Lost Star:
That Same Beautiful Song

Notes: Ze Taito luver's back! This is the continuation of Lost Star: Sixth Sense, which is continuation of Lost Star: Sora. You dedicated fic readers probably memorize which order all the fics you've read go.. ~_^ Sora gets a hold of manipulating powers and Matt is her target... plenty of Taito angst! This fic also switches P.O.V. a LOT...

Going on, this is kind of my interpreting of what goes on during episode 38 (That X-mas eppy) and up. There are probably a lotta plot holes from what I'm writing, but most of this is from the Japanese version, so sorry if there are plot mistakes ^^;;

Rated PG-13 for: Shounen-ai, pottymouths, adult situations.

Fic Warnings: Darkish? Some weird events involving one MEAN Biyomon, Daiken (my 2nd favorite pairing)... Taito angst... angst... but if you know me you'll know who it'll end ^_^

And uh... this has a really crappy beginning cuz you know how all the ultimate level Digimon talk all cheesy-ish in American version? Ikes...

Amazingly, this isn't a songfic, but there are two songs that play a key role, both were mentioned in the fic before this: Taichi's first image song: Yuuki wo Tsubasa ni Shite (I'll Turn My Courage Into Wings), and Yamato's second image song: Negai Kanaeru Kagi (The Key to Granting Wishes). And well, here's the translated lyrics to Negai Kanaeru Kagi, kinda fits with this fic (credit Gijinka Wormmon of Megchan's board for these! Thankies!)

We first met walking on our own paths
Everyone holds something different in their hearts
Next to feeling of fighting is a heart that can become weak
My team will be there then, I won't forget it

What can you do now without using your hidden weapon!?
Isn't it okay to make a racket?
Don't be afraid, you should go on honestly

The key to granting wishes is in these hands
The door to the unknown is right before my eyes
It's good to believe in burning heartbeats
A new world is opening up

You can do a lot of things, even if you're worried, it can't be helped
If we really understand each other, then it's okay to stop
Even when I don't want to hear complaints and I won't give up, I'm not getting anywhere
If everyone becomes one, we'll become bigger

What will you use your best trump card on!?
Isn't it okay if you don't look good?
Don't look back, you should go on without getting lost

They key to granting wishes is now in my hands
The door to the unknown is right there
I'll aim for the things that I want to find
My world is opening up

The key to granting wishes is in these hands
The door to the unknown is right before my eyes
It's good to believe in burning heartbeats
A new world is opening up



Pitch blackness. The female figure in the undefined center of the blackness looked around in a confused daze. " Dare da? Who's there?"


" Garudamon! That's you, isn't it?"

" Sora, your power of love is weakening... it's weakening me as well..."

" No kidding, you sure sound like it."

The booming voice snapped. " SORA! This is no time to joke around."

" I'm sorry. What's wrong?"

" Your power of love... the love is strong within your family, but not within others."

" What? Who do you mean specifically?"

" You know EXACTLY who he is."

" You mean Matt..."

" Yes, Yamato Ishida has strong love capabilities, so strong that it can destroy other loves."

" Destroy other loves? What?"

" His love for another being is destroying your love, Sora, and your love affects my strength. At this rate, I'll vanish soon..."

Sora was surprised with Matt having love, but more importantly... " No, Garudamon, you can't vanish! I'll do whatever I can to make sure you don't! But what can I do?"

" You must gain Matt's love in order to restore my strength. Ugh..." a strange warp sound echos in the blackness. " I'm already down to Birdramon... Matt must have done some serious loving..."

" Who's the person that he loves right now, Birdramon?"

" I honestly don't know. Take this, Sora."

A box formed out of thin air and landed in Sora's awaiting arms. She began to unwrap it, when-

" No, the present is for Matt. Give it to him as a Christmas Present. Once opened, a magical spell will be released. The spell changes the course of time completely. From that moment on, the world will continue on going through life, except for certain things. Matt will completely forget about the love he had for the previous being and the love will be for you. The person he previously loved will forget their love as well. Nobody will know that the spell had been cast, not even yourself. Can you do this for me?"

" For you, Birdramon, anything. And this way I can have Matt, too."

" Good. I'm counting on you, Sora."