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"Nnnnggggghhhh.........." Nida groans as he tries to sit up, his vision is blurred and he can see a figure in front of him. Eventually he manages to make it out, "Quistis....?"

"It's O.K. Nida, don't try to sit up. You're O.K."

'Damn, what happened to me? All I remember was the shower, and the mirror, and Quistis...Quistis rescued me.'

Nida blacks out again, Quistis continued to sit beside him, just to be with him. He was so alone, 'Oh, Nida. What's gotten into you lately? Talk to me, Nida. I'm here for you.'




Selphie's unmistakeable voice echoes through the corridors, and the voice...sound, more like, of a "CHOCOBO?!?!? WHOA!" Quistis stumbles as Selphie's pet Chicobo slams into her.

"Kweh." The chicobo exclaims, in a satisfied tone.

"Oh Hyne! Booyaka, what did I tell you about Garden? Don't run around! Or, you'll break stuff...and everything will get blown to smithereens!!!"

"Don't give it ideas, Selphie." Quistis groans at she get up off the floor and brushes the chicobo footprint marks from her jacket.

"HE has a name. Booyaka." Selphie snaps back.

"Just get 'him' out of the infirmary. I got reinstated as an instructor, so I can kick Booyaka out of Garden if you don't discipline him."

"You are so...MEAN. hmph." Selphie stamps her foot and storms out of the Infirmary with Booyaka close behind.

Quistis sighs and sees that all the commotion has brought Nida back to consciousness.

"Aww man...I don't remember a think...what day is it?"

"Thursday. You've been slipping in and out of consciousness for a while now. You seem more stable now though. What happened anyway?"

Nida, still feeling groggy tries to remember the events that took place. "I remember...waking up. Then, I took a shower...and I began to feel kind of, drowsy..."

"That wasn't when you collapsed though, you told me and Rinoa about writing on the mirror. Try to remember Nida, this may be important."

"I...came out, and saw the the said: 'Stop interfering. If you continue, you will be next. Sweet Dreams, Nida.' and then you guys came in and...dark..."

Rinoa sits in the library revising for a pop quiz that another student tipped her off on.

Alright, so...

Dr. Odine

Started as a monster researcher.
Discovered Guardian Forces (GF)
With the cooperation of a sorceress, became
the first sorceress researcher.
Analysed the sorceress' magic, and created a
method enabling a regular human being to
use para-magic.
Balamb Garden uses the principle of para-magic,
combining it with GF's power.

Rinoa slams her textbook shut and yawns. A few minutes later Nida walks in cautiosly.

"Oh, Nida. How are you?"

"I'm O.K. now. Thanks for helping me out."

"That's alright. Hey, you're in Instructor Fargo's class too right? He's doing a pop quiz on the history of para-magic."

"Really? I heard he was doing one on the bestiary of high level monsters."

"Hmmm....wait! She's in our class too isn't she? Lets ask her!" Rinoa suggests. "Hey! Um...Tina? Tia? Tifa? TANYA!" Rinoa calls.

"My name is Tyla. I'm in all but 2 of your classes. I'd appreciate it if you got my name right. What do you want?" She snapped back.

Rinoa, slightly taken aback by Tyla's rude response, continued. "U-uh. Well, we were wondering, do you know about the pop quiz today?"

"Instructor Fargo's class. Pop quiz on the GF's unique abilities." She informed.

"WHAT?!" Nida and Rinoa screamed in unison.

"What's wrong?" Asks Tyla, suprised by their response.

"History of para-magic" sighs Rinoa.

"Bestiary of high level monsters." groans Nida.

"Well, lets get revising! All three." Tyla smiles.

"You gotta be kidding me..." Nida groans as Rinoa repeatedly thumps her head on the desk.

"Well, if you don't mind I'm going to pick up a couple of books on those topics. Be back in a jiffy!"

"...Did she just say...jiffy?" Rinoa raises an eyebrow. She and Nida look at each other and burst out laughing.

"EEEOWWW!!!!" Tyla screeches and runs towards Nida and Rinoa.

Rinoa stands abruptly while Nida rushes to Tyla and tries to figure out what's wrong.

"Tyla, what's wrong with you?" He questions.

"I dont...AAARRRGGGH...know...OW...dammit!"Tyla responds

"Nida, we have to get her to the infirmary! Tyla, are you O.K. to walk?"

"Does it...YEEOOWWCCHH....look like I...YOW! O.K. to walk...AAAAH!" and with that, Tyla collapses to the floor, unconcious. "Phoenix Down?" Rinoa hands a small bottle containing phoenix down to Nida. He holds he mouth open and pours the orangey liquid into her mouth. "Hey, Tyla. Felling better?"

" head hurts....OUCH!" another wave of pain hits her and she falls unconcious, yetagain.

"She must be poisoned, right Nida?"

"But then, if she was, and she fell unconcious, then we revived her...she should be O.K. now, shouldn't she?"

"It's like the girl who was petrified on Tuesday. They couldn't stop her getting petrified for, more that a few minutes."

Their two gazes meet, both students arejust as confused as the other. They sit there for a while, trying to work out what is going on, well at least Nida is. Rinoa is thinking about Squall, and what she should wear to their date on Saturday. Some students pass by, wondering what the hell they are doing, when suddenly:

"Muahahahaha!" Nida and Rinoa both hear an eerie, high-pitchedlaugh coming from behind one of the tall bookcases. But only Nida recognises it.

