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Dear, well, I think that I know who you are, but...

I'm having a lovely summer. In fact, if my sister was not here, it would be perfect. She has been even nastier than usual, calling my awful names and mumbling at me. My parents own a romantic beach house by the ocean, and I am enjoying the view and the sound of the water. This is my favorite place in the world because it is so serene and beautiful. Well, here comes my sister, probably to torture me about how I am a freak. I got so used to her shrieks that I can now tune them out while she is yelling at me.

Hope to see you soon,

Your Pen-Pal

James finished reading the letter aloud and peered over the top of the parchment at his friends who were rolling on the floor with tears in their eyes from laughing.

"Oh, what great friends you are," he said sarcastically.

"No need to thank us, that's why we're here," replied Remus, still chuckling.

"So," James muttered, pacing, "is this a good thing or a bad thing?"

"Why, it's not a thing at all," Sirius and Remus cracked simultaneously.

Alexandra Potter also got a letter that day, from her best friend Lily Evans. It read:

Dear Alex,

Just a quick note before we leave for the beach. I think that my pen pal is Frank Longbottom! (A/N All the girls at Hogwarts have liked Frank at one point or another. Lily only thinks she likes him though because she doesn't want to seem weird.) I don't know why, maybe the way he writes. Oh, well.



Dear Pen pal,

You're the only one I can tell this to. You don't know me, I don't know you, you'll probably forget by this time next year. If you'll recall from my first letter, I don't get along very well with my sister. Today began as a perfectly normal day. I woke up later than usual (which for me is quarter past seven). I had a relaxing day- swimming (you'll recall that we are at our beach house), reading, and building sandcastles with my little cousin. This evening, I went on a walk on the beach and met my sister. She was gaping at this boy who looked sort of familiar. Now, usually she doesn't talk to me except for things like "how ya doing freak" or "I'm going out with my normal friends". But today she started raving about how fabulous he was. That was the moment that I recognized him. It was Sam Garret, from school. He was a Ravenclaw but he graduated last year. I told her and she started yelling about how "you freaks ruin everything". So I yelled back


James Potter sat in his bedroom, enjoying the breeze. Looking up, he saw the owl that always carried his pen pals letters.

"Ooops", he thought "I forgot to write a reply to her beach house note"

Reaching out he took the letter from the owl, which bounded onto his window sill and hopped around almost impatiently. James opened the letter and read it quickly. Reaching the bottom, he ran downstairs to his parents, bearing grave news.

Lily, Petunia, Rose and Joseph Evans cowered in the basement of their beachside house.

"This is all your fault" Petunia whispered spitefully to Lily "If you hadn't joined that little freaky school, than we would all be fine!"

Upstairs new voices joined the harsh ones. And suddenly it all stopped. Lily, wand in hand crept up the stairs and found Aurors searching for them. She also found the remains of their house, burned to the ground around her.

A lady Auror with a soft voice spotted the Evans' first. She led them over to a medical tent that had been set up on the beach. After being checked out and declared unhurt, the Evans family solemnly stepped into a borrowed car, theirs having been destroyed by Death Eaters, and began the long drive to home.

James entered the scene wondering about his pen pal. He hadn't really gotten to know her. They had dutifully exchanged letters throughout the summer, but it was just so they wouldn't fail the class. Had she died here tonight, sacrificing her life for the lives of others by warning him? Had she used her last moments writing him? Haunting thoughts ran around James's head. And then what he knew from Muggle Studies as a car passed him and he knew she was in there, safe.

And James Potter smiled as rain came down to put out the last of the fires.

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