"The Atalanta Games"

Written by: Toni Ferraro

Dragonball and related indica (c) Akira Toriyama, & TOEI


A/N: In this story, there will be slight Japanese references, mainly because for some reason when I imagined writing this story, I imagined it in the Japanese version (probably because all the Dragonball movies I own I always watch in Japanese).

If anyone needs me to translate anything, speak up, and I'll put a translation key in the next chapter I write. Or if you find it annoying, don't be afraid in saying so, and I'll go back to English instead of "Engurishu".

P.S, FYI... Yes, this fanfic WAS inspired by one of the Superman cartoon episodes. ;


Far, far away in a distant galaxy, there floated a lone ship, owned by a member of an ancient race known as the Atalantas.

Inside the ship was a battle arena, where the Atalanta-jin was facing an all out battle with a gruesome monster-like alien. The alien raced forward, his arms extended, hoping to crush the young female, but she nimbly dodged down and leapted into the air. Across the room, her lady in waiting watched the battle with little emotion shown in her sad-like face.

The atalanta-jin raised her golden spear into the air and as she landed towards the ground, pointed it at the alien's head. The alien however grabbed her spear before it could strike, spun her in a circle, and threw her across the room, wasting no time following her, hoping to strike her out. The atalanta-jin fell to the floor, but reacted quickly as the alien came up, fist out, ready to pounce on her head. She struck her foot out and tripped the man, sending him crashing face first into the ground. Before he could jump back to his feet, he received a swift kick to the face, sending him flying backwards. He landed on his back, dazed and confused, shaking his head to get his senses back. However, just before he could regain his bearings, he looked up to see a golden spear above him, heading straight for his neck. It was the last thing he saw.

The lady in waiting turned her head and flinched as the atalanta-jin cut off the alien's head. She could never stand to watch her lady's finishing move. The atalanta-jin stood back to her feet and used her purple cape to wipe off the blood that now stained her spear. "Another failure," she murmured, "Next!"

The lady shook her head sadly. "Gomen nasai, Spectra-sama, but I'm afraid that all the others turned and ran away the moment they saw how fierce your way of fighting was."

Spectra groaned, "Feh... They knew they were going to lose, so they escaped with their lives. Nice of them not to waste my time."

The lady sighed, "At this rate, you will never be able to find a suitable husband, my lady..."

Spectra turned her head, glaring at her. "I beg your pardon, Liw," she snapped, "But you know as an Atalanta-jin, I must fight the man who would become my husband, and if he loses, he gets killed!"

Liw gasped, then quickly bowed her head, "F... forgive me... It's just that if you didn't fight this leathal, perhaps you would find your husband."

Spectra turned away, disgusted. "Baka," she muttered, "Did any of the Atalanta-jins before me hold back for the sake of finding their mate? I will find my man when I have been truely beaten!" She sighed, "I heard that I was possibly the strongest Atalanta-jin to have ever been born. It's actually quite the pits, finding no one near your strength."

"I... I'm sure you'll find somebody, my lady..."

"Hmph..." Spectra turned away, her cape flowing behind her, and walked off. "I'm going to take a bath. Liw, make yourself useful and clean up that mess." She stopped and looked back, "And if at all possible, do find a more suitable challenger much worthier than those Dondoro pirates you found."

Liw glanced over at the corpse, then slowly nodded, "H... Hai..."

"Sir!" a Yardarat secretary called over, "We're receiving a transmission from... some sort of an alien ship!"

The chief Yardarat came over to the moniter screen, "This is Captain Coslah, who is this?"

On the other end was a picture of a small woman. "H... hello," she spoke, "My name is Liw and I am calling on behalf of.. my lady, the Atalanta-jin known as Spectra..."

"What can we do for you?"

"Well, I'm calling around to recruit anybody who is intrested in particpating in the Atalanta Games..."

"Atalanta games...?"

Liw sighed. Apparently they haven't heard of what the Atalanta race was known for. Looks like she was going to have to bend the truth again. She hated lying, but the entire truth usually turned participants away, unless a complete moron was oblivious to the fact he was in for certain doom. And if it was one thing she didn't like, it was displeasing Lady Spectra.

"Yes... it's a tournament, fighting against this one woman, my Lady Spectra. If the participant of the match beats her, he wins her hand in marriage, but if he loses, then he... doesn't marry her..."

Coslah rubbed his chin. "Intriguing," he said, "Though I'm sorry to say that we Yardarats aren't very much of a warrior race."

Liw breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that there were plenty of men on that planet whose lives would be spared today.

"However, I do know of somebody who is more than a fine warrior, if you'd be intrested."

Liw sighed, "Okay... let's hear it."

"During the time he was staying with us, we studied him very well, and have kept up with his current events. We even kept a file on him. Would you like to see it?"

Liw blinked. "H, hai..."

"Okay, give me a moment and I'll send it right to your location."

At the bottom on the screen, a downloading bar appeared, and once it hit 100, a file appeared on her moniter, showing details of this one certain warrior. Liw scanned through the file. As she read, she became quite impressed.

Spectra leaned back in the backtub, allowing the warm water relax her aching musceles. All these years she may have never been beaten, but some matches, like today's, have left her near exhausted. She would need to rejuvunate for her next battle that she would probably end up winning anyway, unless Liw actually did something right for once.


Speak of the devil.

Spectra sighed, "What is it, Liw?" She stood up from her bath rub, Liw quickly wrapping a towel around her nude body.

The small woman then held up a disk, "You should see what I have here. I think you will be quite pleased."

"I'd be more pleased if you'd stop wasting time and find me a new competitor."

"Come to the Moniter Room, and you won't be dissappointed."

Spectra reluctantly followed her lady in waiting into the moniter room. Liw popped the disk into a computer, and the data once again appeared on screen.

Spectra skimmed through the file. "I see, you DID find another warrior for another fight," she murmured, "Hm.... Late-thirties, pure-blooded Saiya-jin, located in the North Quadrant galaxy... Hmmm..." Spectra noticed the battle skills of the warrior, "Highest power level well over five-hundred-thousand?? Special attacks include 'Kaio-Ken', 'Kamehameha', and 'Genki Dama'. Trained under the Lord of the Worlds, 'Kaiosama' himself?!"

Spectra smirked, "Interesting... I think we've found out next challenger! And possibly... my new husband! Look out, because I'm coming for you... Son Goku!"