In reluctance

Author's Note: This is just a short drabble and was written for a drabble challenge.

"Aren't you going to do something?"

"Aside from plotting the death of my friends who charmed this thing?"

He looked up at the mistletoe and wished that his friends could have told him before charming it. Thanks to them and magic, he was now unable to step away from it and trapped with him was a Slytherin who normally would prefer cutting her throat out than to be standing next to him.

"Three guesses on what breaks the spell and can get us out of here," she muttered and rolled her eyes. "It's pathetic to what lengths you Gryffindors do to get anything."

"Says the Slytherin," he scoffed. "Why are you here anyway?"

"None of your business."


They stood in silence, arms crossed and refusing to look at each other. But as time passed it became increasingly difficult to do nothing but stare away from each other, there was no one in the corridor besides them. The more time they spent underneath the mistletoe the more anxious they became to leave. Finally, she looked at him although it was more of a glare.

"Let's just get this over with."

He had barely turned to her before she had covered the short distance between them and her hand snaked around his neck. Without any sign of doubt she quickly pulled his head towards her and pressed her lips against his. His mouth had been a little open, making it easy for her to part his lips with her own. His knees suddenly felt weaker and his hands found their way to her waist, pulling her closer to him. All in reluctance and because of the spell, of course.

Upon touching her, he felt her tremble and pull away from him quickly. The mistletoe above them suddenly faded away, a sign of the spell being broken. He looked from the mistletoe to her. She was standing an arms length away from him, adjusting her robes slightly and a small voice in his head told him that the distance between them was far too great. He nearly slapped himself as he acknowledged that thought.

It was the spell, the mistletoe, nothing more. He had to snap out of it.

"Right," he said. "That's it then."

He would turn around, walk away and try to suppress the memory of what had happened. Most of all he would not think of her full lips and want to taste them again. Never ever. Although that required him to leave first.

Five minutes later they were still standing there.

It was then that she looked at him and broke the silence.

"You said you wanted to know why I'm here?" she asked and pushed him up against the wall.

As Bellatrix Black brought her lips to his again, Remus Lupin wondered why she wanted to kiss of all people. Although to find an answer to that he had to stay and kiss her back. All in reluctance and for the sake of his curiosity, of course.