February 28

Mum's sister, Aunt Cynthia, is moving. She lived in the States for several years, and now she's moving back because her husband died. I'm said that Uncle Rob died, but glad to have Aunt Cynthia moving back. Mum says she must be terribly sad.

Aunt Cynthia has three children. There's Melissa (they call her Missa), who's four years old, and the twins, Esther and Elijah, are three. Esther and Elijah are like Bible names or something like that, Mum says. Aunt Cynthia calls them Essie and Eli, though. At any rate, I'm supposed to help out with the little ones, because Aunt Cynthia will be staying with us for a while.

That means we'll have to share rooms. Petunia threw a fit when she heard that. She doesn't want to have to share her room with anyone.

I told Mum the little ones can stay in my room and Aunt Cynthia can share with Petunia. She says we'll see, but it sounds like a good idea. After all, they're still small.

They will all be here in about a week. I'm so excited! Mum says we have to clean our rooms before they get here, but mine's already clean. I try to keep it neat.



March 2

Mum says we can plan a party for Aunt Cynthia when they get here! Mum says she'll cook a special dinner for them. Petunia's going to bake a cake for them, and I'm going to decorate. I'm going to put up balloons and streamers and all sorts of cool stuff. Mum's already said I could.

She also said we girl's could each invite one friend to the party. Petunia's going to invite Violet, who's a stuck-up brat. She thinks she the coolest person ever. I haven't decided who I'm going to invite.

I can't wait for Aunt Cynthia to get here! Four days.



March 5

Aunt Cynthia comes tomorrow! Everything's ready for them, except for the balloons. I'm going to blow those up tomorrow so they won't deflate before Aunt Cynthia gets here.

I've been thinking about who to invite, though, and I can't think of anyone. I don't really have any close friends.



March 6

They finally got here! The little ones are so cute! Aunt Cynthia calls the three The Little Bits. I guess because they're small. Missa has red hair, like me, and blue eyes. The twins have blonde hair, but eyes of green like their mother and me!

Missa loved the balloons. She kept hitting them all over the place and kicking them and laughing. The twins were more inteested in the cake, though. I had to watch them to keep them from pulling it off the counter and onto themselves!

I asked Aunt Cynthia if she was sad that Uncle Rob died, and she said a funny thing.

"I'm a little bit sad, because I'll miss him, but I'm happy because I know where he is."

"Where is he?" I asked, because that didn't make any sense. If he was dead, they buried him in the ground, right?

"He's in heaven, Lilly, with the rest of his family. I'm happy because I know that although right now we're separated, one day we'll be together again."

Honestly, I don't know about this. I mean, how does she know he's in heaven? And how does she know she's going there? Maybe I'll ask her sometime.

Anyway, I have to go, the little bits are ready for bed. I promised I would read them a story tonight.

Also, I never did actually have someone over tonight. But It's a good thing because Petunia and Violet were no help at all.




Missa did the cutest thing tonight. After we finished our story she said,

"I wanna say my prayers. Will you help me?"

I said yes, but wassn't sure what she was talking about.

She closed her eyes and said,

"Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the Lord my soul to keep.

Thy love go with me through the night,

And wake me gently with morning light.

And bless mommy and Eli and Essie and tell daddy hi.


It was so cute.



May 5

I just realised today that it has been forver since I wrote in my diary. We have been so busy with the bits and Missa and everything. Of course, It's a good kind of busy. I'm too tired to write any more tonight, though.

I told Aunt Cythia I'd take Missa and the bits to the park tomorrow, so maybe I'll have some time to write then. The park is just down the street.



May 6

So I took Missa and the bits to the park today, right? Guess who was there. The Lupin boy. Yeah. He was sitting on a bench alone, so I came over and sat by him while the little ones played.

"Hi." I said.

"Hi." He was watching those playing on the jungle gym.

"Nice weather we're having, huh?" I asked, trying to stay on neutral territory.

"Yeah." He replied.

"I'm glad it's finally starting to warm up."

"Me too."

So the conversation went on like that until Missa came up crying because she had scratched her knee and Eli came up crying because Essie had thrown sand at her and Essie started crying that she hadn't and pushed Eli. Then Missa told them both to stop acting like babies, and before I knew what was happening they were all fighting and screaming.

So I'm standing there, trying to figure out what to do when the Lupin steps in the midst of the three and scoops up the little bits, one in each arm.

Well, this distracted the little bits but Missa just looked over at me and started whimpering about her knee again and said she was hurt and couldn't walk and would probably have to have her leg "amapated." So I picked her up and said we were all going home.

I never would have gotten them home without the boy's help. He had the little bits calm before we left the park, and by the time we got home they were laughing.

At least they were until they saw Aunt Cynthia. Then they all wanted down and ran over to their mum and the whole thing started again.

"I scraped my knee!"

"Essie threw sand on me!"

"Did not!"

"Stop acting like a bunch of babies!"

Then Aunt Cynthia stepped in. "Enough." She said sternly. All three froze. "Essie, why did you throw sand at Eli?"

"I didn't!"

"You didn't?" She asked, eyebrows raised.

"I did."


"HE smashed my castle."

"Then you should have told Lilly. You should never throw sand at anyone. Go sit on the couch."

Off she went, and Aunt Cythia turned to deal with Eli. "Did you smash your sister's castle?"

Eli looked at the floor. "Yes, mommy."

"Is that a nice thing to do?"


"Go sit on the couch with your sister."

Eli taken care of, she said to Missa. "Are we supposed to call people names?"


"Are we supposed to tell our brother and sister to stop acting like a bunch of babies?"


"Go sit on the couch." Missa joined her siblings, and Aunt Cynthia told them all, "You can get up once you've apologized to each other."

"Thanks." I said to the boy.

"You're welcome." He muttered.

"Wanna stay for a while?" I asked uncertainly.

He shrugged.

"Dinner will be ready in just a minute, if you'd like to stay." My mother called from the kitchen.

"Please do." I said. Petunia had Violet over again and I did not want to be there with them alone.

"Okay." He said nervously. "Thank you."

So we're kind of waiting for dinner to be ready.

Here it is now.

Gotta go.




So, Dinner was a little awkward, the Lupin boy didn't talk much and Petunia and Violet kept being rude, but after it was over, we decided to play a board game. We played Pictionary, and divided into teams of two-Dad didn't want to play- Mom and Aunt Cynthia, Petunia and Violet, and the Lupin boy and me. It was so much fun!

Then there was a knock at the door. Dad went to answer it while we kept playing. Then Mr. Lupin swept into the room, and the boy went still as a statue.

"Here you are." He said coldly to the boy. "I've been looking all over for you." Then he apologized for the inconvenience, grabbed the boy by the arm, and the two left.

"Imagine not telling your dad where you were and making him worry like that!" Sniffed Violet. "How awful!"

As much as I hate to say it, I think she's right.