The Happy Place Chapter One

"Give us a bit of that, will ya, pet?" Spike whined as he watched Willow down some of Giles' best scotch, straight from the bottle.

"Go 'way," Willow slurred. "Tryin' to get drunk here."

"Seems like you're well on your way there, Red. But don't be so bloody selfish. After all, you're not the only one nursin' a broken heart here."

"Oh, yeah. Like you care so much about my pain. Why should I care about yours?"

Willow's eyes filled with tears and she took another slug of scotch, trying desperately to get to that numb, happy place where she couldn't feel the pain of Oz' betrayal anymore. She'd almost gotten there when Spike's voice had cut through the haze and brought her dangerously close to reality once more. Stupid vampire! Couldn't he just shut up for once?

"Red, pleeeease?" Spike's shrill whine broke through the haze once again and Willow walked over to the chair to which he was tied.

"If it will get you to shut up…"

With that, Willow held the bottle to Spike's lips and poured a generous amount of it into the vampire's mouth, watching with fascination the joyful expression on his face as he swallowed.

"Thanks, pet. Any chance you could untie me? If you do, I'll show you where the Watcher keeps the rest of his booze and we can really get pissed."

"You wanna get angry?" Willow slurred.

"Americans! Drunk, that's what I wanna get. I wanna get falling down drunk."

"Oh, 'kay! That sounds good. But you gotta promise to let me tie you back up before Giles gets back. He tol' me not to untie you."

"'S a deal, pet. Now let's get this party going."

Willow undid the ropes tying Spike to the chair with fumbling fingers as best she could and Spike was soon free, though she could feel his impatience as she struggled with the last two knots.

As Spike sprang up happily, stretching his arms and causing Willow to become fascinated by the play of his muscles, she suddenly had a disturbingly sober thought; if she got any more drunk, would she even be able to restrain him once more? But she quickly cast the thought aside. Thinking bad. Drinking good. And it was time to get back to the latter.

"Okay, Spike. Where's the rest of Giles' scotch?"

"I'm getting' to that, Red,"

And with that, Spike went to a cabinet that Willow had always thought contained weapons, fiddled a bit with the lock, opened it, and pulled out two bottles of very fine scotch. The rational part of Willow's brain made another unwelcome observation by pointing out that Giles might not be pleased to find that she had gone through three bottles of his best scotch. And that there was no way to hide the fact that it was gone and she had drunk it. Well, she and Spike, but without her, Spike would never have gotten any at all. Coming so soon on the heels of her "will be done" fiasco, this drinking party might not be such a good idea.

Spike's voice, blessedly this time, brought her back to the present. Why worry about what would happen in a few hours? Wasn't Buffy always telling her to live in the now? Well, she was doing just that, dammit! So if Giles got mad at her for this, she would just tell him it was all Buffy's fault.

"To us, Red. Sod Dru! Sod dogboy! They don't know what they're missing!"

After a toast like that, Willow felt it would be impolite not to drink to it, so Willow took the offered bottle from Spike and polished off the last of the bottle that had started this whole thing.

"To us, Spike! Who needs cheating exes anyway?"

She looked into Spike's eyes and saw the pain she was sure shone from her own. It was gonna take a lot more alcohol to get to that happy place. Thank heavens Spike had known where to find it.