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The Lost Puppet

Mother, are you there?

Can you hear me calling you?

Why don't you answer me?

Why are you ignoring me?

Why won't you help me?

Was it because I lost?

Was it because I lost to a low class soldier?

Why won't you answer me?!

Why are you ignoring me as I slowly die?!

All the pain I cause…

I did it for you mother.

I killed for you.

I wanted to make you proud of me.

Why are you abandoning me, now?

Why are you abandoning me at my final hour?

Did I wrong you in someway?

Did I do something wrong?

Why won't you answer me, mother?!

Tell me why you're not proud of me!

Is this a punishment or something?

Why are you punishing me?

Tell me what I did wrong!

Tell me why you won't talk to me?!

……it's cold.

I can't believe how cold it is.

Is it snowing?

I wish I knew.

But I can't even open my eyes.

I can't even move.

All I can do is breathe.

It hurts when I breathe.

It feels like someone is bricking my throat with a sharp needle with each breath.

Is that how she felt?

Is that how that Cetra, Aeris, felt when I killed her?

When I ruthlessly stabbed her in the back?

Even though she didn't wrong me in anyway I killed her.

She didn't dissever that.

All she was trying to do was protect the planet and people she loved.

It's me who dissevers this.

I let myself fall victim to a monster.

An uncaring monster!

She doesn't care if I live or die.

Why didn't I see this sooner?

Why didn't I stop myself?

Why didn't I realize that what I was doing was wrong?

But it's all over now.

I'm going to be dead soon.

I'm just going to be a lifeless corpse sitting here.

A soulless corpse sitting here in the freezing cold rotting away.

In life all I did was cause pain and suffering.

I brought a whole country to its knees and was proud of it.

I didn't care some of the people I killed were women and elderly.

I even killed young teenagers without a second thought.

I was ruthless and uncaring in life.

I disserve to rot here!

I don't even disserve a burial!

…………it's getting harder to breathe.

It won't be long now.

Soon I'll be in the lifestream.

Soon I'll be come part of the very planet I tried to destroy.

Will she be there?

Will she be there waiting for me?

I hope so.

I want to say I'm sorry.

I won't blame her if she doesn't forgive me.

I don't even disserve to be forgiven.

………I can't feel the cold anymore.

I can't feel the icy wind pierce my skin.

Soon now,

Just a little longer.

………it's quiet.

I can't hear the wind anymore.

Mother… No!

Jenova, I want you to know…

As I slowly die here…

That even if you do use Cloud as a host…

He will never obey you…

Unlike me…

He has friends by his side.

Friends who will help him over come you.

The End

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