Sasuke's Cherry Blossom

Part 1

A/N: - Yet another one-shot. I suppose one could consider it ItaSaku, but it's not, not really. Whatever. Anyways, this takes place eleven years after Episode 108 (which is all I've seen up to). I hope you all like it.

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"Foolish little brother."

Sasuke awoke groggily at the words, but before he could even register who the dark shadow at his bedside was, he was rendered unconscious by a stiff, two-fingered jab to the neck. The blue head dropped to the pillow, eyes spelling confusion, and the hand at his side fruitlessly gripping a kunai.

The dark head swung from side to side. You are still weak.

Itachi's eyes roamed over the slender form lying next to his sibling. So this was what Sasuke had been doing all of these years. While Itachi thought that he had been ever plotting, ever scheming, in the eleven years since his last visit, the self-proclaimed avenger had apparently forgotten about revenge. This pink-haired slip of a thing had gotten beneath his skin.

Vermillion eyes narrowed. Obviously, there was not enough hate.

Well, that could be rectified easily. The man in the Akatsuki uniform crossed over to the other side of the bed, passing a small wooden crib. A snap of this lovely neck would be all that was necessary for his brother to loathe and detest him with all the fervour and animosity needed. The man smiled grimly. Sasuke had made a grave mistake. He had allowed people to become special to him. Itachi watched as the girl shifted slightly, resting a hand on his brother's bare chest. The fourth finger on the slender hand was encircled by a plain silver ring, embedded with three minuscule, sheer diamonds.

No, there was definitely not enough hate here. If Kisame were present, he would agree; he needed to dish out some pain here. Create some wounds. Leave some scars.

He stepped closer, and the shaft of moonlight filtering through the window that had been previously blocked by his body shone down on the girl's face. Itachi's brows shot up into his forehead protector. Well, well, well. Sasuke had indeed done well.

It was a slim, pointed face, almost achingly flawless. A smooth, wide forehead heralded large, thickly framed eyes. High cheekbones and a sweeping, upturned mouth gave her an elegant look. She had a button nose and deliciously hollow cheeks. His eyes travelled further down. Her sheet clad form was slim and shapely. Her pink tresses were splayed across her pillow.

Itachi's eyes narrowed into slits, the blood red heating up and the three commas swirling. So this was Sasuke's infamous cherry blossom. The one who had loved him, waited for him. Something akin to rage boiled deep within the assassin. Slowly, he stretched out a hand to clasp the swan-like neck….

….and instead, ended up grazing a thumb against her lower lip.

"Sasuke-kun," she breathed, and he withdrew his hand slowly. He regarded the kunoichi. Such a fragile, beautiful thing was his brother's cherry blossom, so easily crushed.


But what?

The mass murderer of the Uchiha clan stood there for a long time before he made his decision, and left with a rustle of his cloak.


A/N: - Ha ha! Suspense! Did he kill her? Did her kidnap her? Did he say, "Oh, what the hell, I'll let them live in ignorant bliss for a few more years before I return to crush their happiness once and for all"?

Sorry peoples, but this is a one-shot. I probably won't be continuing it. If enough people ask, and I badger my lazy self into writing more, this just might become a multi-chaptered fic. No more than five chapters though. I doubt I could repress my laziness enough to write more than that.

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