The Happy Place Chapter Two

Willow and Spike rolled on the floor, tears of laughter rolling down their cheeks. Suddenly, Willow had a thought and looked up.

"What were we talking about, Spike?" she asked drunkenly.

"Don't know, Red. Can't remember. Were we talking about biting?"

"Biting!" Willow crowed. "Biting is good! Would you bite me, Spike?"

"I'd love to, pet. But I can't," Spike said sadly.

"Don'tcha want to?"

"'S not that, luv. It's the chip."

"That's it," Willow said, getting up and stomping her foot. "No one wants me to have a puppy! First my parents, now the stupid 'nitiative! Why can't I have a puppy?"

Spike looked at Willow, clearly confused. "What does my chip have to do with you getting a puppy?"

"Spike, don't you see? If you bit me, I'd be Vamp Willow and then I'd get to wear leather and be evil and have a puppy, just like she did," Willow said, forgetting that Spike had never met Vamp Willow as she took another gulp of scotch from the nearly empty third bottle.

"Vamp Willow?" Spike asked, clearly intrigued.

"Yeah, you know, when Anya did the spell and…oh yeah, you were gone. Well, Anya and I did this spell and we brought Vamp Willow from another dimension here and she was so cool! OOPS! Don't tell anyone I said that! Anyway, she wore all this leather and she was really evil and she took over the Bronze and she had a puppy! I want a puppy! Only I don't want her puppy. He broods too much and I don't think he'd be fun to play with. OOH! Would you be my puppy, Spike? Please!"

"You want me to be your puppy, Red?" Spike said, completely confused by Willow's rambling account of Vamp Willow.

"Of course, silly," Willow said as she patted him on the head. "You'd be a much funner puppy than Angel. Puppies are supposed to play and jump all over you and lick you and I don't think Angel would do that."

"You want me to lick you, Red?" Spike asked, his voice suddenly low and full of sexual promise. "I can be your puppy, baby."

Suddenly, Willow found herself tackled to the ground as Spike pinned her arms above her head. Then she heard that smooth voice whispering in her ear.

"I can lick you, baby. I can lick you real good."

Willow gasped as Spike stuck his tongue in her ear, then moved to suck on her earlobe. Moaning, Willow barely noticed Spike's hands moving down and unfastening her jeans. Before she knew it, Spike had her jeans pulled off her, along with her panties. She kept her arms above her head to help him get her shirt off and was happy that she had foregone a bra that day. Clothes were stupid, she decided, especially here in the happy place. The happy place where she could feel nothing but Spike's lips moving over her breasts and Spike's fingers between her thighs, moving inside her and rubbing her clitoris until she couldn't remember feeling anything else, ever. And then Spike's head was between her thighs and Willow thought she would die from the pleasure. His tongue was doing things to her that she had never experienced before, not even with…she couldn't remember his name anymore. And it didn't matter. He didn't live in the happy place, anyway. The only people who lived here were she and Spike.

"Oh, Goddess! Spike!" Willow screamed as she came.

Unfortunately, Willow wasn't the only one who was screaming at that same moment.

"What in the HELL is going on here?"

"'Ello, Watcher," Spike said as he looked up, guilty as could be, his face drenched in Willow's release and surrounded by empty bottles of scotch. "You're home early, aren't you?"

The End.