"Go out with me?"



"Should I?"


"Maybe I should"

"You mean it!"

"I think I will… Tell you to shut up! Potter shut up and leave me alone."

"You don't mean that, Lils."

"Go away, Potter, I've got Muggle Studies."

"Wow what a coincidence! So do I."

"Well there's a shocker for you! Of course you don't have any classes with me because of course you didn't choose EXACTLY the same subjects as I did so you could follow me around constantly and bug me all day. Of course you wouldn't do a thing like THAT!"

"Is loving you such a terrible thing!"

"You're making me late, Potter."

The two fighting, Lily Evans and James Potter, ducked into the Muggle Studies classroom just as the bell rang.

"Settle down, settle down now" said Professor Rister, their Muggle studies instructor "As you all know, this will be your last class before the exams. We will be reviewing for them, but first, I will be telling you about your summer homework."

"But Professor," James Potter interrupted "I thought you were the one teacher that I could count on not to give!"

"Potter, it's not much. You see this homework project is called pen pals (A/n Or pen friends if you prefer). You will each have a secret pen pal that you will write to over the summer. You will write to them and they will, of course, write back. But, I will be reviewing any and all letters that go in and out of the post office from this class, so I will know if you tell your partner who you are. The one from the box on the right has written on they have a Mimicking Charm on them so they will read the same for both you and your partner. Now everyone take a slip of paper from each of the boxes on my desk. Look at them. The one on the right will tell you which HPO (Hogsmead Post Office) box that you will be writing to. The one on the left is where you will be collecting from. This will count for a large part of your grade. Everyone understand? Any questions?"

Lily's best friend, Alexandra Potter, raised her hand.

"Professor, what if the one of us guesses? Do we lose points?"
"You must owl me immediately, dear, so I will know. Are there any more questions? Good, now on to review."

They spent the rest of the class preparing for their exams.

Another couple of weeks would find all the 6th years happy to be over with their exams. They packed up their things and said good-byes, went on the Hogwarts express and stepped out to see what summer would bring.