Apologies if the German isn't up to scratch: I failed my GCSE in it and had to rely on an online translator, so the grammar may be a bit off.

Alone no more
Chapter 3: Teen angst and damsels in distress

Clark stood leaning against the porch railing, trying to come to terms with everything that had happened over the previous two days: he'd dreamed of finding his real family, even after he learned of the destruction of Krypton, but he'd never expected it to come true.

Kara was still in need shock, having a hard time getting used to living on Earth. She had developed a tendency to change from one language to another without realising. Although this was not a major problem, it was something she needed to get control of before she started school.

His adoptive-parents were taking it the best: Martha Kent had always wanted a daughter and had instantly taken a liking to Kara, fussing over her endlessly. For her part the young Kryptonian seemed to be opening up to the older woman, and Clark had seen them deep in conversation more than once.

He'd kept himself from eavesdropping out of respect for their privacy: if Kara had anything she needed to talk to him about, she would.

The sound of crushed gravel brought Clark back to reality, and he looked up to see a distinctive VW Beatle pull up outside the barn.

"Chloe." He blinked, then ducked it head back inside, "You'd better get ready: Chloe's here." He then turned back outside to greet his friend.

"Is this someone we can trust?" Kara asked when she heard her cousins warning.

"We're not sure: she's one of Clarks best friends, but she wants to be a newspaper journalist and has an eye for a story." Martha looked a little concerned, "For now its probably best if we go with the cover story."

"Wie Sie wünschen." Kara nodded, straitening her blouse.

"Clark, this is like, huge!" Chloe's voice could be heard as she followed her friend through the front door, "We always thought your family was dead."

"Well, with one exception, they are." Clark stopped in the kitchen doorway, "Chloe, meet Kara Danvers. Kara, this is my friend Chloe Sullivan."

"Gutenmorgen Fräulein Sullivan." Kara nodded.

"Gutenmorgen Fräulein Danvers." Chloe returned the nod, surprised, "Sie Sind Deutsch?"

"No, but I was raised in Switzerland." Kara laughed, "Don't worry, I speak English fluently: I just happen to have a gift for languages."

"Cool!" Chloe smiled, "So, you going to be staying here long?"

"It looks like it." Clark nodded, "So far it looks like I'm her only living relative, and my parents have said it ok for her to stay with us."

"Another damsel in distress for you to run around rescuing all the time?" Chloe teased her friend.

"Excuse me?" Kara raised an eyebrow, "Something somebody's not telling me?"

"Yeah, I'd better go: just popped by to see why you weren't at school yesterday Clark." Chloe grinned as she backed out the door, "See you around Kara."

"Nice to meet you, Chloe." Kara waved after her, "So, Clark, 'damsels in distress'?"

"This is a strange and wonderful world, and I've still got a lot to learn." Kara stood leaning against the windowsill in the barn, "I'm not sure I'm that keen on 'superpowers'."

"It's something you'll get used to." Clark sat on the old sofa, looking at his cousin, "And Zor-El doesn't think it'll effect you for some time: you've not been exposed to the light of a yellow sun before."

"Please. Don't mention that name in front of me again."

"Ok, but you need to get used to having him around."

"Like hell I will. And what convinced you to pick the name 'Danvers' for me? You realise that it is now your birth name as well."

"I remember it from a comic book I read when I was a kid."

"So now I'm some comic book character? How the hell do I even know what a comic book is?"

"All that instant pop-culture in your head. You looking forward to school Monday?"

"No. I'll only know two people there: Chloe and you, and neither of you are going to be in any of my classes."

"Well you're rebelling against your father, who you hate, so I think you'll fit in."

"Yo, Clark, you around man?" Pete Ross called from downstairs, "I just got this really wired phone call from Chloe: something about a long-lost…" He stopped dead when he saw Kara.

"Pete, Kara. Kara, Pete." Clark introduced the two, "Don't worry: Pete knows the truth about me."

"So you can tell your friends, but I can't tell any I might make?" Kara shot an accusing glance at her cousin, "That sounds fare."

"Hey, I kind of found out by accident!" Pete held up his hands defensively, "Although I must say it did explain a lot."

"Yeah, I've had the whole 'with great power comes great responsibility' speech already." Kara nodded, heading for the stairs, "I'll leave you two alone."

"Little Miss Teen-Angst or what?" Pete asked once she was out of hearing, "So she's Kryptonian too, huh?"

"Yeah, she's the daughter of Jor-El's younger brother, Zor-El." Clark nodded, "She arrived night before last. Turns out there were a few survivors on another planet, but they weren't going to last much longer, so her father sent her here."

"Let me guess: survivors guilt."

"You've been watching the learning channel again, haven't you?"

"It's addictive."

"Yeah, well she's got her very own holo-dad following her around, trying to explain that what he did was for the best, but he keeps talking about himself in the third person, and I think it puts her off a little."

"How your folks taking it?"

"Moms ecstatic: she always wanted a daughter. I think dad just want everything to settle down a little, and he's worried about what Chloe and Lionel Luther are going to dif up."

"I know we've been over it before, but I think you should maybe consider telling Chloe the truth: I know she did that whole 'Dark Side' thing when she worked for Lionel, but she only did it because she wanted to find out more about you."

"Yeah, well, my folks don't see it that way."

"You can't let your parents run your life forever."

Kara stood looking at the sunset over the seemingly endless Kansas cornfields, her arms hugging her body protectively, trying not to cry: she'd stopped doing it in the house once she realised how much it upset Martha Kent, but she was still having trouble coming to terms with everything.

Looking up at the first stars to appear in the darkening sky, she remembered her life on Argo: the town council had been debating what to do about he worsening situation for years, but nothing had ever come of it. Her father, one of the colonies leading scientist, had long been an advocate of abandoning the hostile world in favour of one of the many more habitual planets their people had visited before the destruction of Krypton.

But the politician's just talk, and the people lost hope.

All but her father: the relentless dreamer and eternal optimist. She remembered seeing him working on the probe in his lab behind their house, but had thought it was nothing more than a way for him to keep busy after her mother had died. She had gone to bed, same as most other nights, with her father still busy in his lab, not knowing that her world was going to change.

When she woke next, she was in a strange house on a strange world, ripped away from everything and everyone she ever knew. Kara knew that she had to work out her mixed feeling about her father and what he had done, but for now she just wanted to know that tomorrow would follow today.

Sighing, she turned and headed back towards the Kent farm.

To Be Continued…