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Squall Leonhart, Rinoa Heartilly, Zell Dincht, Selphie Tilmitt, Irvine Kinneas and Quistis Trepe. The six heroes and heroines to prevent time compression and stop an unnecessary evil, Ultimecia.

All six now reside in Balamb Garden. Squall was promoted to headmaster after Cid Kramer took early retirement, three weeks ago. Rinoa has passed the SeeD written test and will be taking the Field Examination in 5 days time. Zell is dating pigtail girl after finally discovering her name, Aimee. Selphie, after much persuasion and bribary (mainly a chicobo) has admitted her feelings toward Irvine and the two have just come back from a mission in Winhill, disciplining the two drop-out cadets posing as SeeD. Quistis' job as instructor was re-instated, a favor from Squall.

So here it is, Balamb Garden, in peace one year after the sorceress war.

Nida sat alone in the packed cafeteria. It wasn't that he enjoyed solitude…he just wasn't the most popular guy around. Sad I know, but seriously, have you ever seen a popular nerd? I didn't think so. It was quite saddening, to see him there alone, however, being alone, he was oh-so-slightly more aware of things.

"…cough splutter…?!"

'The hell?'

Nida choked on the remainder of his hot dog as a small red blob thingy bouncing away under the tables caught his eye.

'That kind of looked like a…but what is it doing…and…?!'


Two students emerge from behind the pillar, carrying a petrified girl with an astounded look on her face. As the rest of the students occupying the cafeteria see this, all hell breaks loose. People crash into each other, food is thrown around…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" this time, the scream comes from Zell.


Zell begins running around the cafeteria in a disorderly fashion, trying to prevent any uneaten hotdogs from being knocked on to the floor.

Shortly, Edea stormed in "What the hell is going on in here?"

"EVERYONE! CAL – WHOA!" Edea ducks as a random carton of Chocobo Juice flies at her head.

The carton just misses her and bursts on Zell's shoulder, who ignores it, preoccupied with his mission to save the hotdogs.

Nida, in a fleeting attempt to escape the cafeteria sees the same red blob disappear round a corner, chuckling maniacally.

Selphie faces Irvine sitting on the side of the fountain in the Quad, deep in conversation.

"Oh, yeah! Did you hear about the cafeteria, Irvy? One of Quistis' students got petrified, but they're having a hard time reviving her. I heard that they are using the normal method of reversing petrifiction, but she petrifies again after a few minutes. " Selphie gazes up intriguingly at the cowboy, waiting for a response

"Umm…yeah…I like your new dress…" Irvine replies vaguely whilst staring blatantly down her at her chest. Perverted, I know, but this is Irvine we're talking about people.

Selphie frowns at this, shoves Irvine into the fountain and walks off with a satisfied grin on her face.

Two short junior classmen giggle at Irvine as he calls after Selphie, who passes Seifer on her way out.

"Lovin' the wet look Kinneas." Seifer comments, his voice dripping with sarcasm.

Irvine takes a moment to think of a clever comeback, "YEAH WELL – oh, you're gone..."

"Oh, crap!"

Nida strode into Squall's new office, attempting to look important, despite the fact he had tripped on his shoelace on the way in.

"Commander Leonhart?"

"Nida, what is it?" Squall responded, though he did not glance up to make any eye contact with Nida.

"It's just about the cafeteria thing, I think I saw something."

Intrigued by news of the cafeteria incident, Squall looked up instantly and gave his full attention. "Continue."

When I was there, I saw something, it kind of looked like a well...I don't know, all I saw of it was a red blob...but I heard it laugh, Sir."

"I see....." Sqaull raised an eyebrow. "Nida, my job here is quite an important one, wouldn't you say?" Nida nods. "I would really appreciate it if you did not disturb me, especially to report sightings..." He sighed.

"sightings...OF A LAUGHING RED BLOB!!!"

"But Squall....SIR!"


Squall's usually calm and stern face had come to resemble a constipated bomb, needless to say, Nida exited the office extremely quickly.

'What the hell is going on here? Squall wouldn't even hear me out! I guess I didn't start so well...laughing red blobs? What was I thinking? I shou - '

While Nida was frustrated he completely lost his focus, so when Xu came by, Nida ran right into her knocking her into the stairs where she rolled around hitting her head on each step while screaming obscenities.

"AAH!" Xu yelps.

"Oh! Xu! I didn't see you, sorry." He offers his hand to Xu, who gratefully takes it.

"Thanks, don't worry I'm not in a hurry, are you all right? You look...flustered." Xu questions him as she rubs her head.

"It's nothing, I doubt you'd believe me anyway, Squall didn't."

"What is it?"

"You know that incident in the cafeteria, and that girl...who is petrified...well, I saw a red blob in the cafeteria that day...and it laughed REALLY CREEPILY AND EVIL SOUNDING!!!"

"aaah....red blob? That laughed? Did you...hit your head?"

"No! I'm telling you, I saw it!"

"Well, the only thing I can think of is a moogle. Moogles have red blobs on top of their heads, but...moogles are sweet innocent little creatures, incapable of evil thoughts, or that kind of magic! Especially when it can't be reversed!" Xu informed him.

"...I told you that you wouldn't believe me."

Nida trudges away to his dorm.

"So paranoid! I mean, of all things...a moogle?" Xu mutters to herself.


'6:00am? Already? Must have slept late last night..."

Nida pulls himself out of bed and turns on the shower. Steam fills up the bathroom and mist gathers on the mirror.

Very quietly, a sinister looking moogle crawls out from one of those clever little hiding places moogles are good at finding and raises a finger to write a message in the clouded up mirror.

A few minutes later Nida steps out and sees the message on his bathroom mirror.


Nida's scream is audible from the hallways where Quistis and Rinoa stand talking, when they hear the scream, being the heroines they are, rush to the rescue.

"NIDA!?" Quistis calls out as she tries to open the door. "Dammit, doors locked, Nida! Let us in!"

Rinoa realises he is not responding and with some clever martial arts type thing, breaks her way in.

Quistis stares at her in awe, "When di -"

"Zell taught me, when I lost my key card. Never thought I'd use it though."

Rinoa and Quistis burst in, just in time to catch Nida, who looked as though the colour had been drained out of him.

"Nida, I need you to tell me what happened." Quistis talks calmly to Nida and asks Rinoa to bring her a cold " Nida shivers

"Mirror message? Rin, do you see anything on the mirror?"

"Nope, just a normal mirror ."

"Nida, there's nothing on the mirror."

"Mist...must have....faded....it said...."

Nida collapses onto the bed.

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