to have a family dinner and I didn't want to interrupt,"

"Oh, did you call your dad?"

"Uh-uh, he said he'd be here soon," she said sadly

"Okay, then," Seth said and sighed "Want me to wait with you?"

"No thanks Cohen," she said harshly

"Okay, just trying to help," Seth said and got up "No need to be rude," he walked off "If you change your mind, I'm going to go skate board in my back yard"

Seth was skating around the pool house, wondering what Summer's problem was. He had been totally nice to her, and yet she had been so rude.

"Cohen?" a tentative voice asked and Seth turned suddenly, falling off his skateboard.

"Summer," he said getting back up and skating towards her. "Decided to apologize maybe, or just wanted to be nasty to me some more?"

"I'm sorry," she said softly and he nodded. That was good enough for him.

"Want to wait with me?" he asked and she nodded. "Want to come inside?"

"Uh, can we? Will your parent's get mad?"

"Doubt it, but Ryan might," Seth joked but Summer didn't smile.

"Okay, then I'll just you know, go back to waiting in the driveway,"

"I was just kidding. Duh," he said smacking his forehead


"Come on in, my mom will be thrilled to see you," he said and lead the way inside. Kirsten seemed surprised to see her but didn't say anything.

"Mom, can Summer stay with us until her dad comes to pick her up?"

"Of course," she said absentmindedly

"Great," he said rolling his eyes before motioning for her to follow him. They made their way upstairs and towards Seth's room. Ryan looked up and his mouth fell open.

"Hi, Ry," Seth said with a cheeky grin before leading summer into his room.

"Want to play video games?" he asked motioning to his Nintendo

"Okay," she said and they became involved in a passionate game.

"Hey, Seth, ready for…" Sandy trailed off when he noticed Summer "Summer, hey, are you staying for dinner?"

"Uh-uh" she said shaking her head. "I better call my dad,"

After Summer had called her dad, and he had promised to be there in five minutes, she and Seth stood outside waiting. Summer turned towards Seth with a grin. Then she leaned over and kissed him gently on the lips. Seth's eyes widened when she pulled away.

"What was that?" he asked

"I don't know," she said mysteriously and then she kissed him softly again. When she pulled away she was smiling "Just wanted to know what it was like," then when she saw her dad's car pull away she smiled at him before running off. Leaving Seth to walk back into the house in a daze. He walked in just as Ryan was coming down the stairs.

"Are you okay?" Ryan asked staring in confusion at his brother

"Yes," Seth said dreamily "want to hear a secret?"

"Okay," Ryan asked tentatively

"Summer just kissed me, twice," Seth said and then smiled at Ryan whose mouth was wide open before he ran into the kitchen to start eating dinner.

The next day at school, Seth was unsure of what to expect. He wondered if the kiss made them girlfriend and boyfriend.

"Hi Cohen, Luke," Summer greeted as she sat down, ignoring Samantha because she had forgotten her name.

"Summer, want to hear about my soccer practice yesterday?" Luke asked eagerly

"No, thanks," Summer said rolling her eyes "Hi Cohen," she said and grinned at Seth. Then under the table she grabbed his hand and squeezed it once before pressing her finger to her lip.

"Hi Sum," was all he said before putting his finger to his lip too. He wasn't sure where he and Summer stood but he knew that whatever happened things would definitely be interesting.

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