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Don't ask me why I'm here. I'm still not too sure of it myself. Still having that "not in Kansas anymore" feeling, you know? But now, I don't think that I'm going to have an easy life for a while. Oh well, least it's a place I'm familiar with. Just still can't get over the shock that it actually exists. Now that I think about it, are there others like it? I don't know. There might be, or there might not. Anyway, I better get back to the others, and end my little tirade on life for the moment. Not to rip off Tidus' line, or anything, but it's just so fitting. This...is my story.

Chapter 1—Reflections

Sitting here, on the edge of my bed, I just realized that life is a strange thing. If you ever stop to think about it, that is. You never know what's going to happen, you have no control over it, and you never know just how things will end up. So, when I walked out the door of my house, going to get some lunch, it was safe to assume that I figured it would be just another boring day. Right. Like that would ever happen. Oh yeah, better introduce myself. Name's Ben. First glance, you would think I'm some kind of computer geek, minus the glasses. About 5 and a half feet tall, with short brown hair and brown eyes, I look the part. I act it too, although I'm a good martial artist as well, on par with a black belt. My choice of attire is decidedly bland for the moment, as well. Long, black khakis, with a white t-shirt and black long-sleeved jacket. A pair of white tennis shoes completed the outfit. Not very colorful, but I liked it well enough.

Anyway, after getting some food, I wandered back to my room, locking the door behind me. I like my privacy, after all. Turning on the PS2, sitting there on a desk, I decided to try and replay FFX from the very beginning. Still hadn't gotten over the ending and all, but now I had decided to play it over again, to see how many things made sense that didn't the first time around.

It all started normally, the logos appearing one by one on the TV screen. But, after the title screen came up, the game decided to start fizzing out. You know, static and stuff all over the screen. First, I figured it was some kind of glitch, so, I turned the power button on the back off. Imagine my surprise when the game screen stayed up, still with static going wildly across it. Next thing I know, all I can see is a bright white light.

Lowering my hand from over my eyes after a moment, I just about fell back out of the chair when I looked around. Not because the screen had gone back to black, despite the TV still being on, but because the fayth was standing about 3 feet beside me. You know, the little guy that Tidus always sees. My eyes got about the size of dinner plates, and eventually I got the nerve to say something.

"...Are you real?"

He smiled. "Not in a manner of speaking, no. But when it comes to existence, I exist just as much as you do."

"What do you mean, 'exist'? How can you exist, but not be real?" My brain was doing a mile a minute, trying to figure out what was happening. He shook his head, before looking back up at me.

"Never mind that. I'm here because I sense great potential in you. You have the capability to be a great boon to Lady Yuna's pilgrimage." I hadn't thought my eyes could get any wider, but sure enough, they did. Even though I had kind of figured that was coming, it still surprised me to hear it.

"Yuna? You're kidding, right?"

"No, I assure you. This is no joke. I came to ask for your assistance, that is, if you're willing to give it."

My eyes slowly went back to their normal size, as I contemplated what I had just been offered. What I thought, was the chance of a lifetime. Then my thinking side took over. "How long will I be gone? What will my uncle think if he notices I'm missing? What will I have to do?" As I fired off rapid questions, the fayth simply smiled at me, holding up his hand.

"Don't worry. All will be revealed in time, if you accept. Not much time will pass from the time you leave, until the time Lady Yuna's pilgrimage is complete. So, you do not have to worry about being thought missing."

Visibly relaxing, I thought for a moment. Knowing full well what I would be doing, do I choose to go, and embark on quite possibly the most exciting adventure of my life, or stay here and live the same old boring life, same as always? To my brain, there was no contest. I looked at the fayth, and smiled. "You've got a deal. By the way, my name's Ben." The fayth turned, and began chanting for a moment. Next thing I knew, there was a glowing blue portal in front of my closet door.

"All you need to do, is enter this gateway, and you will be transported to Spira. The rest, will be left up to you to find out."

My eye narrowed a bit, as I realized something I hadn't thought of before. "Wait, where exactly am I going to end up? Where you brought Tidus from, in Zanarkand, or what?"

"That, is for you to find out." he said, turning to give me a mischievous grin.

"Well, if I have no clue where I'm going to end up, better take this." I said, walking over to the wall beside my bed, and pulling my sheathed katana off the wall mount it was laying on.

"Good idea. Now, are you ready?"

I smiled. "Ready as I'll ever be, I suppose. Considering I'm about to go into what I thought was just a game until now." Shaking my head, I walked towards the portal, that would take me to a world of love, hate, death, and life. The world known as Spira.

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