"That must be the same thing that attacked the girl! Let's go after it!" Nida says exitedly.

"But, what about Tyla?" Rinoa argues.

"She was a great girl, I'm sure lots of people will miss her, we never really knew her, so why bother?"

Rinoa shrugs and cruel as leaving poor, unconcious Tyla alone, she sees one hellovalot of logic in what Nida is saying. So she runs after Nida.

"Muahahahaha!" The laugh comes again.

"I see it! It's headed towars the training centre!" Nida grins as he gets closer to the villain, and even closer to going insane.

"Hmm...oh! I think I see it too! It''s a moogle?!" Rinoa scratches her head in confusion, "This is getting really weird. I used to think moogles were cute! Well, it kinda still is..." Rinoa's eyes light up as she watches the little moogle bounce off. "Aaaah! It's so cutesy wutesy!Oh dear Hyne,I'm starting to sound like Selphie..."

The moogle notices that Nida is catching up on him. Unexpectedly, he grins, turns back around and continues towards the training centre.

Nida sprints towards the moogle with a crazed look in his eyes. Occasionally he pushes a student or two to the floor. Not always because they were in his way, in fact most were diving out of his way, but he pushed them simply because he wanted to be dramatic. It's not often you see Nida getting so much attention.

Rinoa bouncesafter the moogle,just behind Nida. She giggles and is still tranfixed on the cuteness of the moogle."I'm gonna catch it! ThenI can keep it as a pet!Oooh!It can be best friends with Angelo! Oh, they would look so CUTE!!! Ahah...I spend too much time with Selphie..."

"Heeey! Take that, stupid Grat! Tee-hee, that rhymes!" Selphie chants her little rhyme as she takes out her 6th Grat an the last 20 minutes. A twig snaps near the entrance af the traning centre, "Tee-hee, my next victim! I think I'll go for the element of surprise!" Selphie whispers to herself as she scrambles into the nearest tree, waiting for her prey to arraive.

The Moogle bounces through the training centre and stops just outside the students' secret area. Which, co-incidentaly is ajacent to the tree Selphie is hiding in.

Suprised by her moogle sighting, she observe's the Moogle's next move.

Panting, Nida runs through the trainging centre and finally catches up to the mog. Rinoa comes in soon after, still bouncing along.

Frowning slightly, Selphie re-thinks her position in the tree and finds a more comfortable place to watch the next string of events which will soon unfold before her.

"Muahahaha! Hello, Nida! Did you really think that you had the talent to stop us?" The Moogle says in a patronising tone of voice.

"Us? You mean..there's more of the cute little guys? Whoo-Hooo!"

"Heeey! That's weird, Rinoa sounds just like me! Tee-hee, maybe I'm her role model!" Selphie beams as she continues to talk to herself.

"You stupid SeeD! Curse you all! I suppose you were'nt clever enough to realise that I was leading you into a trap! Muahahaha!"

"Would you stop with thecreepy laugh already? And what do you mean, trap?"

The Moogle struggles to contain his evil laughter. Rinoa and Nida stand together,Nida is prepared to fight while Rinoa istrying to resist the urge to cuddle the Moogle.

"Tee-hee, bet this Moogle doesn't know about the CCTV I got Squall to install!" Giggles Selphie.

"CCTV eh?"

"WAAAAAAAH!!!" Selphie yelps as a Moogle who had been hiding behind her all along came out.

"You know, you shouldn't talk to yourself so much! Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to find and disable all of the camera's." With that, the Moogle flies away to try and locate the camera's

"Uh-oh...I gotta go find Squally!" Selphie tries to climb silently back down from the tree.

"BOO!" Another Moogle appears in front of Selphie, which shocks her and she looses her balance.

"Selphie!?" Rinoa is puzzled as she sees her friend hanging upside-down from a tree a few metres away from them.

"Heeey! My foot got stuck. Stupid Moogle."

"I beg your pardon?" The Moogle near Nida acts shocked. "Are you trying to blame your clumsiness on me? Oh, by the way your dress has given in to gravity. We can all see your knickers."

Selphie blushes as she grabs her dress andpulls it back up. "No, not you! There were some moreMoogles nearme!"

"There's more?!Hey!Why don't you tell me just what is going on here!" Nida yells at the main Moogle.

"Well...seeingas we're going to take you hostage anyway...I guess I could let a few things slip."

"Oh shut up, you silly Mog! Aaaah! You're so CUTE!" Rinoa rushes up to the Moogle and cuddles him.

Nida realises that this may be his only opportunity to attempt to get away, with or without the knowledge of what the Moogles are up to. He turns and sprints back to the training centre entrance.

The Moogle which is currently being chocked by Rinoa, manages to rasp a short command to the other Moogles stationed in various places aroung the training centre. "Get him!"

Out of nowhere, 20 or so Moogles come rushing after Nida. Being so short and stumpy, they never quite manage to stop him getting out of the training centre. Still, they pursue him through Garden., what should happen next? R & R!!! I'll take suggestions. Oh, and also big thanks to SilveyStarDust for helping me out in the first chapter. I do take suggestions by the way, so if you have any ideas for the upcoming chapter please R & R and I will credit you if I use your ideas.