Author's note: this story does not coincide with my other stories. Also, I realize that the grammar is rather bad, but this story is a diary which was started when Lilly Evans was four years old. The tenses do change, but they are supposed to. In short, all grammatical errors are purposely written. Thank you. Lastly, anything relating to Harry Potter books by Rowling are not mine. Without further ado:

Lilly Harmony Evans

December 25, 1974

Hi. My name is Lilly. I am four yeers old. My mommy gave me this diary for Christmas. She said to work on writing. She said to write about me first and then my life secund.

I have red hair and green eyes. Petunia is my twin sister. We dont look the same. I like to read. I cant write very well. I am working on writing better. I like to sing and play and run and draw. I do not like cabbage. Yuck!

I got lots of stuff for Christmas. We went caral caroling and sang songs to peeple. It was fun. Mommy made hot choklat. Yum!

Goodnite. Mommy says its bed time.

Love Lilly

January 1, 1974

Happy new yeer! We made new yeers revolutions in school today. I showed Maggy and Jessie my diary. They said its cul.

I am the best reeder in my class. Teacher says I need to praktis speling. She said to show her my diary and she will grade the spelling and teach me to spell write.

Love Lilly.

January 9, 1974

Jessie called me a babi and said I was tu young to go to school. She said kindergarden was foor five years olds. She said four years olds go tu daycair.

I told her she wuzint my frind nowmore.

Maggy says Jessie is full ov baloney. She said Jessie is mad cuz I am pretyr. Maggy is so smart.

Love, Lilly

January 15, 1974

Today is my burthday. Teacher gave me a dictionary to help me spel. See I lurned to spel to. Maggy gave me a box of coloring pencils. Jessie gave me a pritty hairbow. She said she was sorry she was mean to me.

Love Lilly

September 1, 1975

I lost my diary and couldnt find it forever. I found it today. It was in my room in my closet. I got better at spelling. I also skipped furst first grade. Mommy said shes so proud. Maggy said shed miss me. Jessie said she wouldn't.

Love Lilly

September 10, 1975

Maggys birthday is today. I am going to her party after school. Its a sleepover. I got her some stickers. I hope she likes them.

Love Lilly

September 15, 1975

Teacher says my spelling is much better. She says to try to write better. She says to practice neat writing.

Love Lilly

October 19, 1975

My writing is getting better. Teacher says its wonderful. I am learning to add. Maggie and Jessie came over today and we had a tea party. Maggie and I don't like tea parties but Jessie does and she always gets her way. Jessie said that diaries are for babies.

Love Lilly

October 20, 1975

Jessie told Lizzie in my class about my diary. Lizzie told the class. They all made fun of me today. They all said diaries were for babies and little kids. I started crying. They made fun of me for that to. Im never going to write in my diary again. Bye diary.

Love Lilly